30 Days of Truth Challenge – Day 9

Day 9.  Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

Oh dear.  The Titanic looms large.  Rose floating on a wooden panel.  Jack hanging on for dear life.  Until he just….drifts away.

Sorry, couldn’t help it.  It was just crying out to me.  I wonder how many other people heeded its call.  And really.  With all the debris floating around, they couldn’t find a panel for Jack?

Anyway, people do come and go in your world.  Some come for a reason, some for a season.  All are important.

Have you ever met someone, became friends, and figured they would ALWAYS be in your life, no matter what?  Sure.  Of course.

That person for me was my college roommate, Fonzie.  Fonzie of course was her nickname.  Yes, because of Happy Days, lol.

We were the BEST of friends from day one.  I think we spent every available moment together, even when not at school.  I loved that girl so much, she the best friend ever.  I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

But, we did drift apart.  Jobs, boyfriends, and then husbands.  And then she moved to Puerto Rico, for her hubby’s job.  The last time I saw her was at her going away party.  We did Christmas cards for a few years, and then didn’t.

I miss her.  Always have.  Always will.  I wonder how she is.  Did she have children?  Is she still married?  Is she happy?

Fonzie, if you are out there, I wish we would drift back together!


The Gronk

Gronk1For those of you who live on the moon, The Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) is a football player who was instrumental in the New England Patriots Superbowl win.  He is an awesome football player, obviously.  With a touch of humor.  A LOT of humor.

He reminds me of a old boyfriend who was also larger than life.  The kind of guy who isn’t afraid to have a little fun with life.

Gronk3He’s got that shit eatin’ grin that says he knows he’s too cool for school.  He is just too cute, and a bad boy to boot!


He also reminds me of one of my favorite actors, Nathan Fillion (Castle).  And a little bit of Ashton Kutcher.  Can’t go wrong with those two!

Anyway, party on Garth, you deserve it, great game, bet we will be seeing a lot more of you!  (Hope so!)


How to get away with murder

oscarNo, I’m not talking about the new hit TV show on ABC.  I’m talking about Oscar Pistorius.

Oh Oscar.  How you amazed us all with your strength and courage as the Blade Runner.  Then how you amazed us all on how you murdered your girlfriend.

You may not agree with me on that.  That is your choice, and your opinion.  And the judge did not convict him of cold blooded murder, merely “manslaughter”.

Now, I don’t think Oscar woke up that morning intending to kill Reeva on that night.  But I do think that Oscar 1) had a bad temper 2) liked guns and 3) had a fight with his girlfriend.  I think Reeva ran into that bathroom and locked the door because she was afraid of Oscar that night.  I think Oscar got his gun and shot through that door, killing Reeva.  I think Oscar must have known he will kill her, if not wound her grievously.  He did both.  She was shot 3 times, with maximum damage bullets.  Read the court document on the gunshots and the damage they did to Reeva.  It’s not pretty.  The bathroom was just the toilet area, and very small.  Reeva didn’t stand a chance of hiding from Oscar’s gun.

Was Oscar sorry afterwards?  Yes, I think he was.  Desperately sorry.  I cannot imagine trying to live with yourself after committing an act like that, whether on purpose or in the heat of the moment.

The judge sentenced him today to 5 years in prison, could be out in 10 months.  I think he got away with murder.  He intended to kill her when he shot through that door with his lethal Black Talon bullets.  10 months is nothing compared to ending Reeva’s life in her prime.  But I don’t think it matters whether it is 10 months or 10 years.  Oscar will have to live with the aftermath of his actions forever.  I hope he never picks up a gun again.  I hope he gets anger management help.  I hope he atones for his sins.

Most of all, I hope Reeva’s family can get on with their lives now.  Whether or not they feel that justice has been fully served, it must be a relief to have it over.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Blackhawk Beemer

bmwOn my way to swim class this morning, I pulled up behind a BMW (Beemer).  The back license plate intrigued me.  It was red, lined in black. On the left side, there was the Blackhawks symbol.  Then 4 numbers, 2800.  Then BH, stacked vertically.

Hmmm, I thought, must be an important person.  You can get a vanity plate like the one I saw, as seen below.  BUT….you can only have THREE numbers.  I swear the plate I saw had FOUR.


But whatever.  I could not see who the driver was, as the headrest was very tall.  I could only tell it was a man, from the haircut.

So, I was intrigued, thinking maybe a real Blackhawks player was driving in front of me!

However.  Whoever it was in front of me drove like a real asshole.  Tailgating, weaving out of the lane, checking to see if he could pass, and speeding.  The SUV in front of the Beemer started to get pissed off, and at the next light, slowed down WAY in advance, and the Beemer literally had to stand on his brakes to avoid a collision.

When the light changed, with oncoming traffic approaching in the other lane, this Beemer screamed out from the light, passed the SUV, and gave them the finger.

The SUV turned at the next street.  So now I am behind the Beemer.  He is going at least 20 mph over the speed limit, which is on a dinky two lane road.  I saw the traffic light ahead turned red just as the Beemer was approaching.  He pulled into the left turn lane and stopped.  I pull up to the light directly across from him, and rolled down my window and shouted out to him, hmmmm, guess it wasn’t worth RISKING LIVES to pass that SUV, huh?

He flipped me off, and turned left before the light turned green.

I sure hope it wasn’t a REAL Blackhawks player or official.  I hope it was just a dumb ass fan who had a vanity plate.  After everything going on in the NFL, I just think that athletes should realize that their actions are on display to everyone, especially in public.  You’re driving around in a Beemer with special plates on the car.  Don’t be a dickhead.

Before you buy that football jersey……

adrianFirst Ray Rice.  Now Adrian Peterson.  This is his little boy that he beat allegedly beat with a branch switch, that left marks and open cuts on his legs, buttocks and hands.  HE WAS FOUR FRICKIN’ YEARS OLD.

The proof is there.  Pictures were posted, after he went for a routine doctor’s visits when he was returned home to his mother.  Routine?  The mother didn’t see the marks on her son?  She didn’t raise hell about it?  WTF?

Peterson did not hide what he did.  He told the police about the whole incident very matter-of-factly.  He did not feel he had done anything wrong.  He had even texted the mother and told her when he was “whooping” the child that he did not realize the “switch” was wrapping around the little boy’s legs and leaving marks on his thighs and scrotum.  Peterson grew up with whoopings, and he stated in the police interview ” Peterson said he would reconsider using switches in the future, but said he would never “eliminate whooping my kids . . . because I know how being spanked has helped me in my life.”

Here’s the sad thing.  Among many sad things.  This kind of stuff goes on all across America, every day.  Whether it be the wife, the girlfriend, the child, the elder…or yes, even the man….somebody is getting beat on.  Somebody is experiencing physical and/or mental abuse.  These NFL players only come to light because of the fame, altho it is said that pro athletes have a higher rate of abuse because of the violent nature of the game they play.  They take it home with them.

Take a look at that picture at the top again.  Adrian Peterson is 6’2″, 217 pounds.  His son is FOUR YEARS OLD.  He got beat because he was fighting with his brother, who was five.  Now, don’t forget, one of Peterson’s sons DIED last year as a victim of aggravated assault by the mother’s boyfriend.  The child was TWO YEARS OLD.  At the time, Adrian made this statement to the press:

“I plan on playing Sunday,” he said. “I will be playing Sunday, correct that. I’ll be ready to roll, focused. I’m worried about getting a W on Sunday, being 1-0… You know, football is something I will always fall back on. It gets me through tough times. Just being around the guys in here, that’s what I need in my life, guys supporting me and just being able to go out and play this game I love. Things that I go through, I’ve said a thousand times, it helps me play this game to a different level. I’m able to kind of release a lot of my stress through this sport, so that’s what I plan on doing.”

Hmmm.  He obviously didn’t release enough stress through football!  And if it seems like he has a lot of small children, you would be right.  He will not admit to how many children he has fathered but sources say around 7.  He has never been married.

So before you run out and buy that expensive football jersey with a player’s name and number on the back….you might want to just go generic.  Otherwise you will be wearing a jersey of the next scandal.   Who knows who’s next.  😦

P.S.  Twitter is full of people upset about their Fantasy Football picks…….guess they’ll have to make some new rules on what to do when your top pick gets suspended or fired for abuse.


Thanks, TMZ

riceRay Rice was “let go” by the Ravens and “suspended” by the NFL on Monday.  But this did not happen until TMZ showed the WHOLE elevator video of when he PUNCHED and KNOCKED OUT his fiancée in an elevator, and afterwards never even checked to see if she was ok, just dragged her mostly out of the elevator and pushed her around a bit.  And trust me, if other people hadn’t walked up, he would have left her there, with the elevator doors dinging on her legs.  Previously, we only saw the aftermath of the punch.  And he only got a TWO game suspension.  Not sure how I feel about this whole thing.  People get thrown in jail for smoking weed, and this guy pretty much almost got away with this whole thing.  They were BOTH arrested after the incident, and Rice pleaded NOT GUILTY to third-degree aggravated assault.  No more charges can be filed against him now, because he did a 6 month “intervention” program.  Also, their wedding was moved up, and Janay married the man.  And as we all know from the cop/lawyer shows on TV, a wife can’t testify against her husband.

What makes a woman stay with a guy like that?  What makes a woman marry a guy like that?  The children?  The fame and fortune?  Wish I knew the answer to that.  There are lots of shelters full of women like her, who finally had enough.  I was talking to a male “friend” about it just tonight.  He basically said she deserved it, since she married him afterward.  (Really?  Seriously put the last straw in THAT relationship!)

I think everyone needs to see the WHOLE video, the one that TMZ put out there this morning.  The one that the NFL probably saw before, and did nothing about it.  I mean, come on, it was a hotel elevator cam.  You think nobody else saw this before TMZ?  Please.

Studies have shown that male athletes are more prone towards domestic violence.  I won’t quote statistics here, because they are all different depending upon your perspective, but it definitely is true.  Maybe due to the violent nature of their sport.  Maybe due to their own upbringing.  Maybe due to drugs and alcohol.  Maybe due to all of these things.

Whatever the reason, NOTHING should excuse a man punching a woman and knocking her unconscious.  Nothing.  End of story.  This is what a woman is up against with a pro football player.


The sad thing is, that she obviously “forgave” him.  Probably wasn’t the first time he had hit her.  Probably wasn’t the last time he had hit her.  Hopefully, now that it is all in the open, it won’t happen anymore.  Hopefully it didn’t anger him to the point of taking it out on her.  Hopefully this woman, whose total privacy has been violated multiple times now, will not end up plastered all over the tabloids while this story plays out.  But she will be.

Thank God he didn’t get to play on Sunday because of the original measly 2 game suspension.  Hopefully he will never play again.  But give it a few years.  He will be back.  Just ask Michael Vick.  Of course, he only abused dogs.  But then again, sometimes there is more outrage about animal abuse than domestic abuse.  Because, as my now ex-friend said, she deserved it.  Dogs don’t make choices.  Women can.  I wish more women had more options when it comes to domestic abuse, albeit physical or mental.  No one deserves to be treated like that.  No one.

What I learned from Little League

LLJust as I had never watched soccer before this last World Cup, I had never watched a Little League game before.  After watching the team from Great Lakes/Illinois, called Jackie Robinson West (JRW), my whole perspective has changed.

The Chicago team is made up entirely of black players from an area where gang violence and poverty is the norm.  The team is named after Jackie Robinson, the first black player in Major League baseball.  It was a long road JRW traveled, to get to the World Series.  Once they won the Regional Championship, many parents were scrambling to figure out how to get the World Series so they could watch their boys.  Fundraisers were held, and assistance was given.  Talk about coming together for a good cause!

Yesterday, they won the US title, beating Las Vegas against all odds, who had previously beaten them 12-2 and decimated all the other teams they played.  But the JRW team was ready for them this time.  They are scrappers, coming from behind once again, to win the day.

Today they play South Korea, who also has beaten their opponents by impressive scores, for the International title.  I’m betting these 12 year old baseball players from a needy urban area in Chicago, come out champs again.  They have already won the hearts and minds of the U.S.  Win or lose today, they will always be considered winners in my book.  They have brought pride and dignity to Chicago youth, which is sorely needed in troubled times.

Now if they could just recruit Mo’ne Davis from Philly to move to Chicago, they would be unstoppable, yo!  Best team plus best girl……she is the champion of all girl athletes!


Olympic skiing brings back my Franz Klammer memories….


I skied the same downhill course as Franz Klammer.

No really. His last World Cup race was in Aspen Colorado. I skied the same hill shortly thereafter. (It took me a lot longer).

I loved watching Franz Klammer ski. He reminded me of myself, out of control and on the verge disaster most of the time. When he took Olympic Gold at Innsbruck in 1976, I was his biggest fan. He was awesome, and fearless on that downhill. Every second you expected him to fall. Probably he did too, lol. The following year, his brother would be severely injured in a ski accident, and left in a wheelchair. But Franz never gave up. It was his wild, edge of disaster ski-style that led him to many victories over many more technically advanced skiers.  It actually took a lot of control to ski that out of control!

My skiing days are over but I still appreciate watching a good Olympic run. The downhill still gives me chills. The moguls give me heart palpitations. And the new slope style is awesome!  I love the brash devil-may-care attitude!

The younger generation is all about snow boarding, and I do love watching it.  The half pipe is coming up, and I sure hope “old man” Shawn White can triumph again!  Love his new hair cut, but miss the red hair flying out behind him!

Good luck to all the USA skiers, bring back medals, but stay safe!

The Punky QB

mcmahonJim McMahon. Acclaimed leader of the ’85 Bears. Truly a team to be reckoned with. Best ever, in my opinion.

Jim McMahon was indeed a punky QB, as he says in the infamous Super Bowl Shuffle.  Everyone thought he wore his ever-present sunglasses to be cool, but truth be told, he wore them because of an eye injury (fork to the eye back in his youth).  He was the epitome of cool, nonetheless.


He led the Bears to the Super Bowl, in a season full of excitement such as the Bears hadn’t seen in many years.  He rallied the troops and made super stars out of many of them.  He added pizzazz to an old fuddy duddy team.  His antics with Coach Ditka were legendary.  The world will never forget the 1985 Bears.


But Jim McMahon just might.  He has early onset dementia, mostly likely caused by the many hits he took on the football field.  Back in 1985, many idolized him.  If they saw Jim McMahon today, many would not recognize him, and many would pity him.  He is a broken man, both physically and mentally.  He sacrificed a lot for his notoriety and party days.  I saw a documentary on him last year.  It made me sad, thinking that this is what happens after your fifteen minutes of fame.  So many football players suffering the same fate.  He was so good.  So very, very good.  His play both on and off the field are the stuff dreams are made of, for many men.  I hope he still remembers, in his dreams.

I don’t think he will ever be forgotten, even if he forgets us.  Rock on, Jimmy Mac, rock on.


OMG, a GAY athlete?!!!!!

Seems to me that the world of sports was kind of like the military in that regard. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Cause soldiers and athletes are manly men, and nobody wants to think of them as being gay, because that is just not right, right?

Wrong. I am not for or against gays, I am neutral on the whole subject. But I do know that gay men are not all hairdressers or designers. There are gay/lesbian people in ALL walks of life, whether you acknowledge it or not.

I am not gay, and I don’t pretend to understand the mind/body mechanisms of being gay. I do not know if you are born gay, become gay, want to be gay, don’t want to be gay, whatever. I do know that having gay parents doesn’t make you gay, just as having straight parents doesn’t make you straight. I know that it is a religious issue, and some religions condemn gays. I know that being gay causes great pain and suffering for both the person and the family.

Coming out is the big deal. What you do behind closed doors is your own personal business, but once you put it out there, you can’t it take it back. Even if you try, people will always wonder.

Back a few years ago, it seemed that all the high school girls were making out with other girls, and all the guys thought it was hot. Did that make them lesbians, or bi? I don’t think so. I think they did it just because it was the new, off the hook thing to do to shock and amaze people. High school/college seems to be the time for experimenting, with sex, drugs and rock and roll. Don’t laugh, it’s true! Except for me, I believed everything the nuns beat into our heads.  I am still damaged to this day.

This world we live in has become so diverse.  People of all color, religion, sexual orientation…..need to work it out, and live in peace.  Together, while still respecting each one’s individuality.   I’m not sure what God’s plan is with all this, but I am sure that he wants us to be happy and live in harmony.  So, live and let live!