Don’t make me wait too long

wait2I try to have patience. I really do.  But DAMNIT!  These waits between TV and movies series are way. too. long.

Example.  So you read a series of books.  Let say Twilight.  Or Hunger Games.  The first movie comes out, and everyone is in a frenzy to see it.  Then you wait.  A year if you are lucky.  Usually a year and a half.  Gah.  By then, your frenzy has cooled.  You barely remember what all the fuss was above.  In fact, by the last movie, the attendance number drop way off.

I first noticed this phenomenon with the TV show Nip/Tuck.  Fantastic series.  At first.  The first few seasons were unbelievably good.  So good you couldn’t WAIT to see the next!  Then they started making you wait longer and longer in between seasons.  Until the inevitable happened.  1).  You stopped caring.  2).  The shows just weren’t that good anymore.  3).  You stopped watching.


Now I see it with the cable shows, like Game of Thrones.  Geez.  I know Winter is Coming, but Hell will freeze over before this show starts again!  Outlander is starting to piss me off too.  Crikey I read the whole dang series of books after the first season, which was no easy feat, considering it was 8 books of almost 1,000 pages each, and I’m StILL waiting for the 2nd season to start!  I did that with Game of Thrones too.  If I can make the herculean effort, why can’t they?

Oh, and now the popular thing to do with a popular show is to air HALF a season, and then the other HALF like 6 months later.  Really?  Get us hooked and breathless, and then make us wait AGAIN!  I think Walking Dead does that.  I think pretty soon I may get tired of zombies.  And that will be a shame.  I love zombies!

Whatever happened to having a full complement of shows that aired most of the year and then took a summer hiatus?

Wait, I know!  They spend as much money to produce them as a full action movie, so they can’t AFFORD as many episodes!  While I admire the beautiful scenery and venues that they use, wouldn’t it be more affordable to shoot back to back seasons?  Or movies?  Like Survivor does!  They stay at the same location now to shoot two seasons.  Makes sense, financially.  Also, can’t they do something with all the standing around that is prominent in filming?  Can’t they get their lighting/sound etc done faster?  In this day and age of high tech, I find it ridiculous.  But, I know nothing.  Just like Jon Snow.

Speaking of which, how much longer do I have to wait until I find out if he is dead?  April?  Crikey.  Pretty soon, I just won’t care anymore.wait1



I am hooked on Outlander.  On Jamie Fraser in particular.  Ok, on Sam Heughan (the Scottish actor who portrays Jamie)  if I’m being honest.

I will say that I am SO glad that I started watching the show before I started reading the books.  I LIKE the books just fine, but I think if I didn’t have the Jamie/Claire visual in my mind, I would not like them much.  I tried reading Outlander once before, but found it tiresome.  But since I can picture the characters so clearly in my mind, and they are the perfect actors for the roles, I read the books as though they were a movie, and can see them speaking etc. in my mind’s eye.  I even can read the Scottish words with their accents, lol.

Outlander starts back up, on Starz, this coming Saturday, April 4th.  I can’t wait.  Game of Thrones used to be favorite series, but Outlander has drawn me in.  I love them both, not sure which one I love best, but as far as male leads go, Outlander wins hands down.  Perhaps because there are SO MANY character in Game of Thrones, lol.  Game of Thrones starts back up April 12, so it will be a good spring!

I remember I watched Game of Thrones last season on my 17″ laptop in the nursing home with HBO GO.  All the nurses/aides would come in to watch with me, lol.  I was very popular on Sunday nights!  But I am glad I get to watch this year on my big screen TV at home in my own bed.

I have read all of the Game of Thrones books (5 BIG ones), and am on Book 7 out of 8 for Outlander (also BIG books).  I read Game of Thrones much quicker than Outlander, not sure why.  Maybe because I am reading with an accent, lol.

Who else can’t wait??????


Still me?


I saw Still Alice last night.  It was a very powerful, realistic story of a woman with early onset of Alzheimer’s, at age 50.  And not just any woman.  A woman who was extremely intelligent, and was a professor at Columbia.  Her whole persona was painted by her linguist skills, of which she was very proud.  Now, it would be taken away from her.

Obviously you can’t track the insidious path that Alzheimer’s takes in only two hours.  However, I thought the film did a great job of showing just enough snippets of how her life changed as the disease progressed.  Ironically, the disease progresses faster the more intelligent its victim.

Alice tries to plan for her future, but seems to be thwarted at every turn due to her increasing loss of memory.  Her family, while supportive, each has their own lives to live.  While I initially thought her husband was very supportive, upon further reflection I have decided he was very selfish.  He did still love her, but he was very ambitious, as she had been, and he continued on his career path at the expense of spending time with his wife, going so far as to move away from her for a new job.

The children were an eclectic mix.  There was a very self-centered over-achiever older daughter, a busy doctor son, and a starving actress youngest daughter living across the country.

The ending will surprise you, in several ways.  One in the way in which the actual movie ends, and secondly in what happens to Alice.  I do not want to spoil it for any future movie watchers, so we will leave it at that.

I was initially conflicted about seeing this movie.  My own mother died from Alzheimer’s at the age of 75.  Her sister currently has it.  Looking back, I can see her decline over about 10 years.  To me, she seemed to change the most after knee replacement surgery.  When she woke up from anesthesia, she was VERY disoriented and confused.  She really had no idea what was going on for several months.  She did get better, but she was never the same.  I firmly blame the anesthesia, for uncovering or bringing on her Alzheimer’s.  Many scientific/medical journals have debated this question for years.  Anesthesia has been linked to cognitive problems, and also postoperative delirium, that can last from days to years.

I can say this, because I am living proof.  My mother had multiple medical problems and had many surgeries in her life.  I am her clone, and unfortunately have followed her same path in many ways.  I too have had many surgeries in my life.  Recently, the past two years, I have had 9 surgical procedures in regards to my hip.  Which each one, I felt my brain getting fuzzier and fuzzier.  I grasp at words sometimes.  I forget names.  I just don’t feel like I am as “smart” as I used to be.

Could it be coincidence?  Sure.  I am getting older, every year.  But I do think it has affected me to some degree.  I am so sure of it that I refused to have general anesthesia, and opted for a local for my last hip aspiration.  Did it hurt?  Yes.  Am I glad it hurt?  Yes.  At least I knew my brain was still functioning.

Do I worry about Alzheimer’s?  Yes.  Every day.  The stats are staggering.  I have a lot of factors against me.  I wish they would SOMETHING to help with this disease.  The Baby Boomers are a huge segment of population that tends to gets things done.  Elderly care has become a main issue because of their demands.  Many are of the Alzheimer’s age now.  I pray that the sheer number will spur more research and development of better drugs, or find a cure.

I still have guilt about my mom.  I should have been there for her more.  I tried.  I really did.  I worked full time, and there were many times I had to jump in my car and drive to her senior living apartment because she didn’t answer the phone.  Most times it was because she didn’t hang up right.  Then I found her on the floor.  Twice.  That was enough.  Her doctor recommended a nursing home, as she required 24/7 monitoring.  I knew she would hate it.  I remember checking her in, and in a moment of clarity, she looked right at me with her cloudy blue eyes and said, is this what my life has come to?  I cried all the way home, and for many days after that.  She did acclimate, and at least had more social interaction there than alone in her apartment, but I still felt guilt every time I went to visit her.  As the disease progressed, she didn’t know there was anything wrong with her, and I actually felt grateful for that.  I would like to think she died peacefully.  She did remember my name every time I saw her, and was always happy to see me.  She thought my dad, who had died more than 20 years previously, was there in the room with her, as a Scottie dog sitting in the corner.  I always said hi to him too.  I may have petted him on the way out.  It gave me comfort to think that my dad was watching over her.

Anyway, Still Alice is a GREAT movie, Julianna Moore gave an absolutely wonderful performance, and I am glad I saw it, despite my earlier conflict about it.  5 stars all the way.

Do you have any experience with Alzheimer’s?  Have you seen the movie?  I would love to hear your comments.

Read me, read me not

Ok, a challenge to my readers, old and new.  Read a few of my blogs, or a lot of my blogs, whatever you like.  Then tell me which one you like best, and why.  Then tell me which one you like least, and why.

The only thing I ask of you is to comment here after reading the blog post.  It’s not hard, there is a comment area, I think you just have to use your email address.

It is a lonely life for a blogger sometimes if they don’t have feedback to know whether or not their blog posts have an audience.

I know which ones of my blog posts are my favorites, and which ones are just silly little posts that are meaningless.  Let see if we match up!

Just curious to know what my readers think.  So I thank you in advance for taking a few minutes out of your day to humor me with this challenge.

Dear Author……..

Yesterday I got an email.  It started out with Dear Authors…….and I was one of them!

Even better, the email requested my bio.  Yes, that’s right.  MY BIO.  Things about me that people will read.  In a BOOK.

My hands trembled as I tried to compose myself enough to compose a bio.  You see, this is the first time I ever had to write a bio.  I didn’t know what to write.  I didn’t want to sound lame and be all like “Janet Heath is a wonderful woman and the best writer in the world and now you all know it too!”  But I didn’t want to sound pathetic either like “Janet Heath still can’t believe she is in this book because who would want to read anything she wrote?”  So I tried to write something about myself that would show my love of reading and writing.  Hopefully I succeeded.  My editor liked it, so I guess it wasn’t too lame.

My dream is coming true.  I am about to become a published author.  Pinch me now.

Is there only one true Jesus?

Last night I got into an very interesting conversation about my renewed interest in God, Jesus, and all things religion.  Lately I have been reading the Left Behind series of books, and what a revelation the Book of Revelations has become to me!

I went to Catholic school back in the days of real priests and nuns as teachers.  Since most of them were not necessarily educated to be teachers, they relied very heavily on teaching reading, writing and religion.  The whole school attended Mass every morning, and twice on holy days.  I think I can still recite the entire thing in Latin!  Which actually turned out very useful to me, as Latin is the root of all Romance languages, and my love of reading and writing is with me to this day.

I grew up receiving most of the sacraments and going to church and never questioning the teaching of the church.  That has changed since I began questioning evolutionism versus creationism.  I have my own theory on that which combined the two to my satisfaction.

Then along came Left Behind and a few other books I have read along that genre.  It really made sense to me.  I had never really thought much about the “rapture” and all that would happen afterwards.  I read the words years ago but never studied them or knew their true meaning.  Also, I have always been troubled about what would happen to all those good people on earth who believe in their own God, like Buddha and Allah etc.  And the Jewish faith, who is still waiting for their Messiah.  Is it really true that they cannot go to heaven because they don’t believe in Jesus?  Do they go to their own heaven?  Or are they “left behind”, and become true believers during the Tribulation?

Crikey, I remember back in grade school when I thought my non-Catholic (but still Christian) friends couldn’t go to heaven with me and I cried and cried.  That’s what the nuns taught us, and we all bought it hook, line and sinker.  I think that is why some people think the Catholic church is like a cult.  I am proud to be a Catholic, but don’t buy into 100% of their doctrine.  Which they change.  More than once.  Confusing.  Also they don’t aways practice what they preach.  What?!?! you may say.  Think about the cover up with priests/boys.  Enough said.  Moving on.

The idea of an Antichrist and Armagedon has always fascinated me.  But I never thought about the reality of that actual scenario.  The Left Behind books, even though classified as fiction, give me a believable picture of how it will happen and what life will really be like. And if so, I certainly don’t want to be left behind, as I have I stated in a previous blog!

Our conversation last night debated the question on why God would not let a good person into heaven, if they follow all the commandments and moral code, but don’t necessarily believe in Jesus like he wants.  Many people figure that if they are Christian and live a decent life that they get a free pass into heaven.  I’m afraid that isn’t true.  I’m afraid I may not make it there, even though I am a believer.  But I am going to try my hardest.

I am glad that I had good friends to have this interesting debate with (thanks Amy, Kathy and Lin!).  Everyone has their own beliefs and their slant on religion.  I learn so much from other people.  I hope to keep an open mind and become a better person.

I don’t want to be Left Behind

I was born and raised Irish Catholic.  Catholic schools until junior year of high school.  Church on Sundays.  Singing in the choir.  Saying the rosary.  Gathering up those “saving graces”.

Somewhere along the way, it seemed like it was not cool to profess your faith in God and shout to the heavens that Jesus is our Lord and Savior.  People made fun of the “born agains”.  The general consensus was that if you were Christian and led a good life you had a free pass to heaven, but there was no need to shout it to the heavens.

Nope.  Not.  Don’t believe that anymore.  Even before I read this eye-opening book, I realized that I needed to REALLY let God into my life.  Why should it be embarrassing to say out loud that you believe that a higher power created life as you know it and that you want to be welcomed into the kingdom of Heaven?  When the alternative is nothingness or Hell?

I had a personal revelation this past summer when a tragedy happened to some friends of mine.  I realized that faith can pull you through the darkness and sadness and bring you back into the light.  I admired them and their church so much, it I attended services there for awhile.  It was a refreshing change from the same old service every Sunday at the Catholic church, with all the sit, stand, kneel etc.  At their church there was singing and bands and speakers and praising the Lord, and nobody was self-conscious to show their love for the Lord and each other.  Isn’t that what it should be all about????

Now don’t get me wrong, I still consider myself a Catholic and still go to my Catholic church too.  It is comforting to me because of its sameness.  I can let my mind wander and speak to God in my head and not miss a beat of the familiar ceremony.  The choir at my church is superb, especially at Christmas time, and I love to just sit and listen.  Music and singing move my soul.  My Catholic church was a place of refuge for me to go to after my divorce.  I would sit in the back row, with tears streaming down my face for the entire service.  Some of the regulars would pat my shoulder as I passed by, and gave me comfort.  I was too embarrassed to seek professional help or even go and talk to a priest, but felt I got it in the back pew of the church every Sunday.

So I will say this now.  I am a Christian, and I believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and I want to go straight to heaven.  I want to see my dearly departed family members there.  I want all my puppies and kittys to meet me at the Rainbow Bridge.  I want to earn my wings.  If you are a Christian, I highly recommend that you read this book and the whole series.  It may give you a different perspective on how you look at your faith.  It is not good enough to just be a Christian by default.  You must make it so.  I don’t want YOU to be left behind either.

Once Upon a Time…..there was a big bad wolf/witch/insert villian here

Tonight ushers in a new medium for fairy tales.  One that plays on TV, and gives another scary visual to all those “villains” that make up a large component of the fairy tale that resides between the “Once upon a time” and “They lived happily ever after.” 

Yes, we soothe our children to sleep every night with stories of wicked stepmothers/sisters, witches, wolves, evil queens, giants, and the like.  I mean, Bambi’s mamma gets shot by a hunter, Little Red Riding Hood is chased by a wolf who wants to eat here, Snow White and Cinderella had to deal with wicked stepmothers, and the 3 Little Pigs had a big bad wolf huffing and puffing trying to blow their house down!

Even the Disney movies get in on the act, making even the adults cry with their sad tales, which thankfully always ends happy and teaches us a lesson to boot!  Animated movies have come a long way, with Disney and Pixar etc., and are movie blockbusters, with big name stars behind the voices.  (My favorite part of the movie is trying to figure out the name behind the voice, lol.)

So tonight, I will watch ABC’s offering of “Once Upon a Time” and see how I like it.  Not sure if I would let little kiddies watch though, so make sure you tell them a good bedtime fairy tale when you tuck them in, and then settle down for your adult version.  Let me know how you like it!

A Dog’s Purpose, from my POV

I read the book, and loved it.  I cried over each reincarnation.  Dogs truly are a human’s best friend.  They never judge, they never lie, they are loyal and true blue, and they love you unconditionally.  Tonight my purpose is not to go into detail about the book.  Tonight I am a bit meloncholy, as my senior Lab, Mollie, was just diagnosed with kidney failure disease.  She is 12, and has had her share of health issues.  She has epileptic seizures on occasion.  She has two bad knees she blew out running crazy down steps.  She is mostly deaf, unless she hears the clink of silverware on an empty plate ready for licking.  She doesn’t see as well either, rabbits pass her by now.  But, she is a good old gal, and loves to go for a walk, and a swim in the lake.  She will still pick up every stick she sees.  Her tail is always wagging, and she loves kissing kids and adults alike.  She has even come to accept the new cat, Simon the Siamese Scaredy Cat.  She was the cutest, most spoiled puppy ever, everyone loved her, and she grew into an awesome dog

Mollie has witnessed the death of two of my golden Retrievers, Maggie and Maddie.  Maggie at age 8 from heart disease, Maddie at age 8 from kidney disease.  Mollie has been rock through the death of my two golden angels, my divorce, loss of jobs, illness etc.  Her thick white fur has soaked up a boatload of tears. 

I think this was Mollie’s purpose in life.  To see me through some rough patches, always with a smile on her face, and a wag in her tail.  I think I will miss her most of all.