The Gorey Details

Another bullfighter was killed recently.  He was gored by a bull he was in the process of killing. He died a gruesome death.  Just like the thousands of animals that are killed in the name of entertainment, for bullfighting.

Do I feel sorry for the bullfighter?  Yes, I suppose I do, it is a human life lost.  However, he basically died by his own hand.  He chose to step in that ring.  He chose to fight an enraged animal that he was slowly and painfully killing.  He chose to do this as his profession, knowing that at any time he may be killed. And truth be told, he slipped on his own cape, making a fatal mistake.

But let’s be real here.  It’s not like his profession is a police officer or fire fighter, where you may be killed at any time in the line of action.  In these professions they are serving and protecting the public and trying to avoid death in the process..  In bullfighting, they are serving and entertaining the public by absolutely serving death on a platter, to the roar of approval by the crowd.  Shades of Roman gladiators, no?  Actually yes, it is all related.

Bullfighting is a series of three tandas, each of which bring more pain and suffering to the bull, in preparation for the final kill.  The matador entices the bull with his red cape (which is only red to mask the blood….bulls are color blind).

This is a gruesome sport, one that has been around for ages.  The arena in Mexico holds 48,000 spectators……FORTY EIGHT THOUSAND.  That’s a lot of people screaming for blood.  And, truth be told, a little goring of the matador probably adds to the excitement level of the crowd too.

I cannot say that I understand the sport of bullfighting.  Per Wiki, while some forms are sometimes considered to be a blood sport, in some countries, for example Spain, it is defined as an art form or cultural event and relevant regulatory frameworks liken it to other cultural events and heritage.

Then there’s the Running of the Bulls, where normal (?) people run in front of bulls down a narrow street, where the participants as well as the bulls may slip on the cobblestones. Another deadly sport I don’t understand.

Back to the dead Matador.  Sad for the loss of his life, sad for his family.  But I am continually sad for the hundreds, nay thousands of bulls slain every year for the enjoyment of the spectators.

But I guess I am in the mood for fighting for the underdog lately.  In this case, the bull.  I have no real pity for the matador. 


No, I don’t want to listen!

abuseThe LATEST post I have seen on Facebook is asking how long can you listen to elephants screaming while being shot.  I’m serious.  I have asked repeatedly for people not to post this shit on my page, but somehow it always ends up there.  Starving dogs, cats, horses….you name it, I’ve seen it.

I don’t watch Animal Planet anymore for this reason.  You never know when a show or a commercial will pop up.  Even network TV is awful.  As soon as I hear the sad songs starting, I run from the room.  I can’t event trust myself to change the channel before catching a glimpse of something that will keep me awake for nights.

The begging, the pleading, for money to help the poor starving creatures.  Showing the pictures to break your heart.  Almost as disturbing as the pictures of the starving children in Africa, with their big eyes and bloated bellies.

PLEASE, I beg of you in the name of all that is holy, DON’T SHOW ME THIS SHIT ANYMORE!  TAKE IT AWAY!  They should at least give you warning before they show it.  I can’t take it, I don’t want to see it, get it away!

I do donate.  I donate to my church to help people.  I donate to Animal Rescue, crikey I buy clothes and jewelry there!  I donate to my Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

It’s not the begging for money part that upsets me.  I understand that they need to get people’s sympathy so they will open up their hearts and their wallets to these causes.  I just don’t want to see the pathetic pictures that will be playing as reruns across my eyelids for months to come when I try to sleep.

And I’m a hypocrite.  I don’t want to see animals starving or injured or hurt.  I could never imagine killing an animal.  But I will eat them.  I will enjoy a good steak, with juices running down.  I will cook a whole chicken.  I am a hypocrite.

These used to be living, breathing creatures.  And they way they end up on our plates is NOT just the neat tidy packages we buy at the store.  I’m sure if I ever did go to a slaughterhouse I would never eat meat again.  Maybe I should.

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as not to drink milk or eat eggs.  You don’t have to kill an animal to get that.  Although they are not necessarily treated very well to get these products.

Geez.  OK.  Now I am REALLY depressed.