Pet Me Please!


I am a huge animal lover.  I will pet any animal.  Dogs, cats, horses, bunnies.  But wild animals?  Everywhere I look nowadays, people are posting pictures of wild animals either as pets or petting them.  Squirrels.  Lots of baby squirrels that fell out of tree and people rescue them and take them home and raise them.  Some stay and never leave.  And they LOVE their people!  They LOVE to be petted!  They LOVE blankets!  So cute!

But wait a minute.  There is nothing like this in the wild.  The momma squirrel is not covering them with blankies and giving them binkies.  Owls aren’t closing their eyes and kissing each other.  Otters aren’t floating on their backs in bathtubs posing for pictures.

Just look on Facebook.  Every other post is a wild animal being petted or better.  Are there really all these people out there thinking, gee, I think I will bring home an owl and pet it?  Where are they coming from?  How is this happening?  Don’t these wild animals bite or have diseases?  The pictures make them look so cute and cuddly.



I really thought I wanted a baby otter.  I mean, look at face!  But then I read that although they are very cuddly and loving, they are very smelly.  They like spreading their, um, feces, around.  Ok, that’s a deal breaker!  But in the wild, floating around with their babies on their bellies?  Too cute.

Most wild animals ARE smelly.  They purposely spread their scent around, in a variey of ways, which are not conducive to homes, to mark their territories.  Think of a house cat, which even though domesticated, still marks.  And walking your dog, having to stop at every tree and bush.  This is remnants of their wild side.

So, bottom line, I love the pictures and videos.  I pet my cats more now because of it.  And Izzy loves watching the videos with me. It is entertaining and beneficial for all of us, lol.

But I still wonder where they get all these animals/birds/reptiles…. and how do they know they will be friendly?  Don’t forget about Grizzly Man, who thought the bears loved him, until they ate him and his girlfriend.  And those videos of the lions running at the man, and they hugging him?  I’m not sure until the last second what their intention is.

So go hug a pet today.  Wild or otherwise.


There are advantages…… REDUX

Wow, it sure is funny how things can change in almost a year.  The Jenni I am referring to in this post is now pregnant and has a Superman boyfriend.  My Ozzzy is all grown up and has a baby kitty sister Izzy, who he loves so much.  Life goes on…..



My blogger friend Jenni got me thinking on this subject.  Another douche bag man…she’s thinking of getting a kitten instead.

Worked for me. I don’t need no stinkin’ man I got me a baby kitty…..Ozzy.  Let’s see, what are the advantages?  Snuggles on my neck every night, doesn’t go out “catting” around, always happy to see me, and never leaves the toilet seat up for starters.  Clean as a whistle, doesn’t leave dirty clothes hanging everywhere, doesn’t take up much room in the bed.   Doesn’t have any bad habits, like smoking, drinking, or doing drugs.  Likes reality TV shows and Animal Planet.  Gives you hugs and kisses whenever you want.

Any disadvantages?  Sure, as in any relationship, you have to take the bad with the good.  Ozzy expects food and water in his bowl at regular intervals, and expects me to clean his waste every day.  Also uses me as a springboard for his nightly gymnastics.  Chews up all my strings that dangle.  Occasionally has bad breath.  Gets a little carried away with smurf bites.  Tongues a little raspy on the face.  Likes to try and trip me.  And, yes, he is an animal, not a real man, who does have an occasional use.  There are obviously a few men out there who could trump my cat, but they are just delusions illusions of reality for me, lol.

But overall?  For unconditional love?  Please, no contest.  A cuddly kitten or puppy will win every time.


The empty staircase

It has been over twenty years since I walked into a house empty of dogs.  No golden retriever spinning around my legs.  No yellow lab thumping her tail from the top of the stairs.  No sloppy kisses, no smiling retriever lips, no dancing brown eyes.

I finally stopped crying all the time.  Life must go on.  But everywhere I go there are still reminders.  Christmas collars.  Leashes.  Scarfs.  Makes me wince when I see all the paraphernalia I have accumulated over the years, for dogs.  I couldn’t bear to throw everything away, so I gave away all the perishable goods, and washed and cleaned all the other stuff and stored it on a shelf in my basement.  I have said all along I will NEVER get another dog, it is too painful, they are just too damn human to me.  But I have learned to never say never.  The circumstances of my life could change, and another dog may enter.  Who knows, the man of my dreams who is going to sweep me off my feet  might have a whole house full of dogs and want to share them with me.

I have thought about fostering, but my sister made a good point.  I would never give them up.  I would just keep taking them in.  That’s why I only lasted one day when I volunteered at the animal shelter a few years back.  I cried the whole way home, not wanting to leave those animals in cages for the night.

So what’s a dog lover to do?  Turn back into a cat lover.  I have had cats most of life too, and they are cool in their own way.  I took in Simon the Siamese Scaredy Cat a few months back, a “gift”  from my sister, complete with fleas.  Simon has really come around, and acts a lot like a dog.  He is big as some dogs, at 21 pounds.  He now has his own office chair at my desk, and sits next to me all day, napping while I work on the computer.  He likes it when I spin him around.  He trots after me wherever I go, unless he knows I am coming right back.  At night he sleeps curled up on his little round kitty bed on my bed, or under the covers on chilly nights.  He is very polite in his sleeping habits and does not take up too much room or present me with his rump in my face the way most cats do.  He will sleep in as long as I want, and doesn’t meow at me for kitty food or other silly things.  He loves a good belly rub, and loves to pat my face with his big soft paws.  He also comes right up to me and kisses me.  Its obvious the cat is smitten, lol.  He’s my boy.  A big, beautiful boy.

He’ll do.