30 Days of Truth Challenge – Day 7

Day 7.  Someone who has made your life worth living for.

This is easy.  My little great niece, Brianna.

I even got to help pick out her name, as it is my favorite Irish name ever.  Riley was a close second, I would have been happy with either, as she is the perfect little Irish girl.  Her mother is Shannon, her father was Ryan.

I have seen this child almost every day since she was born.  I remember holding her in my arms when she was a baby, and watching her bright eyes search out everything.  I was holding her when she first discovered her hand.  (She was startled, then delighted!)  I was with her when she took her first steps.

She called me Auntie as a baby, and I loved it.  She is a sweet girl, but also headstrong.  She is girly girl, but also brave and fearless.  And she can belt out a favorite song with the best of them!  (Let it Go, anyone?)  Nowadays it’s Adele, Taylor Swift…all the current pop hits.

As she has grown, I find more and more in common with her.  We have the same color hair, the same color eyes, a love for music, singing and dancing.  We giggle together, we tell stories together, we have sleepovers.  She loves my cats. and my cats actually love her too.  When I was in the nursing home for months, there are pictures of them, especially Izzy the shy one, in her arms.  It amazed me.

I love her more than I could ever possibly imagine.  It makes me feel guilty sometimes, as I did have 3 stepchildren at one time, but Brianna comes without drama and a mother who hated my very existence.  I am allowed to love her fully.  She makes me a better person.

I hope in some way I am a positive influence in her life too.  She is one of my reasons for living.


Say hello for me…..

Dear Uncle George,

You passed away a few days ago, in the presence of your loving wife and daughter.  Today is your wake, tomorrow your funeral.  I like to think you are looking down at your family right now, with loving eyes.

You lived a good long life.  87 years old I think.  You were such a great husband, father, grandfather, uncle, friend.  I will always remember you as the kindest, most gentle man I knew.  You always had a smile on your face, and gave the best hugs.

I have so many great memories of you.  I remember our vacations at the cottage every summer with the whole Massey clan.  They didn’t call it a Massey parade for nothing!  You built that cottage with your own hands, it was sturdy and so fun.  I remember the bunk beds in the kid room, lol.  I grew up in the midst of loving aunts, uncles and cousins.  And Grandma Massey of course.  Two weeks every summer.  I looked forward to it all year.

I don’t know many families that still call their cousins their best friends.  We still vacation together, lol.  I wish all kids would do the same, they don’t know what they are missing!

I have cousins I can call after 6 months and just pick up where we left off.  I consider my aunts and uncles my mom and dad, since mine passed away so soon.  My dad has been gone for 35 years (!) and my mom for 12 I think.

I used to go to Florida when you, Uncle George, and Aunt Kathleen lived in Hollywood.  You were always so good to me, and we would have so much fun together.  We would sit on the lanai and talk talk talk!  I always loved Hollywood Beach, and I will remember those days with you there forever.

I am so happy I got to see you last December at the Abel’s wedding.  I got to see ALL my aunts and uncles and cousins, and it meant so much to me.

I am so happy you got to see your youngest daughter get married this November.  You made it, all the way back to Hollywood, from Ohio.  It was a big deal for you and Aunt Kath, and you made it.  I am so glad.  And your daughter was so glad.

You have such great kids.  They have been so wonderful to me all my life.  I vacationed with them, I have fun with them.  I still do, and hope to continue to do so for a very long time.

I will miss you, Uncle George.  Say hi to Barb, my mom and dad, Uncle Bill, and everybody else that welcomed into you heaven.  Someday we will all be together again, vacationing under the loving eyes of God, for eternity.

God Bless.  Rest in peace.

Love, Janny