True confessions of a blog writer


I leave a pad and pen by my bed because I will wake up after a great dream and think of a perfect topic, and want to write it down before it leaves my head. Then I wake up in the morning and all I see is jibberish. Reminds me of the time I was in the hospital after surgery and trying to write about my experience while on heavy drugs! lol.

It’s not easy being a blogger.  You write stories and put them out there for the whole world to see.  Some of your stories are light-hearted.  Some of your stories are full of your emotions, good and bad.  Some of your stories are full of your pain.  And sometimes, actually most of the time, the world could care less.

It is hard to get a following.  People might read your blog, but never *like or comment on it.  And it’s all about the stats when it comes to being a so-called “successful” blogger.  I have seen some bloggers go viral overnight because of ONE particular blog they wrote.  I have seen some bloggers who post new stories every day and have very few followers.  Followers are fickle.  It hard to figure out what moves them enough to follow you, and to stay involved enough to comment, and discuss, and argue, and really think about the material.

Most popular bloggers have thousands of followers and hundreds of comments for each post.  They have lovers and haters, both of which just increase their popularity.  They may be popular right out of the box, or they may have been posting for years.

I will admit I am jealous of these popular bloggers.  Sometimes I write a story that I think will touch the hearts of millions, but nobody reads them.  So then I get discouraged, and don’t post new stories regularly.  Which just leads to any progress I had made to just peter out.

I guess I have just not found my niche yet.  I tend to flit around in my blog posts, and write about everything in general and nothing in particular.  And actually, this post was going to be something entirely different, until I started writing it.  My fingers just start typing, and I let them go wherever.  Maybe I should be more disciplined.  Maybe I just don’t know.

Here’s the thing.  It’s hard to know if you are doing right or wrong if you get no feedback.  I have people tell me that they read my blog and love it, but I had no way of knowing that.  Unless someone comments, or likes, I have no idea who reads my blog.

Now I sound like I am whining and complaining that nobody reads my blog.  That was not my original purpose on writing this particular post.  But a girl could use some validation.  Right?

Please let me know your thoughts on my blog.  It would help point me in the right direction, and whether or not I should pursue my writing.


How to become a very popular blogger

dog biteOne of the bloggers I follow who is VERY POPULAR did something a few months back that caused me to stop believing he was infallible and that is all about the numbers.

He is kinda of controversial in my opinion. Like I said, he is VERY POPULAR and blogging is his full-time job now, so perhaps he is controversial-on-purpose. I will give just an example of what bugs me so much about this blogger.

He has a child and is divorced and lives in an apartment. One day he and his child were carrying a table out to the dumpster and ran across a girl with a dog pulling on a leash that appeared to be ferocious and attacking them. The blogger dropped the table, roared a few inappropriate words, and then proceeded to drop kick the dog across the parking lot. The dog hobbled away crying, obviously injured, and the girl started to cry. Apparently she has Aspergers. Anyway, they ran away. The blogger never mentioned what kind of dog it was.

I forget the exact sequence but the people lived upstairs from him, and the girl was trying to help out, because the mother had cancer and the father was overwhelmed and they were very poor. So blogger man decided this was the perfect opportunity to crank out the popularity machine. He wrote a blog about the incident, and right away people were all about your poor kid, vicious dog, you did right, the dog would have killed him, I would have killed that dog etc. etc. Then there were the dissenters, like me, that thought perhaps he wasn’t teaching his child the right lesson by abusing a dog in that manner, using inappropriate language and scaring the life out of a poor little girl. There were just enough dissenters to make it a little uncomfortable for the hero blogger who “saved his kids life”.

So then of course he apologizes somewhat and decides to do the humane thing, and takes up a collection for the poor folks upstairs. He posted the letter he wrote them, and while I applaud him for raising thousands of dollars, he let it slip that he had actually made a claim against their insurance company for his $100 jeans and the medical bills for the dog bite (one puncture wound).  It was right there, in black and white, on the letter he posted in his blog.

I could not believe his audacity, that he sued these poor people for something so minor. I’m sure as a result that they put the dog down and raised his insurance rates. Of course the blogger never mentioned any of the aftermath of his actions. Oh, and the mother died during all this turmoil for this poor family. I’m sure the money really helped the girl deal with it.

But….THOUSANDS of people commented on his blog, and sent in donations. I was not one of them. I made a comment about the poor dog, and hundreds of people turned against me. It was almost like a mob mentality.  It was like NOBODY even saw the part where he sued them, they just saw this popular blogger doing yet another good thing.

All this left a very poor taste in my mouth. Big bad blogger. In fact, in some of the photos on his website, he puts on his mean face, and let me tell you, it is NOT pretty. He might think it is funny, but not to me.  I think this is his true face, most of the time.

If any of you recognize or follow this blogger, and don’t agree with me, good. I could use some “controversy popularity”.

Help, I need help!

Seriously folks, what does a blogger need to do to write posts that garner lots of views and comments?

I know I am not a world class writer by any means, but I do like some of my postings, and wonder why more people don’t! I’m at the point where I am ready to give up blogging.

PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I should I do to make it better! I appreciate comments so very much!

Wow, sounds like I am begging. Yes, I am begging! Help me!

It’s been almost a year now….

Since I first started blogging.  Been a fun ride so far.  Ups and downs.  Some posts I am very proud of.  Some that are just silly, and that’s fine too.

Slowly but surely getting more followers.  Still have very few comments.  Not sure why.  Some of these posts I pour my heart out, and wish I had comments.  Some people do comment in Facebook on my link, but that disappears and doesn’t show up under my permanent posts here in Word Press.  Sometimes I don’t link a post to Facebook in deference to my family and ex in-laws, who probably wouldn’t want to see the truth in some of my posts.  Sometimes I write a story or essay and send it in to contests.  Win or lose, I am very proud of my entries, and they are all winners in my book.

I have found SO MANY bloggers to follow.  Every morning my inbox is overflowing with fresh new posts and comments.  I read every one.  Sometimes I comment, sometimes I don’t, but only because so many other people have I figure it’d get lost in the shuffle anyway.  I wish I had that problem, lol.

Some of the bloggers are so nice and helpful and sweet.  I really appreciate any help learning the ropes around here.  That’s why I hope for more comments.  They will come, with time, I’m sure.  This is a great blogging community here, and the more I get to know them, the better I like them.  All the bloggers are so supportive of each other, and sometimes the comments are better than the original blog, with all the input back and forth!

I find that some people, including myself, express themselves better in written words. It can be a very cathartic experience.  It is more than just journaling.  It is sharing experiences, good and bad, with other people who take the time to read and share ideas with each other.  Some posts are soul-searching and therapeutic.  It is cleansing to get it all out in black and white.  I have a lot of posts sitting in my drafts, waiting for me to decide whether or not to publish them.  I don’t want to hurt people with some things I have to say.  My truths or versions of a story may be quite different from theirs.  But it’s okay if they sit in drafts forever.  I know they’re there.

I love the written word.  Mine AND yours, and all my favorite authors.  Thank you all for contributing to my passion!