Blackhawk Beemer

bmwOn my way to swim class this morning, I pulled up behind a BMW (Beemer).  The back license plate intrigued me.  It was red, lined in black. On the left side, there was the Blackhawks symbol.  Then 4 numbers, 2800.  Then BH, stacked vertically.

Hmmm, I thought, must be an important person.  You can get a vanity plate like the one I saw, as seen below.  BUT….you can only have THREE numbers.  I swear the plate I saw had FOUR.


But whatever.  I could not see who the driver was, as the headrest was very tall.  I could only tell it was a man, from the haircut.

So, I was intrigued, thinking maybe a real Blackhawks player was driving in front of me!

However.  Whoever it was in front of me drove like a real asshole.  Tailgating, weaving out of the lane, checking to see if he could pass, and speeding.  The SUV in front of the Beemer started to get pissed off, and at the next light, slowed down WAY in advance, and the Beemer literally had to stand on his brakes to avoid a collision.

When the light changed, with oncoming traffic approaching in the other lane, this Beemer screamed out from the light, passed the SUV, and gave them the finger.

The SUV turned at the next street.  So now I am behind the Beemer.  He is going at least 20 mph over the speed limit, which is on a dinky two lane road.  I saw the traffic light ahead turned red just as the Beemer was approaching.  He pulled into the left turn lane and stopped.  I pull up to the light directly across from him, and rolled down my window and shouted out to him, hmmmm, guess it wasn’t worth RISKING LIVES to pass that SUV, huh?

He flipped me off, and turned left before the light turned green.

I sure hope it wasn’t a REAL Blackhawks player or official.  I hope it was just a dumb ass fan who had a vanity plate.  After everything going on in the NFL, I just think that athletes should realize that their actions are on display to everyone, especially in public.  You’re driving around in a Beemer with special plates on the car.  Don’t be a dickhead.