Butter me up!

Body Butter…..where have you been all my life?  How could I not know you even existed?  How can I live without you now?

My beautiful niece surprised me with a jar of homemade lemongrass body butter for Christmas.  I opened the jar and was immediately treated to a delectable delight that looked good enough to eat!  But I slathered it all over my body instead, and it felt like a decadent mound of whipped creamy heaven.

Usually when I get a gift of good smelling body gel or lotion I save it for a special occasion.  I have a whole cabinet full now, because I never feel special enough to use it.  So I save and save it until it goes bad and I have to throw it away.  What a waste.

2012 is going to be the year of a well oiled Jan!  I am going to scrub, gel, and lather myself up with every available option I have.  The body butter won’t last forever, so I won’t use it for just a regular day, but WILL use it at least once a week.  All this weekend I have been dabbing on me, especially my hands, that were like alligator skin.  I cannot believe the difference body butter makes!

This morning when I took my shower, I loofahed with body scrub, then body gel.  Toweled off a bit and then slapped on the body butter.  I smelled so delicious then I couldn’t stand it!  No need for perfume, my pores were oozing fresh and clean scents!  I’m not big on overpowering scents like cheap perfume or musk, I prefer fresh and clean scents with a hint of my favorite florals.   I don’t want my presence to be announced in a cloud of smell before I enter the room, I want my scent to waft to your nostrils only when you lean in close for a hug or kiss.

Not that I ever smelled bad, mind you, but now I smell extra special.  Because I’m worth it!  So thanks, special niece, for starting off my New Year in a treat to the senses!