unbroken1Unbroken is the story of Louis Zamperini, who started life out as a young troublemaker, and ended up as a war hero.

The book, which I just finished, and the movie, which I can’t wait to see, is a story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption according to the author, Laura Hillenbrand.  It is non-fiction.  A true story.  One that will make you laugh, cry and renew your American pride and spirit.

It is amazing.  A page burner.  I ate up every word, and was never full.  I always wanted more.  I fell asleep to this book every night for the past week, as it is almost 500 pages long, and not a word skipper, as some easier reads are.

He was an Olympic athlete, a long distance runner.  If it hadn’t been for the war, he probably would have broken the 4 minute mile.

unbroken2Just one more thing the war took from him.  But his training probably kept him alive.  That and luck.


While in his POW camps, he was brutually beaten, in both body and mind, by a sadistic man, who I think caused him more pain after the war than during it.

unbroken4 bird








I could go on and on about the book, and Louis Zamperini, but the biggest thing I got out of this book was a new appreciation for all that our soldiers have gone through for us.  World War II was a brutal war.  About half way through the book, I started thinking of my father, and almost replaced Louis with my dad in my mind.

My dad was not a POW, but he was on a ship, the U.S.S. Boston.  He never spoke to us kids about his war experience, and now I know why.  Even though he was not a POW, being in WW II was no picnic.  He did talk a bit about his experience during Typhoon Cobra to my older cousins.  It sounded very frightening, and he said he was lucky enough to have the top bunk (6 high) so he didn’t get vomited on.  There is a book about the U.S.S. Boston called Baked Beans that I might get that details many of the ship’s experiences.  I do know my dad talked about being anchored in Tokyo Harbor after the atomic bombs for the signing of the Japanese surrender.  In fact my grandma always said his lung cancer was caused by the radiation he was most likely exposed to.  A marine commander and his men from the ship were on the ground hours after the bombs were dropped.

So I did feel there was an affinity between the two men, who were in the same war, in the same area of the world, at the same time.  They were both in typhoons, and both witnessed the end of the war.

Louis Zamperini had many demons to deal with after the war.  I’m sure my dad did too, in his own way . I wish I could talk to my dad now, after understanding a bit more about the atrocities of war.

Tonight I’ll have to star gaze, and find his.




This is me

Hey folks, I am one of the authors in What a Woman is Worth #WAWIW and an excerpt from my story was the featured graphic yesterday! Woo Hoo!

Currently I am laid up in a rehab hospital with no hip for 8 weeks, so it’s been hard for me to keep up and promote the book etc. I hope you take the time to go the website and at least check it out.

Thanks so much!


Dear Author……..

Yesterday I got an email.  It started out with Dear Authors…….and I was one of them!

Even better, the email requested my bio.  Yes, that’s right.  MY BIO.  Things about me that people will read.  In a BOOK.

My hands trembled as I tried to compose myself enough to compose a bio.  You see, this is the first time I ever had to write a bio.  I didn’t know what to write.  I didn’t want to sound lame and be all like “Janet Heath is a wonderful woman and the best writer in the world and now you all know it too!”  But I didn’t want to sound pathetic either like “Janet Heath still can’t believe she is in this book because who would want to read anything she wrote?”  So I tried to write something about myself that would show my love of reading and writing.  Hopefully I succeeded.  My editor liked it, so I guess it wasn’t too lame.

My dream is coming true.  I am about to become a published author.  Pinch me now.

Bite my neck, please!

Vampires are my secret obsession.  Well maybe not so secret, I share this obsession with my sister, and millions of Twilight fans around the world.  Vampire lovers have now taken the place of kidnapping pirates in the imaginations of romantic readers everywhere.  But it’s not something that a middle aged divorced woman would breathlessly tell a potential boyfriend, especially on the first date.  There definitely would be no second then!

It started with a Nora Roberts Trilogy.  Then the Twilight fanaticism started, and I hungrily bought and devoured every book.   Then the Vampire Diaries series.  Then the Anita Blake series.  Then the House of Night (best of the bunch in my opinion).  I have them all.  Lined up nice and neat on my bookshelves.  Sometimes I loan them out to special friends who share my obsession, always careful to get them back.  My library is growing as fast as they can crank them out!

Way back when, Dark Shadows scared us kids on late afternoons.  Then Elvira on Friday nights.  But these were deep dark, dare I say, ugly vampires, who took advantage of poor unsuspecting women.  Not like the smart, handsome vampires of today, who sparkle in the sunshine and don’t fly like bats.  I must confess I do enjoy the Twilight movies, and am looking forward to the final two, which will be the best in my opinion. I did start watching The Vampire Diaries on TV, but couldn’t keep up.  If you read my Top Ten Men blog, you will see that one of lead characters is indeed one hot vamp!

So for those of you who want some good clean fun in a book (with the exception of the Anita Blake books), I highly recommend snuggling up with a vampire!