My Bucket List

bucket list

To lay in the grass, covered by a litter of golden retriever puppies.

To meet Gavin DeGraw, and sing with him. Just me and him.

To go on a cruise, and eat and drink and dance the night away!

To play the piano with ease.

To be in a theatre play, and act and sing. Or maybe just the church choir!

To finally get my first book published, and continue to write another one, all my own.

To visit Alaska – see the glacier, Denali, and ride the train from Anchorage to Seward!  Go on a sled ride with the huskies.  Mush!

To visit Australia and New Zealand. I believe they have gorgeous landscapes.

To have a beer in Germany during Oktoberfest.

To visit Ireland and drink in the lush greenery.

To take my beloved great nieces and nephews to Disneyland and watch the wonderment on their little faces.

To swim again with the dolphins, this time in the wild, where you can frolic and play in their natural environment.

To make a difference in people’s lives in a positive way.  I love my seniors in swim class, and so many of them remind me of my dearly departed mom whom I miss so much!

Most importantly, going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve with all the candles and beautiful voices rejoicing in the birth of Jesus, and then to wake up on Christmas morning snuggled up with a special loved one, having coffee in front of a crackling fireplace surrounded by the scent of a beautiful Christmas tree, with only a few meaningful gifts underneath.  Spending the rest of the day with beloved family and friends.

When my bucket list is complete, I will be ready to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge and be re-united with all my fur babies, who will then follow me into heaven to see my beloved family and friends who have passed before me.

What’s on YOUR bucket list?


Have you updated your Bucket List?

Nowadays everybody has a bucket list.  People ask all the time, “oh, is that on your bucket list?”  Nobody knew what a bucket list was until Jack Nickolsen and Morgan Freeman told us.  I’m glad they did though, because otherwise I might not think about things I really need to do before my number is up.  Maybe a little push in the right direction.  Something will pop up on my radar and I’ll think, hmmmm, maybe I should put that on my bucket list!

The problem with a bucket list is that sometimes it can get to overflowing with items that will never be done, no way, no how, not in this lifetime.  So the hard thing to do is winnow it down to the things that REALLY MATTER, like meeting Craig Ferguson, or swimming with dolphins, both of which I can cross off my list.  What I really would like to do, though, is to go back in time and erase all the mistakes I have made in my lifetime.  Unfortunately they haven’t perfected the time machine yet, so that’s not gonna happen.

I wish I was adventurous, like Eat, Pray, Love.  I know I would be good at the Eat part.  The Pray part would be good for my soul.  But I know I would fail, once again, at the Love part.  I wonder if two out of three would count.

My bucket list now has turned very simple.  Live for today.  Take time to smell the roses.  Play with your dog.  Be nicer to everyone.  Appreciate your friends and family.  Love fully and completely.  Anything above and beyond that, like a fully paid trip Australia and New Zealand for a month, is gravy.