What do YOU use your candle holder for?


This is my bedside candle. It is a large tropical fish candle holder, with everything but a candle inside. I don’t burn this particular candle, so I thought, what better place to store all my beside junk so it looks more tidy? Let’s take a look at what I keep in my candle….



Starting from the left, first there is the TV remote.  Then the Roku remote.  Then the tower fan remote.  Then the air conditioner remote.  Then the nasal spray in case you get a little stuffy.  Behind that the pain killers in case you need it.  And last but not least, a pad of paper and a pen so you write down those dreams or ideas before they disappear in the daylight.

I used to keep all this stuff in a kitty bed on top of my bed, but now I have moved all kitty beds to the other side of my bed on the nightstand.  So the cats sleep in the kitty condo on the nightstand next to me.  It’s there because otherwise I was always kicking it off the bed, lol.

Do you have a special use for your containers?  Where do you keep all your bedtime junk?  Inquiring minds want to know!