30 Days of Truth Challenge – Day 2

Day 2.  Something you love about yourself

Hmmmm.  This one is harder than the hate one, lol.  I think it’s easier to see our flaws, than see our shining selves.  Ok.  Got it.

I love that I am outgoing.  I try to be a friendly person, and to engage in conversation with most everybody I meet.  You know, just be sociable!

I think I learned this about myself in college.  I joined a sorority, was a fraternity little sister.  I had a whole houseful of best friends!  I was appointed social chairman, and as such planned our parties/soirees.  It was great fun, and I really came into my own.  I loved it, so very much!

After college I worked for a big company, and made lots and lots of friends.  Lifelong friends, many of whom I still see on a regular basis.  We still have tons of fun!

I love my “senior” friends at the YMCA, where I go swimming most mornings.  I plan the parties for them, cause, well, I can.  I love my seniors, they are mothers to me, since I am an orphan (as many of us my age are).

I have neighborhood friends, and friends at my local watering hole/dining establishment.  Always a friendly face to be found there!

I live right by my family.  Usually a good thing, sometimes not.  But I am a lucky aunt to be so close to so many nieces/nephews/great nieces/great nephews!  I love them all so much, they are all incredible youngsters that will grow up to be amazing adults!  Hopefully they will remember me as the “fun” aunt, who took the time to play with them, color with them, go to movies with them, swim with them.

I like talking to people.  Everybody has a story.  Even the greeters at the Wal-mart.  I always take the time to chat with them.  I know all their names, and they know my name.  It is nice to be recognized, lol.

It doesn’t require that much effort to just be NICE.  Sometimes I wonder how in the world we learned to be so mean, especially to our loved ones.  I imagine the devil sitting on my shoulder rubbing his hands with glee every time something mean is uttered, either by me or someone else.  I am definitely still a work in progress, but I am trying hard to be a NICE outgoing person.

That old adage, smile and the world smiles with you is so true.  If you don’t put yourself out there, you won’t receive anything in return.  So smile, say hello, be outgoing!


Read me, read me not

Ok, a challenge to my readers, old and new.  Read a few of my blogs, or a lot of my blogs, whatever you like.  Then tell me which one you like best, and why.  Then tell me which one you like least, and why.

The only thing I ask of you is to comment here after reading the blog post.  It’s not hard, there is a comment area, I think you just have to use your email address.

It is a lonely life for a blogger sometimes if they don’t have feedback to know whether or not their blog posts have an audience.

I know which ones of my blog posts are my favorites, and which ones are just silly little posts that are meaningless.  Let see if we match up!

Just curious to know what my readers think.  So I thank you in advance for taking a few minutes out of your day to humor me with this challenge.