He’s got the lips, but does he have the moves like Jagger?

Bruce 1

Bruce Jenner.  Olympic Athlete.  Gold medal x one.  Husband x three.  Father x six.  Step Father x four.  Reality TV star.  Lately, tabloid fodder.

I’ve always liked Bruce Jenner.  God he was hot.  A fine figure of a man.  His son Brody looks just like him back in the day.   But over the years I started to feel sorry for Bruce living with all those Kardashians, lol.  I would imagine it could get a little overwhelming.  He started going downhill in my eyes.  Too much plastic surgery, horrid nose jobs.

I appears now that the rumors are true.  His own mother has confirmed that Bruce is transitioning into a woman, and also that Diane Sawyer has scooped an interview to be shown in May.

I am not going to post a picture of him in recent days with the long hair, nail polish, breasts, lip injections etc. out of respect for him.  The pictures were all obviously taken without his consent, by paparazzi, who I think are the devil’s spawn and responsible for the death of Princess Diana.  But I digress.

I will say that I am puzzled by people who have been married, had children, etc., and then decide to change, in a drastic way.  I wonder if they have always felt that way, and that maybe it is just easier to make that change now, than in the past.  Brings up the old question of nature versus nurture.

I guess I am lucky that I have never felt any way other than what most consider “normal” and that there aren’t any taboos against it.  I cannot imagine how hard it would be to go against conventional norms.  You have to be a very strong person.

I do know one VERY popular blogger who made the claim that he was “something other than straight”.  He basically came out as bisexual, which caused his blog to explode and go viral over and over again and win himself many, many new followers.  Several months later, he took it back.  It was like, joke’s on you, it served my purpose to get the publicity, so haha.

Not cool.  Not funny.  Not a thing to joke about to people who may be going through something similar.   I still read this blogger’s posts, to see what other outrageous lengths he goes to so as to attract new followers, but I don’t respect him for doing it.

So Bruce baby, do what you gotta do.  I don’t think you are right or wrong.  If this is what will make you happy, go for it.  It won’t be easy, especially with your previous history of fame and fortune.  So even though it’s easier to “come out” nowadays, you are also under more of a microscope due to social media and the frickin’ paparazzi.  Go ahead and pucker those Mick lips.  Practice your dance moves.  Go have fun.

Good luck Bruce.  You will need it so you aren’t eaten alive.


The Evolution of Ellen


I have always been a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres. I loved her standup comedy. I thought she was pretty, and very likeable. I used to watch her comedy specials on Showtime back in the 80’s. She was funny without being crude, and I liked her laid back style. She reminded me a bit of Jerry Seinfeld.

Her TV show was standard weekly watching fare. I can’t say I was 100% surprised when she came out on her TV show. But I can say that I was saddened that they cancelled her show because of it. It made no difference to me if she was gay or not. What she was was a very talented comedian and actress. And brave. Very brave. She did something that few would have done, back then. We were not very tolerant, back then. It takes us awhile to warm up. Baby steps.

So I always did admire her. When she came as a talk show host, she was awesome, simply awesome. It was the perfect platform for her. She could tell jokes, dance, sing, talk….what not to like?

And her look started to change, gradually. Over the years her hair got a little shorter, her style of dress a little less feminine.


It wasn’t shocking, we all knew she was gay. Her relationships played out in the press, but there were only a few. When she started dating Portia Di Rossi, I was taken aback a little bit, but only because I didn’t know Portia was gay, as she played a sexy blond lawyer on my favorite show Ally McBeal. Just goes to show you that looks don’t define sexuality. Plenty of tomboys out there that are straight, and plenty of girly girls out there that are gay. Fine by me.

I was happy when Ellen and Portia were able to be married. I don’t have any religious objections to it. I only want people to be happy. I don’t really understand everything about being gay, whether it is biological or environmental or a little of both. As I’ve said before, don’t care.

Ellen is now a part of our everyday lives, at least mine. I watch her show, I see her on the award shows. She has done a bang up job as host, and I can’t wait for the next Academy Awards show this Sunday. I will leave you with this final portrait of Ellen, with boy short hair, and suit and bow tie. She makes a very handsome woman!  Baby steps.


OMG, a GAY athlete?!!!!!

Seems to me that the world of sports was kind of like the military in that regard. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Cause soldiers and athletes are manly men, and nobody wants to think of them as being gay, because that is just not right, right?

Wrong. I am not for or against gays, I am neutral on the whole subject. But I do know that gay men are not all hairdressers or designers. There are gay/lesbian people in ALL walks of life, whether you acknowledge it or not.

I am not gay, and I don’t pretend to understand the mind/body mechanisms of being gay. I do not know if you are born gay, become gay, want to be gay, don’t want to be gay, whatever. I do know that having gay parents doesn’t make you gay, just as having straight parents doesn’t make you straight. I know that it is a religious issue, and some religions condemn gays. I know that being gay causes great pain and suffering for both the person and the family.

Coming out is the big deal. What you do behind closed doors is your own personal business, but once you put it out there, you can’t it take it back. Even if you try, people will always wonder.

Back a few years ago, it seemed that all the high school girls were making out with other girls, and all the guys thought it was hot. Did that make them lesbians, or bi? I don’t think so. I think they did it just because it was the new, off the hook thing to do to shock and amaze people. High school/college seems to be the time for experimenting, with sex, drugs and rock and roll. Don’t laugh, it’s true! Except for me, I believed everything the nuns beat into our heads.  I am still damaged to this day.

This world we live in has become so diverse.  People of all color, religion, sexual orientation…..need to work it out, and live in peace.  Together, while still respecting each one’s individuality.   I’m not sure what God’s plan is with all this, but I am sure that he wants us to be happy and live in harmony.  So, live and let live!