Answers. I need answers.



Ah, I have so many questions.  I’m hoping SOMEONE can provide me with some answers!  lol  So let’s get started:

  1.   Patrick Kane.  He’s all the news right now, due to a “chain of custody” snafu.  Or is it?  Some say yes, some say no.  Which leads to MORE questions.  It is no longer a question of did he or didn’t he.  It is now a question of whether or not the rape kit was compromised in some way.  Which muddles things up.  Is that intentional?  But it was the accuser’s attorney that called a press conference.  Why?  I just don’t get it.  Will this affect the Blackhawk’s play?  Will they win the coveted cup again?

2.  Dancing With the Stars.  Is it just me, or are these dances wayyyyyy shorter than in previous seasons?  Is this way they have TWO dances in Week 2?  I have to say, I think I prefer longer dances.  You just get into the dance, and they butcher the song ending to cut it short, and the dance is over!  So many dances have ended with silence cause it is so short.  I don’t like it.  Don’t like it at all.  Geez.  And could someone please tape Paula Deen’s butter mouth shut?  Please?  Sheesh.  She’s starting to make me root for Gary Busey during the eliminations!

3.  2Cellos.  At first I didn’t think they were coming back to Chicago.  I really didn’t pay attention to their tour schedule after that.  Or the Chicago Theatre alerts that I got for Presale codes.  I found out on the last day of Presale that they WERE coming, next April.  So I quickly went on the website to get tickets.  I was disappointed at my seats and was kicking myself for not getting tickets sooner, but glad I was still able to get them during Presale.  The next day, when the tickets went on sale to the general public, I went online to check again.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered there were MUCH BETTER tickets available!  So I kept checking every day.  Finally, a week later, all the good tickets are gone.  I was sorely tempted to buy another set of tickets, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger, because I kept thinking maybe something better would come up.  Oh well.  But don’t you think it SUCKS that my Presale wasn’t worth anything good?  But I went on StubHub, and it seems that people buy up huge blocks of tickets and then sell them for a profit.  Not fair.  Not fair at all.

4.  G.I. Joe Glinewiecz..  Our community police office shot dead about a month ago.  We STILL do not have any answers.  The police just keep talking in riddles.  Many speculations and rumors abound.  Nothing has been settled.  I feel sorry for his poor family.  Why all this delay?  What is going on?

5.  And finally……is Jon Snow really dead?


P.S.  Thanks to the person who read like 60 posts this past weekend.  Whoever you are!


Second best?


Prince Farming is engaged.  Chris Soules picked Whitney as his bride-to-be.  I have know this since before the show aired, due to spoilers.  However, I think it adds to the drama to see how they edit the women on the show, and if she is a front runner, or comes from behind.  I don’t want every episode, especially if it gets annoying.  But I love the endings, lol.

Whitney definitely came from behind.  The front-runner was always Britt until she self-imploded in Iowa.  Then, the front runner was Becca, after she came clean about being a virgin in the Fantasy Suite.  The forbidden fruit, anyone?

Now I’m not saying that Chris Soules is a man-whore, at least not anymore than some of the other Bachelors.  He definitely was the make-out King tho, and has a certain reputation back in Iowa for being a ladies man.  Put 25 gorgeous women in front of a man, and he is not going to be posing for holy pictures any time soon.  But I do think that Chris was one of the most sincere bachelors, in quite a while, which was refreshing.  I loved it when he was uncomfortable and his eyes would start twitching and he would have to excuse himself.  He was NOT a bull-shitter.

While I think that Chris knew that Whitney was the LOGICAL choice, I think his heart was telling him differently.  I think his heart was really pining hopes on Becca.  I give props to Becca though, for holding her ground.  She wasn’t sure.  Heck, most of the Bachelor engagements don’t last, and she knew that.  So why declare your love and then break up a few months later.  There was no way Becca was ever going to move to Iowa.  So good on you, girl.

And boy, the look on Chris’s face when he saw Becca last night……now I’m no love expert, but he had puppy dog eyes all over her.  He hugged and kissed her multiple times.  He was wearing his heart on his sleeve.  And his lips.  And his hands.  Gotta wonder if Whitney was watching from back stage.  Chris said several times that he was “moving forward”.  Probably because looking back was too painful.

Whitney was the smart player, all season.  No drama, always said the right thing, gushed over Iowa and Chris’s family.  Is she madly in love with Chris?  Probably.  Is she going to move to Iowa any time soon?  Well, she did quit her job as a fertility nurse, and got a new job.  In Chicago.  Hmmm.  Sounds like she wants to take it slow.  Hmmm.  Kinda like Becca said, only SHE said it before the finale.

Whitney apparently decided she was NOT going to watch the show, except for her dates with Chris.  I think she KNEW that she would be VERY jealous of his relationship with other women.  I mean, come on, Chris was doing everything he could to get Becca to say she loved him, so he could pick her.  Obviously people/social media was all over that and like Whitney said last night, she couldn’t avoid hearing about it.  In fact, Chris Harrison ASKED her on live TV how she felt about it, after she said she didn’t want to know!  And then Chris Harrison was actually asking them if they were fitting in lots of time to make love!  Harrison is such a douche.

Don’t get me started with Jimmy Kimmel.  Jimmy always makes his predictions before the season starts.  He picks the top 4 girls.  He ALWAYS gets it right.  How?  He reads the same spoiler that I do, and millions of other fans.  Not that he gives any credit to Steve.  He pretends that he is a good guesser.  Come on.  And the cow named Juan Pablo?  It did give me a laugh.  But talk about cross overs….ABC has got the Bachelor everywhere.  But that’s cool.  It’s all about the money.  Gotta strike while the iron is hot.  Wonder how long Chris will last on Dancing with the Stars.  A few weeks at least, I would think.  We’ll see if Farm Boy’s got rhythm.

So.  Do YOU think Chris got it right?  Who was YOUR favorite?

P.S.  And how bout them two Bachelorettes?  Not a totally new thing.  They did it on the Bachelor with Byron.  Remember?


Throwback Thursday!

tbtgavinThe year was 2011.  The tour included Maroon 5, Train, and GAVIN DEGRAW.

I don’t think any of these bands were on my radar back in 2011, not really.  But now, they are 3 of my most favorite bands.  And all 3 toured together!  Gaaaaa!

I was not really into listening to “favorite bands” in my later years.  Sure, as a kid, The Beatles or The Monkees were spinning on my record player every night.  (Yes, I am THAT old!).  And in the 70’s when line dancing started, I was all in!  I loved to dance!  So I was at the clubs a lot, dancing to great music.

But once I started my career, who had time for music and dancing?  I worked anywhere from 60-90 hours a week, depending on where we were in the accounting cycle.  I didn’t have time to SLEEP, let alone worry about bands.

Then American Idol came along, and changed everything for me.  I started to really enjoy music and singing again.  More and more shows popped up, and I for one liked them all.

I was always a fan of Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).  And lo and behold, a few years ago, a singer/songwriter/piano man named Gavin DeGraw appeared.  I had NO idea who he was, so I googled him.  Wow.  He blew me away.  Such talent, and what a voice!  His dancing skills didn’t last too long on the show, but a new fan was born, in fact, thousands of them!  His twitter account blew up, and his followers are now almost 400K.  I started a special twitter account just to follow him on the show, and HE WAS MY FIRST FOLLOWER!  So that’s MY claim to fame, lol.

I always loved Adam Levine, especially when The Voice started, and loved his performance on American Horror Story (hubba hubba!)  Same with Pat from Train, love those dark haired men!

So I can’t believe that I was a day late and a dollar short of going to see all 3 of my fav bands in one place!  Something like that will never happen again, because they are all their own headlining bands.  All 3 bands have done very well over the past few years, and I love all their songs.  Gavin DeGraw is still my fav (really? lol), but I love all their music.

Was anybody out there lucky enough to have seen one of those concerts?


DWTS – My Predictions – UPDATE

crystal ballOk, we are in the thick of things now, let’s see how my predictions have held up so far, and if I want to change anything…..

Nope.  I’m good.

Yet another season of Dancing With the Stars. More B and C listers competing for that coveted Mirror Ball Trophy, wearing as little clothes as physically possible.

This year, it appears it may actually be better competition. It’s not all full of ringers. A few very good, a few very bad, but most are in between, and could show promise. So that leaves us with more exciting viewing!

Let me peer into my crystal ball, and see what I think for this season:

Very Good:

Zendaya, Jacoby, Aly, Kelly


Sean, Dorothy (foot/spine injury, so sorry to see you go!), Ingo, Lisa, Victor


D.L Hughley (can’t believe he is still here), Wynonna Judd (she has Tony, the kiss of death unless YOU push HIM) and Andy Dick (but his second dance WAS better).

The four that are a very good are indeed very good.  Any of them could win.  So it comes down to the voters.  Who is the most popular?  Who gets the most votes?  They all have totally different fan bases.

Sigh.  After week one I was all about Zendaya for the win.  After week two I was all about Kelly Pickler.  But those damn football players always do well, and Jacoby is better than most.  And Aly is an Olympian, and they always win too!  What a dilemma.

Ok.  For the coveted mirror ball trophy, I pick………drum roll please..

dwts trophy

Kelly or Jacoby!   Ok, I know that’s two people, but at this point, this is the best I can do.  I think Zendaya’s fan base may be smaller cause it’s the Disney crowd, and Aly is good but not as good as the others.

I wish Reality Steve could give me the winner spoilers, but since it’s live, it’s kinda hard!  lol

The Bachelor is on Dancing With the Stars?


Wow, what a surprise!  ABC never fails to amaze me with their cookie cutter shows.  Let’s trot out a football player, boxer, Olympic athlete, ice skater, singer, soap opera actor, a Disney kid, overweight B or C lister, oh, and a Bachelor here or there.  Throw them all in the mix every season, and see who comes out on top with the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

dwts trophy

Keep in mind that the best dancer does not necessarily win.  It’s all about the viewer votes.  So if you are popular AND can dance, you are a shoe-in.  I love the ice skaters and gymnasts who say they have no advantage over the flat-footed C lister.  Olympic medals help.  A lot.  No matter what the sport.  Football players are popular too.  Especially ones with moves.  Basketball players?  Think Metta World Peace.  Peace out baby.

So let’s talk Bachelor.  Since Max is not on the show this year, they need another guy who is more than happy to whip off his shirt in front of screaming fans. Sean Lowe is your man.


Not sure if he has the moves yet, although his hot partner Peta seems like a good teacher.  I wonder how Catherine will like seeing Peta draped all over her man so quickly after going public with Sean?  Didn’t work out so well with Jake and Vienna, but then they were both fame whores.  I really did like Sean.  He seemed so grounded.  He was the Bachelor born again Christian/Virgin.  He comes from a solid family.  Nice looking, well-mannered.  And yes, hot.  But now let’s see.  First he was on the Bachelorette.  Then the Bachelor.  Then he announced he will let ABC pay for his wedding on TV. Now DWTS.  Hard to pass up those $$$ which can add up to big bucks on DWTS.  Kinda makes it seem like he is going down that fame whore road, no?  But nice to have that nest egg put away for their married life.  And if Sean and Catherine really DO get married, it will be a Bachelor first.  (Jason and Molly don’t count.  Molly was the runner-up.)  Not really sure how this one will play out.  They seem madly in love right now (don’t they all), but they are very different, and come from completely different backgrounds.  And could ABC please fix Catherine chicklet teeth/gummy smile before the wedding?  But, as with all Bachelor engagements, we shall see.  I fully expect to see them on the front page of People magazine shortly after DWTS is over, with the title screaming  “Bachelor Breakup!”

I am a huge fan of Reality Steve, who spoils the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows every season.  I know who wins before the show even starts.  But actually it makes it more interesting to watch, because ABC is the King of “editing” to make each season the “most exciting ever”.  Edit this girl to make her the giggly drunk.  This one to be the flirt.  That one to be the drama queen.  Gotta keep the fans entertained!

I am looking forward to DWTS.  It is a whole soap opera unto itself.  Lots of behind the scenes action, but at least the dances are live, and that can’t be edited.  Who is your favorite for the season?

DWTS – rumors vs. reality

Boy were my predictions off on who might be dancing this season!  Just goes to show you that the gossip rags are way off target!  Although I think my picks might have been a bit more spicy than the actual ones appearing!

I got the boxer guy right.  Oh, and Sean, The Bachelor.  Yes, I know he did NOT appear on GMA this morning with the rest of the cast.  He will be a surprise addition, with Peta as his pro partner.  They will probably announce him at The Bachelor, After the Final Rose show.  They can’t announce him now, he is still on the show, right? 😉  Trust me on this one.  I follow, and his spoilers about the Bachelor are always right on.  So DON’T go there if you don’t want to know who wins, lol.  It’s usually all spelled out before the season even starts.  He’s got good intel.  So good that ABC has been trying to shut him down for years with frivolous lawsuits.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a new season of Prime Time Porn on DWTS!  It’s loaded up with the usual football/gymnast/boxing/soap opera/disney/singer stars!

More Prime Time Porn coming your way

dwtsGet ready for a brand new season!  Cast announcements coming up soon!  And boy oh boy, do we have some good ones for you!  Here is a sneak peek at some of the rumored contestants…..


Dina Lohan – yes, Lindsay’s “mother-of-the-year”.  Finally she’ll get her 15 minutes of fame!

mama june

Another mother-of-the-year – Mama June!  Honey Boo Boo was all booked up so Mama June is stepping in, ready to twirl her way to a banging body!


Katie Holmes – maybe she is the REAL mother-of-the-year.  She is a true fan of dancing (so is Siri) so I would have high hopes for Joey!


One more mother – we need another Kardashian, right?  Maybe Kourtney this time….


The Virgin Bachelor Sean Lowe – YES PLEASE!  Someone else to compete with Max’s shirtless bod! (His popularity pushed Emily Maynard to end of the line).


Deena Cortese – we all need some more Jersey Shore action!

jerry kidjerryJerry Supiran – a washed-up child actor from the eighties.   Supposedly flat broke and homeless – he blames a stripper.  Might be interesting…..


Victor Ortiz – always gotta throw an athlete in there.  This one’s a boxer.

Interesting line-up, eh?  NOT.  We’ll see what happens come Feb 26th on GMA.



Gavin DeGraw hangs up his dancing shoes….

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, Gavin watched the traditional burning of his capezios.  A sad moment for us all.   He lasted five weeks, a lot longer than he probably thought initially.  I do think he accomplished his mission.  He learned a few dance steps, got to spend time with beautiful people, and put himself and his new album on people’s radar.  I myself never really was aware of WHO he was until DWTS.  Sure, I had heard his songs, but never associated a face to the music.  I think he will become more exposed to the public.  To me, going back in time and watching his early performances/videos, it is so endearing to see how Gavin has grown over the past 12 or 13 years or so since his videos first hit the net.

He was so soulful and vulnerable with his early songs, like Glass and Dancing Shoes.  His voice so pure, pouring his heart and soul into his songs over his piano.  He has said himself he really didn’t hit it big until he stopped caring about what other people thought of him and his music.  And truthfully, he LOOKED like he didn’t care.  In the beginning, he made the rounds of gigs and small towns, wearing a ball cap or beanie to tame his wavy locks and rumpled jeans and a t-shirt, not worry about his outward appearance.    Most of his early videos show him in rag-tag clothes.  I don’t think he ever really worried about dressing up.  Many videos show him on live TV show performances looking like he just rolled out of bed.  But the girls still screamed, lol,  Now he wears his self proclaimed “uniform” of tight black pants, vest and signature hat, sometimes a black leather jacket.

He has progressed into a man with charm and plenty of humor to abound, whether it’s showing off his hula hooping skills, or stories about his life.  He no longer just stays behind the piano or guitar, stepping up more into the spotlight as singer, altho he always returns to his piano at some point.  I think he is more playful now and banters with the crowd, more comfortable.  He knows his songs are good and he doesn’t have to worry about selling himself to the crowd anymore.  He just has to show up, and everybody’s happy.

Now he always wears a dress hat, and his hair is cut short.  No more wavy locks cascading down from his hat.  In fact, he looks like there would be no hair under his hat.  There is, but it HAS receded quite a bit since his younger days.  If he didn’t cut it so short, he would look like a regular guy.  I think the hat is his “stictk” now.  But I do wish he would let his hair grow a bit more, he looks funny to me with just a hat and no hair sticking out.

He’s from New York, but I think he has some country passion in his soul that gives him a bit of a twang in his voice.  His smile is very contagious, and he could charm the spots off a leopard.  He is very polite, always with the please and thank you.

I would imagine his tour bus has seen its share of groupies.  He does not appear to be a chaste type and am sure he enjoys his women.  Doesn’t seem to have had a lot of girlfriends, hard when you are touring all the time.   But I don’t think he ever lacks for female companionship.  However, I don’t think he likes a lot of PDA, and I rarely see him touch Karina in the way that most of the dancers do, always with their arms around each other, married or not, lol.  I think he likes his romance private.  Even tho he is a sexy man for sure!  I think not being so blatant about it adds to his allure.  His personality shines through first, and then his sultry sexiness.   I believe he would be a very passionate lover.  You can tell.  The hands.  The lips.  The moves.

His body is long and lean.  He is strong, but not muscle-bound.  He carried Melissa Gilbert down a flight of stairs like she was a feather.  I’ve seen his stomach and chest in a marine challenge video, he did pretty good!  Also, during his goodbye dance last night, he picked up Donald Driver and whirled him around several times WITH ONE ARM.  Impressed me, lol.

I don’t think he is romantically involved with Karina, although I am sure she is disappointed about that.  She was the one who recruited him, after all, after meeting him at an event.  However, there IS a romance going on at DWTS, and everybody thinks it is Katherine and Derek, but Katherine has tweeted that it is not them.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it is Gavin and Katherine.  I saw a pic of them taken together at #DWTS and they seemed very happily cozy together.  Hmmmm…..she’s a singer from Wales, he’s a singer from USA….not sure how often their paths would meet….so have fun for now.   That’s why I don’t think Gavin has a real girlfriend.  He tours constantly.  And after all this exposure on DWTS, I think he will be even more popular.

Sad to see him go, but glad he can concentrate more on his music and his tour now.  His performances will certainly be even more crowded now.  They’ve been adding dates to his tour almost weekly.  He certainly has renewed my interest in playing piano, and I am determined to practice more.  He has brought sexy back to piano!

So Gavin, I’m “Not Over You” yet, but sure enjoyed your mega-watt smile and humor and good grace every week.  I’m sure your tour will be even “Sweeter” now.  Good luck my friend, and hope to see you in concert some day.

Primetime Porn

Welcome to your guide to disguising porn as a dance competition.  Can we say Dancing with the Stars?   I love it!  But I don’t really think that the young uns should be watching some of this stuff.  There are hips gyrating, breasts bouncing, rumpy pumpys, skimpy outfits, shirtless men, and plenty of spandex and tight pants!

These professional dancers have bodies that just don’t quit.  Gorgeous, beautiful, finely sculpted bodies.  And they show them off.  To the limit.  And the “stars”?  Some of them are just amazing.  Take Jack Wagner, who just got voted off (sorry Jack, better you than Gavin).  He is in his fifties and has abs of steel.  Great shape.  obviously the athletes are in great shape.  But an opera singer?  Wowser.  Even Sherri Shepherd, who hasn’t lost a pound yet btw, looks great.  She’s top-heavy, but has great legs, and her smile and attitude are just so contagious!  She’s not on the show to lose weight necessarily, she just is so grateful to be there, she has tried for years, and is finally living her dream!

Other shows are just/almost as bad.  So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew etc.  But then again, look at Ballet.  Men in tights.  I was always embarrassed to even look at them!  It was just…..tooo in your face, for this good Catholic girl!

So enjoy your Prime Time Porn tonight on Dancing with the Stars, and be SURE to vote for my man Gavin!  Please.  How you resist that boyish grin?

Crazed Cougar Crush

I have had many a crush in my day, but this Gavin DeGraw crush is killer.  Never was on my radar until he showed up with his toothy cocky grin and hat on Dancing With the Stars.  He hit me right in the guts.  You know, those guts that flutter when you see someone who tickles your fancy.  Been a while since that has happened to me, but he can tickle me all day AND all night, please!  And I know I’ve already written a post about him previously, but he is on my mind a lot on Monday and Tuesdays, so please humour me!

I have my favorite music (which is mostly Glee covers, lame I know!).  But I do love to sing and dance.  Never knew how much until it was way too late, unfortunately.  I really do think that singing along to all those Glee CD’s have taught me a thing or too, lol.  Makes me really miss my pups, I used to walk them at night in the dark and sing my Glee songs.  My labs favorite was Bohemian Rhapsody, and my goldens favorite was Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Anyway, along comes Gavin DeGraw, who can sing YOUR heart out, and now he is dancing.  And, while he is no William Whoever Latin Dude Dancer, he is a subtlety sexy dancer who really grows on you.  Did you see Carrie Inaba’s reaction to him this week?  He is on HER radar now too!  And can I just say that I hate Karina?????  The way he touches her  (You can be sure they are not just dance partners.  Most of those pros have flings with their partners every season.  Karina, Cheryl, Derek, Mark….and why not?  Altho I feel sorry for poor Tristan, he is a hot Irish lad who always gets stuck with the old ladies!  Anyway, I digress…)

You can tell he would be an awesome kisser too.  He has those big juicy lips.  Big teeth, big mouth, big teeth.  I still haven’t figured out exactly who he reminds me.  Originally I said David Cook with a touch of Luke Mably, but there is still someone missing….oh wait, I know, he looks like Gavin DeGraw!  Except until I few weeks ago I had no freakin’ clue as to who he was.  (Added later:  Ok, I was just watching a video, and I think his voice reminds me of Christian Slater?  Also, I think he has a barely visible scar on his right lip….. I could kiss it and make it all better.  Oh Geez, grow up! lol)  Sigh.  To be young again.

Now, I am not TOTALLY delusional, and I know he is much younger than me and obviously a music star and the chances of ever meeting him are slim to none.  BUT.  A girl can still dream, still have a crush, still admire a fine figure of a man like him.  I will say I typically don’t like a hat man, but it suits him well.  Except for on DWTS, he hides ALL his hair in his hat, and he DOES have nice hair!  I like a little hair peeking out.  It’s funny, I don’t go all gaga over the typical hot guy, like William Levy, I like the guys who can keep you laughing and entertained, and have a sensual smolder deep down inside, not all over the outside to everyone, ya know?  So I have been watching all his videos, and not only can the man sing, he tickles the ivories like I wish he would tickle me….oh crikey, you know what I mean!    He sings, he plays, he dances, he is devilishly cute and sexy, and those big teeth just really get me.  I’m a teeth person, love good big teeth.  Like a horse, lol.

His songs are endearingly sweet, and in most he appears so longingly loving.  In my next life, I want to come back as one of the lucky ladies in his videos!  For a day.  A night.  A day and night.  Ok, forever.