Thanks, TMZ

riceRay Rice was “let go” by the Ravens and “suspended” by the NFL on Monday.  But this did not happen until TMZ showed the WHOLE elevator video of when he PUNCHED and KNOCKED OUT his fiancée in an elevator, and afterwards never even checked to see if she was ok, just dragged her mostly out of the elevator and pushed her around a bit.  And trust me, if other people hadn’t walked up, he would have left her there, with the elevator doors dinging on her legs.  Previously, we only saw the aftermath of the punch.  And he only got a TWO game suspension.  Not sure how I feel about this whole thing.  People get thrown in jail for smoking weed, and this guy pretty much almost got away with this whole thing.  They were BOTH arrested after the incident, and Rice pleaded NOT GUILTY to third-degree aggravated assault.  No more charges can be filed against him now, because he did a 6 month “intervention” program.  Also, their wedding was moved up, and Janay married the man.  And as we all know from the cop/lawyer shows on TV, a wife can’t testify against her husband.

What makes a woman stay with a guy like that?  What makes a woman marry a guy like that?  The children?  The fame and fortune?  Wish I knew the answer to that.  There are lots of shelters full of women like her, who finally had enough.  I was talking to a male “friend” about it just tonight.  He basically said she deserved it, since she married him afterward.  (Really?  Seriously put the last straw in THAT relationship!)

I think everyone needs to see the WHOLE video, the one that TMZ put out there this morning.  The one that the NFL probably saw before, and did nothing about it.  I mean, come on, it was a hotel elevator cam.  You think nobody else saw this before TMZ?  Please.

Studies have shown that male athletes are more prone towards domestic violence.  I won’t quote statistics here, because they are all different depending upon your perspective, but it definitely is true.  Maybe due to the violent nature of their sport.  Maybe due to their own upbringing.  Maybe due to drugs and alcohol.  Maybe due to all of these things.

Whatever the reason, NOTHING should excuse a man punching a woman and knocking her unconscious.  Nothing.  End of story.  This is what a woman is up against with a pro football player.


The sad thing is, that she obviously “forgave” him.  Probably wasn’t the first time he had hit her.  Probably wasn’t the last time he had hit her.  Hopefully, now that it is all in the open, it won’t happen anymore.  Hopefully it didn’t anger him to the point of taking it out on her.  Hopefully this woman, whose total privacy has been violated multiple times now, will not end up plastered all over the tabloids while this story plays out.  But she will be.

Thank God he didn’t get to play on Sunday because of the original measly 2 game suspension.  Hopefully he will never play again.  But give it a few years.  He will be back.  Just ask Michael Vick.  Of course, he only abused dogs.  But then again, sometimes there is more outrage about animal abuse than domestic abuse.  Because, as my now ex-friend said, she deserved it.  Dogs don’t make choices.  Women can.  I wish more women had more options when it comes to domestic abuse, albeit physical or mental.  No one deserves to be treated like that.  No one.