Top Ten Things I Can’t Live Without


Or as I like to call it, Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs.  Let’s assume I already have the basics, and can move along to the good stuff.

The reason this all came up is because I lost my Kindle this afternoon for about 10 minutes, and the sense of panic I felt was overwhelming.  I am so used to “ebooks” now that a paper book just won’t do.  Plus I’ve read all my paper books.

I feel naked without all my electronics.  Those of you who know me well know I always keep my cell phone close to my heart in my bra.  My tablet with my Kindle loaded on it doesn’t fit in my purse, so I have a slip-on leather case WITH a soft touch keyboard for it, so I am always connected.  Because my laptop is too big to carry around.  I went for large screen as opposed to portability.

So I guess electronics would rate high on my list.  So here goes:

1.   My pets

2.   Cell phone

3.   Tablet

4.   Laptop

5.   TV/cable (Walking Dead, Games of Thrones….come on!)

6.   Bidet  (Because I’m high class that way)

7.   King Size Air Bed  (Because I’m spoiled that way.  Actually because of my bad hip)

8.   4 wheel drive SUV  (Because I live in the Midwest, duh!)

9.   4 wheel drive ATV  (Because I live on a LAKE in the Midwest, duh!)

10.  Toothbrush.  (Because I can’t stand dirty teeth!)

So.  What are YOUR top ten?  Tell me, inquiring minds want to know!