The Gronk

Gronk1For those of you who live on the moon, The Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) is a football player who was instrumental in the New England Patriots Superbowl win.  He is an awesome football player, obviously.  With a touch of humor.  A LOT of humor.

He reminds me of a old boyfriend who was also larger than life.  The kind of guy who isn’t afraid to have a little fun with life.

Gronk3He’s got that shit eatin’ grin that says he knows he’s too cool for school.  He is just too cute, and a bad boy to boot!


He also reminds me of one of my favorite actors, Nathan Fillion (Castle).  And a little bit of Ashton Kutcher.  Can’t go wrong with those two!

Anyway, party on Garth, you deserve it, great game, bet we will be seeing a lot more of you!  (Hope so!)


Before you buy that football jersey……

adrianFirst Ray Rice.  Now Adrian Peterson.  This is his little boy that he beat allegedly beat with a branch switch, that left marks and open cuts on his legs, buttocks and hands.  HE WAS FOUR FRICKIN’ YEARS OLD.

The proof is there.  Pictures were posted, after he went for a routine doctor’s visits when he was returned home to his mother.  Routine?  The mother didn’t see the marks on her son?  She didn’t raise hell about it?  WTF?

Peterson did not hide what he did.  He told the police about the whole incident very matter-of-factly.  He did not feel he had done anything wrong.  He had even texted the mother and told her when he was “whooping” the child that he did not realize the “switch” was wrapping around the little boy’s legs and leaving marks on his thighs and scrotum.  Peterson grew up with whoopings, and he stated in the police interview ” Peterson said he would reconsider using switches in the future, but said he would never “eliminate whooping my kids . . . because I know how being spanked has helped me in my life.”

Here’s the sad thing.  Among many sad things.  This kind of stuff goes on all across America, every day.  Whether it be the wife, the girlfriend, the child, the elder…or yes, even the man….somebody is getting beat on.  Somebody is experiencing physical and/or mental abuse.  These NFL players only come to light because of the fame, altho it is said that pro athletes have a higher rate of abuse because of the violent nature of the game they play.  They take it home with them.

Take a look at that picture at the top again.  Adrian Peterson is 6’2″, 217 pounds.  His son is FOUR YEARS OLD.  He got beat because he was fighting with his brother, who was five.  Now, don’t forget, one of Peterson’s sons DIED last year as a victim of aggravated assault by the mother’s boyfriend.  The child was TWO YEARS OLD.  At the time, Adrian made this statement to the press:

“I plan on playing Sunday,” he said. “I will be playing Sunday, correct that. I’ll be ready to roll, focused. I’m worried about getting a W on Sunday, being 1-0… You know, football is something I will always fall back on. It gets me through tough times. Just being around the guys in here, that’s what I need in my life, guys supporting me and just being able to go out and play this game I love. Things that I go through, I’ve said a thousand times, it helps me play this game to a different level. I’m able to kind of release a lot of my stress through this sport, so that’s what I plan on doing.”

Hmmm.  He obviously didn’t release enough stress through football!  And if it seems like he has a lot of small children, you would be right.  He will not admit to how many children he has fathered but sources say around 7.  He has never been married.

So before you run out and buy that expensive football jersey with a player’s name and number on the back….you might want to just go generic.  Otherwise you will be wearing a jersey of the next scandal.   Who knows who’s next.  😦

P.S.  Twitter is full of people upset about their Fantasy Football picks…….guess they’ll have to make some new rules on what to do when your top pick gets suspended or fired for abuse.


Almost Famous – Update

Seriously, I always run across the most interesting people.  Almost famous people.  That makes me almost famous, by osmosis.  Right?

Last weekend I had the pleasure of checking one more item off my bucket list, and attending the Northwestern/Nebraska football game. And thanks to my almost famous friend Nancy, who has real famous family at NU, I got to watch the first half from a sky box.  The ultimate football thrill!  (And hey, aren’t all guys named Kain Culter born quarterbacks? Come on, that’s a built-in famous name!) lol

At half time, I went back to our tailgate area, which is infamous, if not almost famous.  I swear they feed the whole city of Evanston!  I got myself a fresh bottle of water, and noticed two very familiar looking guys hanging around the tent…..

Wow, well of course they started up a conversation with me, cause I naturally attract hot guys.  These guys were hotter than hot.  In fact, they were hotter than Phelps and Lochte, cause, well, they WEREN’T Phelps and Lochte.  They were BETTER.  Like I said before.  Almost famous.

Both of them were around 6’6″ and had awesome wing spans.  No seriously.  We measured.  Against a tree.

Of course I made them both show me their abs.  And they had no problem doing so, even tho they pretended to be a bit shy about it, especially Ryan.  I’m like, come on Ryan, you partied with the Prince, prolly nakey in the pool, give me some skin!  He had very impressive abs, as did the Micheal guy. The Michael Phelps guy was a true doppelganger.  Dead ringer.  The Ryan guy was a blonde, and probably taller than Lochte.  Much better looking than Lochte.  Oh and he was single.  Yum.  The Michael guy was married, but I’ve never been much of a Phelps fan, looks wise, anyway.

So then we discussed their exercise program.  Important with bods like theirs.  Mostly crossfit, with some of their own improv thrown in.  Important for that new “V” cut look.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  No longer can you have just six pack abs, you gotta have the V cut too.

So they showed me a hint of their V cuts, and I can tell you what kind of underwear they were wearing.  Or not.  Don’t cha just love a man who teases you with that little lift of the shirt?  Sigh.  Ya, me too.

Now, of course we spoke of other things other than their spectacular abs. I can’t remember what exactly, but I know it was other things.  Michael and I were trying to figure out why Ryan was still single and what we needed to do to get him a date.  Girls thought he was too nice.  I tried to thinks of ways to “dirty him up” a bit, but I just thought he was perfect, lol, and told him not to change his ways.

We hung around for most of the second half until their friends kept calling them to come back to their seats.  So, reluctantly, they left.  Ryan asked me if I would still be around the tent after the game, and I told him probably.  We hugged and said the usual goodbyes.  I was sad to see them go, it was FUN to flirt and hang with some nice handsome men!

After the game was over, which we lost by one point 😦  I kept my eyes peeled for them, but alas, my group wanted to leave right away, and we had to walk in the opposite directions from where they were.  So I never got to see them again.  Maybe it was meant to be that way.  Almost famous baby!

Or maybe not…..two clicks on Google and I found Ryan….not his real name of course.  But he did tell me his real name.  And where he worked.  And what he did.  Two clicks is all it took.  Email, phone number, etc.

Now, what shall I do with this information…..did he WANT to be found????  Or would it ruin what otherwise could stay as a fabulous fantasy in my mind?

UPDATE:  Yes, I emailed Ryan.  He was delighted.  I even shared this blog post with him, and he loved it.  We emailed back and forth a bit.

Jump to one year later.  I did not go to the Northwestern game, but Ryan and Michael were in the back of my mind.  My sister did go.  Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call, and it was Ryan and Michael!  They came to the tailgate area looking for me, and my sister recognized them.  So I got to chat with them on the phone.  Can you believe it?  It’s like Serendipity……

Will Tebow Prevail?

Today is a big day.  For Tim Tebow.  For his believers.  For his team.  For God.  He is facing a formidable duel today.  Almost like a duel to the death.  If he wins, he will rocket to even more fame.  If he loses, all of his haters will rejoice in his failure.  And believing in God will take a hit too.

Tim Tebow.  You either love him or hate him.  But.  He did not ASK for all this notoriety.  He did not ASK for all this hoopla surrounding him.  He did not ASK to be called God’s quarterback.  One thing I do know.  Tim Tebow was praising the Lord in the same manner way back in grade school, high school, college…..long before he started a game for the Denver Broncos.  But for some reason, his believing in God and thanking the Lord has become a bone of contention now.  People don’t want to believe that God has played any kind of role in his performance.

Does he?  Maybe.  I can’t say for sure that God has a hand in a football game.  But I do know that God has had a hand in the strength of faith that Tim Tebow has, and how he passes that on to his teammates.  So yes, in a way, God has a hand in it.  In some way, God has his hand in everything.  How do you think we all got here?  Whether you believe in creationism or evolution or both, a higher power created the seed.

So to all you haters and non-believers out there who make fun of him or me, shut your mouth and find something else to mock.  You always will.

You go, Tebow.  I believe.


Doing the Tebow

Meet Tim Tebow.  The man, the legend….what a quarterback should look like.  High school star, college star, Heismann Trophy winner.  He’s got it all.  Oh, and by the way, he is a Christian, and proud to show it.

Whether or not his stats bear out his greatness, I am a believer.  It’s not just about winning.  It’s about making people believe that they can.  Tebow is God’s quarterback and has made quite a statement in not just the NFL, but the world. 




Tebow has now become part of our lexicon. He is a proper noun as in Tim Tebow, he is a noun like “That was classic Tebow”.  He is a verb as in “Tebowing”, or more specifically, to get down on one knee and start praying, even if everyone around you is doing something different.  He is an adjective too unfortunately, as in “The Bears got Tebow-beat on Sunday”.

So even though I am a Bears fan, excuse me cause I got some Tebowing to do.