Be nice. Just be nice.


Ok, I’m not going to get all sappy here about it being the holiday season and all that stuff and how we should all be better people blah blah blah.

But.  We should all learn to nice.  Nicer.  Treat people better.

I’m trying really hard to be nicer, and “let it go”.  Don’t let little things get to you.  Look at the big picture.  Be happy for what you have, don’t be sad for what you don’t have.

Sometimes, we are nicer to strangers than our own family.  It’s weird that way.  It’s like we have to put our best face forward and be nice and polite so people will like us, but then we treat our spouse/sister/brother/best friend like shit or take them for granted.  We drop the façade of good manners.

I think it is important to still be nice.  Especially to the people who are most important to us.  I notice myself I start to be more critical of people I love the best.  I tell myself it is because I want them to be the best people they can be.  But I should just let them be the people they want to be.

This holiday season, this CHRISTMAS season, I am going to be nice.  It is so much easier to be happy and nice, and then grumpy and persnickety.  Don’t be a Grinch.

I must be feeling better.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.  It makes be feel better to be a happy person, and to make others happy.


I want to be a man on the holidays!

Another holiday is upon us, Happy Thanksgiving!  Which reminds me, I have a bone to pick with half the population.


In this day and age of sexual equality, and two-income households, how come the MEN aren’t expected to go to work, clean the house, prepare the feast, and then do all the clean-up?

Hell no they don’t, they eat, drink beer, and then lay on the couch and watch football.


And how come single woman are expected to do all of the above, but single men just show up somewhere empty-handed?  Ok maybe they bring a 12 pack of their favorite beer.


This just frosts my ass.  But women perpetuate it, by letting men get away with it.


I used to go ballistic inside at company Christmas parties, where the woman all were expected to bring in all kinds of food, and the men brought nothing, or were assigned to buy paper plates.  Talk about unfair.

Now, before you get your undies in a bunch and cry foul, not ALL men are like this.  I have seen a few that do cook, and chip in with prep and clean-up.  They are worth their weight in gold.  Although, beware of the man who cooks and then leaves the kitchen looking like a nightmare!


Also, since when are children exempt from helping out?  When I was growing up, my sister and I did most of the cleaning, the dishes etc.  But it seems our generation didn’t want to treat their kids the same (like slaves, lol), and so they continue to do it all themselves, and don’t ask their kids to do much at all.  Maybe take the garbage out.  And before you get your undies in a bunch again, I’m not talking about little kids, I’m talking about maybe 10 and up.  Old enough to help out.


Even the dang animals are lazy!


So I guess I have a bone to pick with MORE than half the population.  Men and children, lol.  And cats.  Now, I’m not trying to be picky and bitching on Thanksgiving.  I just want EVERYONE to help out, and give your women folk a break!

But if you look like THIS….forget everything I just said!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

P.S.  Please take this blog in the irreverent spirit in which it was intended!

Baby it’s cold outside


Yes, indeed it is, below zero here in the frosty Midwest!

But aside from that, it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs (especially the Gavin DeGraw/Colbie Caillat duet!).  But does it bother anyone else that this song was written back in the day when the specter of a single woman spending the night with an obvious romantic bachelor would cause a huge scandal??

They even refer to the scandalous nature several times in the lyrics:

My mother will start to worry,

My father will be pacing the floor,

My sister will be suspicious,

My brother will be there at the door,

My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious,

More and more begging, then:

Hey what’s in this drink?

There’s bound to be talk tomorrow,

At least there will be plenty implied.

And then the grand finale, which just slays me:

She says:  I really can’t stay

He says:  Get over that hold out

Seriously??  Talk about sexually harassment!  Sounds like he wants to have his way with her no matter what her protestations are.  The original score was written as a conversation between two people, marked as the “mouse” and the “wolf”.

Now, I know it’s just a song.  But think back to the day.  Picture Dean Martin circling a pretty girl at the bar, with his trademark cigarette and glass of whiskey, crooning this song.  The girl’s reputation was at stake, but not his, or any man’s for that matter.

Of course, today the young lady would probably be more than happy to stay, and not need any persuasion.  And just to add a little levity to the situation, here’s a Jimmy Fallon video about what happens when the lady DOES stay:

Timing is everything, cause some things never change.