Most hated man in the NBA

That’s my boy, Kris Humphries.  As far as I am concerned, he should be the most hated man in America.  I know I already wrote a blog about him called 72 days, but I think he bears recycling.

The NBA is calling him Chumpries for being led a merry dance by the Kardashian Klan, but I say foul on him all the way.  Whether or not he was “chosen” to be the lucky groom or not, he is still a big bully who uses his size and strength to get his own way, and acts like spoiled brat.  I don’t know if he was edited to be shown throwing Kim around like a rag doll, but no one should be treated like that, not even a Kardashian.   Even if the wedding was staged/fake/whatever, I don’t really think the Kardashians would end it so quickly unless he was a real monster.  From the things you hear him say, to the way he treats EVERYONE, I think they realized quickly that they had to dump him before he ended up really hurting Kim.

Dr. Drew actually accused Kim of abuse after she tried to swat Kris after he bent her big toe in half.  Excuse me?????  Dr. Drew better get a clue.  If he really thinks Kim could hurt Kris more than a mosquito bite, he better get a new profession.

I know he signed a big $8 million dollar deal with the New Jersey Nets.  I hope to God he stays in New Jersey.   As a good Catholic girl I don’t want to wish harm to anyone, but if I saw him walking down the street, and I was in my SUV……..

72 days

Let me preface this by saying that I am NOT a Kardashian fan.  I watch sporadically, and you can’t help but see them all over the news.  BUT.  In the case of Kim’s wedding, that big bully would not have lasted 72 HOURS with me.

Kris Humphries is arrogant, cocky, and a huge bully that throws Kim around like a rag doll, which to me borderlines on assault.  Aside from her moneymaker ass-et, Kim is a very tiny girl.  Before they were married and they went on a vacation, he tossed her in the water like she was shark bait, and then when she was upset that her huge diamond earring was lost, he called her a drama queen.  Whatever Kris, then cough up the money for a replacement you ignorant ass.

I do think that this whole “fairytale wedding” thing was kind of a farce, but it’s too bad they didn’t pick a more likeable groom.  But maybe they picked him on purpose, so everybody could see what idiot he was.  It seems that Kim is taking the whole blame on this thing.  I’m just waiting for her to tell the tabloids the truth, on how much he physically abused her, and turn it back on him.  Maybe it will develop on the current New York show.  The opener showed him tossing her around again and physically restraining her, and she actually did complain for once, saying he was too strong for her.  He bent her toe nail in half, and called her a drama queen.  I just saw red at that point. 

He wouldn’t even move his luggage for the cleaning people.  He said he’s “not gonna do that right now”.  Seems to me that he’s a lazy ass too.  Wonder what he is doing now in Minnesota, waiting on his basketball season to be officially over.  I guaranty he will go after more of Kim’s money.  He disgusts me.  Classless.

Who wants to get in line behind me to give him a well deserved bitch slap??

Another Karadashian Kastoff

Well it looks like Kim and Kris’s multi-million dollar wedded bliss is over.  I’m with Khloe on this one….never did figure out what Kim saw in the cocky, arrogant, benchwarming basketball player.  He treated her like a rag doll and seemed to get great pleasure in picking her up and throwing her in the water or on the bed.  Frankly I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.  He never fit in with the family, as he refused to drink of the Kardashian Kool-Aid.  He was very sarcastic and had a smart mouth and said stupid stuff.  In my humble opinion.  (How Bruce Jenner doesn’t put a gun to his head is beyond me, lol).

At first I was feeling bad about all the money the E network spent on this failed wedding, but then I realized that this new drama is RATINGS GOLD BABY!!!!!  Now everyone will tuned into Kourtney and Kim Take New York to see how all this plays out.  I wonder if Kim just went along with the wedding, knowing she was going to dump him all along.  Wouldn’t surprise me.  Look what goes on with the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows.  If you think all that drama isn’t pre-planned, you must read Reality Steve dot com. 

Kris, your free ride is over.  You still have no job, and now no wife.  And if the prenup holds up, no money.  But you had a good season on E, and got to put your grubby paws all over a Kardashian.  And I’m sure you’ll sell your tell all story to the press.  Good luck with all that.