Awww I wanna pet a baby lion cub!

cub1Sorry for the alignment of the photo, can’t seem to fix it.  But no matter.

What DOES matter is something SICKENING I saw on 60 minutes last night.  See that cute little baby tiger cub I am feeding?  Well, guess what happens to these cubs when they get too big to “pet”.

Thanks to “60 Minutes” last night, I found out.  Most of all petting cubs are sold to canned hunt clubs when they mature.  So that cute baby tiger you petted?  Most likely shot and killed.  They put these lions/tiger in an area where rich assholes can drive in, wait for the animal to approach them, because they have no fear of humans, and then they shoot and kill them.  Sometimes they need to shoot them multiple times, because they aren’t good shooters that take an animal down humanely with one kill shot.  The footage I saw on 60 Minutes last night will give me nightmares for the rest of my life.

The picture above was taken some years ago, when they had tents set up in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  It was Great Cats of the World, sponsored by Bridgeport Nature Center.  You paid $10 to sit with a cub for about 30 seconds and get your picture taken.  They tell you that your donation fed a tiger today!  What they don’t tell you is what happens behind the scenes.  Adult lions eat a lot of meat.  They are expensive.  So they sell them to these hunt clubs, who then charge the rich assholes to come in and basically slaughter them and take them home as trophies.

I tried to go on the website to get more information.  The website is now down, the business in no longer in operation.  I saw several lawsuits against the company on Google.  Lawsuits regarding animal bites, abuse etc.  Thank God they shut them down.  But how many more are out there?  Lots and lots.

Next time I see an exhibit like that, I’m going to do my best to shut it down.  I had no idea stuff like this was going on.  Now I do.  I swear, I cannot watch TV anymore or even my Facebook feed and not see some kind of animal abuse that sickens me.  I am MAD and I am SAD.

Sometimes I am ashamed to be part of the human race, and this is one of those times.