Throwback Thursday!

tbtgavinThe year was 2011.  The tour included Maroon 5, Train, and GAVIN DEGRAW.

I don’t think any of these bands were on my radar back in 2011, not really.  But now, they are 3 of my most favorite bands.  And all 3 toured together!  Gaaaaa!

I was not really into listening to “favorite bands” in my later years.  Sure, as a kid, The Beatles or The Monkees were spinning on my record player every night.  (Yes, I am THAT old!).  And in the 70’s when line dancing started, I was all in!  I loved to dance!  So I was at the clubs a lot, dancing to great music.

But once I started my career, who had time for music and dancing?  I worked anywhere from 60-90 hours a week, depending on where we were in the accounting cycle.  I didn’t have time to SLEEP, let alone worry about bands.

Then American Idol came along, and changed everything for me.  I started to really enjoy music and singing again.  More and more shows popped up, and I for one liked them all.

I was always a fan of Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).  And lo and behold, a few years ago, a singer/songwriter/piano man named Gavin DeGraw appeared.  I had NO idea who he was, so I googled him.  Wow.  He blew me away.  Such talent, and what a voice!  His dancing skills didn’t last too long on the show, but a new fan was born, in fact, thousands of them!  His twitter account blew up, and his followers are now almost 400K.  I started a special twitter account just to follow him on the show, and HE WAS MY FIRST FOLLOWER!  So that’s MY claim to fame, lol.

I always loved Adam Levine, especially when The Voice started, and loved his performance on American Horror Story (hubba hubba!)  Same with Pat from Train, love those dark haired men!

So I can’t believe that I was a day late and a dollar short of going to see all 3 of my fav bands in one place!  Something like that will never happen again, because they are all their own headlining bands.  All 3 bands have done very well over the past few years, and I love all their songs.  Gavin DeGraw is still my fav (really? lol), but I love all their music.

Was anybody out there lucky enough to have seen one of those concerts?