Don’t make me wait too long

wait2I try to have patience. I really do.  But DAMNIT!  These waits between TV and movies series are way. too. long.

Example.  So you read a series of books.  Let say Twilight.  Or Hunger Games.  The first movie comes out, and everyone is in a frenzy to see it.  Then you wait.  A year if you are lucky.  Usually a year and a half.  Gah.  By then, your frenzy has cooled.  You barely remember what all the fuss was above.  In fact, by the last movie, the attendance number drop way off.

I first noticed this phenomenon with the TV show Nip/Tuck.  Fantastic series.  At first.  The first few seasons were unbelievably good.  So good you couldn’t WAIT to see the next!  Then they started making you wait longer and longer in between seasons.  Until the inevitable happened.  1).  You stopped caring.  2).  The shows just weren’t that good anymore.  3).  You stopped watching.


Now I see it with the cable shows, like Game of Thrones.  Geez.  I know Winter is Coming, but Hell will freeze over before this show starts again!  Outlander is starting to piss me off too.  Crikey I read the whole dang series of books after the first season, which was no easy feat, considering it was 8 books of almost 1,000 pages each, and I’m StILL waiting for the 2nd season to start!  I did that with Game of Thrones too.  If I can make the herculean effort, why can’t they?

Oh, and now the popular thing to do with a popular show is to air HALF a season, and then the other HALF like 6 months later.  Really?  Get us hooked and breathless, and then make us wait AGAIN!  I think Walking Dead does that.  I think pretty soon I may get tired of zombies.  And that will be a shame.  I love zombies!

Whatever happened to having a full complement of shows that aired most of the year and then took a summer hiatus?

Wait, I know!  They spend as much money to produce them as a full action movie, so they can’t AFFORD as many episodes!  While I admire the beautiful scenery and venues that they use, wouldn’t it be more affordable to shoot back to back seasons?  Or movies?  Like Survivor does!  They stay at the same location now to shoot two seasons.  Makes sense, financially.  Also, can’t they do something with all the standing around that is prominent in filming?  Can’t they get their lighting/sound etc done faster?  In this day and age of high tech, I find it ridiculous.  But, I know nothing.  Just like Jon Snow.

Speaking of which, how much longer do I have to wait until I find out if he is dead?  April?  Crikey.  Pretty soon, I just won’t care anymore.wait1

2 Fast 2 Furious 2 Dead?

Is it just me?  Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that Fast and Furious 7 is coming out soon, with Paul Walker, and not Paul Walker, in a starring role.  I mean, Paul Walker died in a Fast and Furious Fiery Crash, on a break from filming this movie.

Should it go on?  Should it have been halted?  Should we be promoting films that glamorize speed?

Everything looks so easy in a movie.  But these dangerous moves are carefully planned out and take days to film.  They have stuntmen.  But they are the kind of movies where everybody leaves the theatre and may drive a bit faster on the way home.  You know.  Revved up by the movie.  Still under its thrall.  It’s like when you drive a long way on an expressway, and when you finally get off the exit, driving normally seems so slow.

But things don’t go that way in real life.  In real life when you drive a Porsche at almost 100 mph in a 45 mph zone on a city street in California and hit a concrete lamppost, you are going to die.  I have seen a video that 2 guys sitting in a car across the street took, and it is NOT a good way to die.  Fast maybe.  But not a chance of survival.  The car burst into flames almost immediately.  The eerie thing is, it almost looks like Paul Walker stands up and tries to escape the flames.  I’m sure he didn’t, but many people saw the same thing.  Awful, just awful.

I think he was a very talented man, who died tragically way too young.  I don’t think I will watch Fast and Furious 7.  I’m sure many people will though, just to see his last movie.  But is it glamourizing a very dangerous, if not deadly, way of life?  What do you think?

Live by sword, die by the sword?


What a week!

whirlwindWhat a whirlwind of a week!  Busy, busy, with year-end work and taxes etc.  But more importantly, busy with FUN activities!

It started out with Fat Tuesday.  Good food, good friends, good fun!  NOT good for the diet.

Then on Thursday, I went to see Kingsman.  It was a rollicking good time!  Really enjoyed the movie!  But again, popcorn NOT good for the diet.

Then my guy came over and installed a new cat door in my bedroom door.  Now I can close the door against noise from visitors and not be woken up all night long.

Then it was 3rd Friday.  Went to Steitz’s for fish fry.  Great food, great friends, great fun!  Again, NOT good for the diet.

Finally, Saturday came, along with what I having been waiting for!  2Cellos concert downtown!  It was an unbelievable day from start to finish, except for the train home.  Went with my awesome friend Nancy, did a bit of sight seeing at the Bean and the skating rink, then a tasty dinner at Park Grill.  Again, NOT good for my diet, lol.  On to the venue, and 2Cellos!  Met some Cello Girls before the concert started, and then the most unbelievable musical experience of my life!  Got to chat with more Cello Girls after the show, but was not able to do the meet and greet because of the long line, and we had to catch the last train home.  But even without that, it was still an incredible day!  I could not sleep at all that night.

On Sunday, I tried to nap a bit before I attended an Oscar party at my friend’s house.  Great food, great drinks (I tried a Moscow Mule and liked it!), and prizes for ballot winners!  I even won the grand prize, a nice trophy and 2 movie passes!  Most importantly, the great friends.

Speaking of the Oscar party, they really need to take a page from the Golden Globes.  The Globes start and end on time, and all the while the nominees are eating and drinking and having fun, which can lead to some of the best acceptance speeches!  They only present the most popular awards.  And even though some of the categories at the Oscars are VERY important, they tend to drag the show out to wayyyyyyyyyyyyy over 3 hours.  Come on Oscars, people have to get up for work in the morning!  Maybe they should move it Saturday nights if they are going to CONSISTENTLY run long.

On Monday morning, I felt like I was beat with rubber hoses, so I went to swim class to stretch out the muscles in the pool.  I had done a lot of walking and standing and dancing on Saturday, so I had some aches and pains.  The water felt wonderful, and I ran around the pool for about an hour.  Later that day, I did feel some leg cramping etc., but a banana and a Propel took care of that!

Today, Tuesday, I feel pretty damn good.  Will go to Walmart for my weekly shopping and walk the store for about an hour for my daily exercise.

All in all, a GREAT week!  Thanks to all my wonderful friends for some awesome good times!


More than meets the eye

bradleyBy now most of us have seen this picture, or the trailer, of Bradley Cooper portraying Chris Kyle as a sniper.  Got to have a good eye to be a sniper.

Per his book, Chris Kyle was our country’s most prolific sniper, with 160 confirmed kills.  He was the deadliest sniper in American history. He had at least 160 confirmed kills by the Pentagon’s count, but by his own count—and the accounts of his Navy SEAL teammates—the number was closer to twice that. In his four tours of duty in Iraq, Kyle earned two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with Valor. He survived six IED attacks, three gunshot wounds, two helicopter crashes, and more surgeries than he could remember. He was known among his SEAL brethren as The Legend and to his enemies as al-Shaitan, “the devil.”

A “confirmed kill” means that the spotter who often accompanies the sniper can see the kill, and/or troops on the ground see the actual body.  That is why a sniper most likely has a lot more kills than the confirmed ones.

Chris Kyle died a tragic death, after his military career.  He was shot to death by a man he was trying to help.  Very sad, after all he had been through.

Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle in the movie American Sniper.  The picture is up for an Academy Award, and so is Bradley Cooper, deservedly so.

This role is a far cry from his comedic days of The Hangover movies.  He gained 30 pounds and beefed up to match Chris Kyle body type.  He learned all he could about snipers.  He worked closely with Clint Eastwood and Chris Kyle’s wife, Taya.

I have seen most, if not all, of Bradley Cooper’s movies.  There is more to him than meets the eye.  Yes, he is handsome.  Yes, he was “Sexiest Man Alive”.  Yes, he has great hair.  Yes, he is funny.  But did you know he has a B.A. in English from Georgetown, and an MFA in acting from the Actors Studio Drama School at The New School.  He was on the Georgetown rowing team.  He speaks fluent French.  He has starred on Broadway, several times.  He hasn’t drank alcohol since 2009.  He was married once for 4 months.  He has worn his father’s wedding ring since he took it off his finger on his deathbed and pledged to wear it forever.  He then moved in with his mom.  He has dated beautiful actresses.  He has a plethora of awards and nominations.

You know what?  He’s a pretty well-rounded guy!  Besides being pretty, lol.  He is tall, handsome, funny, smart….yes, he will do.  He will do just fine!


It’s all about that Chris


Chris Evans just won the People’s Choice award for best action hero.  Captain America.  Cool.

Lately I have noticed a number of Chris’s that I just love.  Besides Chris Evans, there’s Chris Pine (Star Trek)…


God, those eyes….  Then there is Thor, Chris Hemsworth….

thorAgain with the eyes!  And let’s not forget our Guardian of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt!

prattOk, so I guess all these Chris’s are pretty awesome.  All blue-eyed.  Stunning blue eyes.  Rocking bods.  Super heroes, all!

Which one is YOUR favorite?  eeny meeny miney mo…..

Chris Evans is Captain America, a little too clean cut for me.  Gotta dirty him up a bit.  Chris Hemsworth makes a great Thor, and love the Australian accent, but not a huge fan of the blond hair.  Chris Pratt, now there’s a down to earth guy, who didn’t start out looking exactly like this, but that’s what’s cool about him!  But, because of the eyes, it’s all about the eyes….

I choose……Chris Pine!  Those eyes are just….too…much….to….resist.



The “science” of Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is in the news again.

No, not because of Scientology, or a new woman.  Because he is simply stunt-awesome.

Whatever he may be, or what people think of him, you cannot disagree with the fact that the man is an a great actor, with a legacy of doing all his own stunt work.  In Mission Impossible he has hung from cliff ledges, run down the tallest building in the world, and now?  Now is hanging horizontally from a military airplane at 5,000 feet.

The man IS impossible.  He is PERFECT for these roles.  Maverick in Top Gun? Joel in Risky Business?  Flanagan in Cocktail?  Jerry McQuire?  Ethan Hunt in all the MI movies?  Just a few of my personal favs.

He has had some rough times.  Married and divorced 3 times.  Jumping on Oprah’s couch.  Outspoken about Scientology.  I was really sad when things didn’t work out for him and Katie.  Their little girl Suri is so cute.  I understand that Katie didn’t want Scientology for Suri.  I blame Scientology for a lot of his problems.  But, he is entitled to his own religious convictions.

But the science of being a great actor?  He has that down pat.  In spades.  He has charm, personality, and a huge presence (that makes up in part for his short height, lol).  And that smile.  Killer.

Welcome back Ethan Hunt.  And Tom Cruise.

To see, or not to read. That is the question

read1Another two movies are coming out in the next few week based on books, This is Where I Leave You and The Maze Runner.  These are just a couple of many lately that are trying to become the next Twilight, or Hunger Games, and cash in on a popular book or series of books.

Harry Potter, The Hobbit…..there have been many good ones.  Then, there have been many that have died a disinterested death.  Think Beautiful Creatures, Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy.

Ender’s Game was a great book, and I thought the movie was good.  Not too many other people did.  The Host, I still am upset about The Host.  It should have done better than it did.  I LOVED that book.  The Giver was an old book, and Jeff Bridges tried for many years to bring it to life, and finally did.  I liked it ok, again, not good reviews.

A few other fared a bit better.  Divergent was popular, so the next few are in the works, and I am glad.  The Fault in Our Stars was great, but a one off.  If I Stay did ok.

Here are some others coming up very soon that I am looking forward to.  Gone Girl, Left Behind, Mocking Jay, 50 Shades of Grey.  I’m betting that Mocking Jay (the next Hunger Games movie) and 50 Shades do very well.  I was initially not too happy with the casting for 50 Shades, but after watching the trailer, I have changed my mind.  If you are not a 50 Shades fan, I urge you to watch the trailer, you may change your mind!

Other books/series/trilogies that I love that are in the works for possible movies are Legend, The Hunt Trilogy, The Born Trilogy, The Lunar Chronicles, The Survival Trilogy, The Water Keepers, The Lorien Legacies, The Selection series, Blood of Eden, Collapse series, Shatter me series, Under the Never Sky series, The Partial Sequence series, Before I Fall, Panic, The Delirium series, The Fallen series, The Matched series, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  Most of these books fall into the YA (Young Adult) category, and are utopian/dystopian/futuristic type books, which are very popular and appeal to a large section of both readers and movie goers.

So.  I guess I am wondering if it is better to:

1.  Read the book before the movie

2.  Just see the movie

3.  See the movie and then read the book

Reading the book before the movie tends to lead to expectations that are sometimes not fulfilled.  Some people get very upset if the movie maker takes any kind of liberty with the book at all.  Other people get lost if they haven’t read the book first because the movie leaves out plot details.  Difficult.  Very difficult.  A no win situation it seems, except for a very few lucky ones that appeal to both the book readers and movie goers.

I’m still on the fence about  it.  What do you think?

Oh, and yes, I HAVE read all of the afore-mentioned books.  Mostly in the past year or so.  Lots of time in hospitals/nursing homes. 😉



The British Invasion


Superman, Spiderman, Vampires, Zombies and Harry Potter for crikey sake!  All British actors.  Gerard, Clive, Colin, Craig, Sean, Henry…..the list goes on for miles.  They do great American accents, for the most part.  They are everywhere!  And unless you happen to see them on a talk show or doing an interview, you would have no idea they are British.  And let’s not forget all the Aussies we have taken to our hearts…Mel, Russel, Nicole, the brothers Helmsworth to name just a few.  But it’s the Brits for discussion today.

Which leads me to the next logical questions…..why choose British actors over American actors for American films?  Are they better?  Are American actors getting British film roles?

Not so much.  It seems that Hollywood has been outsourcing their actors since the early days of film.  Gone With the Wind, Wuthering Heights, North by Northwest, From Here to Eternity, A Star is Born, Frankenstein are just a few of the many classics produced in Hollywood containing prominent roles for British actors.  We have not been as generous on the other side of the coin.  Not many American actors fare well across the pond.

For producers doing the hiring, they’re simply looking for the strongest talent
and expect the American accent to follow.  They feel the American actors just don’t seem as well-trained or as deep and complex.

Sounds like the American actors need to step their game up a bit to compete with the dearth of actors overseas that are more than happy to snap up any and all roles!


Top Ten Movies of 2012

I would say that I am quite the movie fan.  I am NOT a movie critic, just know what I like and don’t like.  I go at least once a week, sometimes more if they release a bunch of good ones over a holiday week.  I remember spending Christmas Day watching Avatar a few years back!

Sometimes it freaks me out when I go to my local theatre and realize I have seen every movie on the marquee (minus the obvious kiddie cartoon type).

I’ve seen a lot of good movies this year.  Slept through some.  Walked out on one.  Here are my Top Ten favs:

1.  The Hunger Games.  Read all the books, wasn’t sure how it would translate into a PG-13 movie without going into all the blood and guts realities.  After seeing the movie I was convinced that the books should not have been classified for “Young Adults”, and that they should have made an “R” rated movie.  But after I saw it the second time, I conceded to the brilliance of the movie.

2.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  Yeah, I know.  Weird choice.  But it moved me.  Had a great story line.  Made me cry.


3.  The Avengers.  Mainly because of my Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.  The dude rocks it, big time.  Plenty of eye candy in this movie.

4.  Bourne Legacy.  Jeremy Renner fan.  That is all it needed.

5.  Snow White & the Huntsman.  The Queen demanding “Bring me her heart!”  One of my fav scenes ever.

6.  Prometheus.  Again Charlize Theron was highlight of movie.  Programmed her own abortion, just in the nick of time.  Ridley Scott keeps the Alien suspense alive and kicking!


7.  Looper.  Slept through the whole middle the first time, so was very confused.  Saw the whole thing the second time and made more sense.  Great flick.

8.  Dark Knight Rises.  Still not a huge Christian Bale fan, his whisper/lisp bugs me.  Glad this trilogy is over.  Time for a fresh one.

9.  Dark Shadows.  Grew up watching Barnabas Collins.  Johnny Depp was superb.

10. Brave.  Fiery red-headed green-eyed girl.

There are a LOT of good new movies still due to come out this year, and I can’t wait.  However, I did go see Cloud Atlas yesterday, and walked out after about an hour.  I just didn’t get it.  But I’m really looking forward to:

Flight, Life of Pi, Skyfall, The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Red Dawn, Gravity, Jack Reacher, Jack the Giant Killer, Silver Lining, Hitchcock, Playing for Keeps, Hunter Killer, and of course the final Twilight, Break Dawn Part II.

I’m sure my Top Ten will change.  It might become my Top Twenty.  What is your favorite movie this year?  I would like to know!

10,000 minutes

Countdown to Nov.18th:  7 days.  1 week.  10,000 minutes.  Now, I am NOT a Twilight fanatic, but Breaking Dawn WAS the best book of the series, and I am indeed anxious to see the movie.  I am indeed also disappointed that it will be in two installments.  Another long wait. (Hopefully the Hunger Games will fill that gap!)

I don’t know what it is about vampires that suck me in.  Modern day vamps.  Not olden day vamps.  Modern day ones that sparkle instead of burning up in the daylight, don’t sleep in coffins, and are beautiful beyond compare.

Maybe it’s because they don’t have to care about the usual mundane things in life anymore.  Everything is exciting. They have few physical limitations.   They have all the time in the world.  But think about that for a second…..all the time in the world.  What in the world is exciting after 100 years?  300 years?  Doesn’t it get…..repetitive?

So it makes me wonder about forever.  Eternity.  I cannot fathom it.  As a Catholic, I hope when I die I go to Heaven for eternity.  But I cannot look in the future that far.  As humans we measure our time here.  We know that eventually it runs out.  We are not sure when, so maybe it adds an edge to our every day living.  When we have eternity, time will have no meaning.  We just are happy and joyful all the time.  We have nothing to look forward to.  No sense of anticipation.  In our human life, anticipation is half the fun.  When the event is over, we feel a letdown.  So no peaks and valleys I guess.  Just happy all the time.

I don’t think I REALLY want to be a vampire.  After all, look how many times the Cullens had to go to high school.  It must get boring at some point.  Especially if they never sleep.  Naps are my most favorite thing in the world.  I don’t think I would want to live in a world without naps.  Unless I had a Cullen of my own.