Who is the real racist here?  The underbelly of the 1%


I don’t know how much more this country can take. To me, the final straw was gassing and shooting people with rubber bullets, including Christian Leaders, to make a path for our illustrious POTUS to have a photo op in front of a church, holding a random bible. AND DO NOT TRY TO SAY THIS IS FAKE NEWS, OR DEFEND THIS. IT WAS WELL DOCUMENTED, AND CONDEMNED BY MANY ON BOTH SIDES. You can continue to try and excuse this kind of behavior, but I can’t and I won’t. Pull up your big girl pants people, and stand up for what’s right.
Many people I talk to say that while they don’t agree with his twitter etc, they love the economy and their 40lK etc.  Ok.  I understand that.  However, the economy is based on many things, and a big driver is the huge tax cut the Republicans gave corporations, and rich people.  At the expense of the rest of us, I might add.  So is Trump responsible for stock market and job gains?  Think again.  And then look at how the Pandemic affected our country.  Do you think he has done a good job handling it?  Think deep my friends, think deep.  I personally feel he is responsible for thousands of death, because he tried to will away the virus, and was late on protecting us. He was notified early.  But he spouted off about how well our country was handling it instead of reacting as he should.  THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HIS JOB.  I also personally feel he is more than willing to sacrifice lives to keep the country open.  At the start, and now.  Also, since it affects people of color and older people mostly, I think he is ok with that.  If you think he has any kind of sympathy for those folks, think again.  It is very hard for Narcissists to think that way.
In case you think I’m profiting off this kind of behavior with my stock portfolio, I am not. Most of my stocks are with companies that are much needed to survive this pandemic, like tele health, and delivery services for food and dog supplies etc, and home office furniture. I had transferred my entire portfolio to cash positions when Trump was elected. I did not want to profit from dirty money.  Still don’t, and won’t. I am just a middle-class white woman with self-acknowledged white privilege trying to live a good life in a good place with good people, while helping people not as lucky as me.  By the way, the mere fact that you are white and born in the USA gives you a built-in privilege over most of the world’s population.
Many of you don’t know that I lost my job with a certain Landscape company primarily because I stood up to the owner on how he treated his Latino work force. I asked him why he owned a landscape company if he hated Mexicans. He treated them like animals.  I still am friends with some of them to this day, and can honestly say I did my best in that regard. He fired me and many other managers over the years that stood up to him. The owner is still profiting off the backs of his brown workers and still treating them like animals, forcing them to work long hours in both extreme heat and cold during the various seasons without regard to their well-being.  He is a Narcissist to the nth degree.  Oh, and a vigorous Trump supporter. ( Did you think any different?)  So go ahead and build that wall.  Your company and many others will soon be out of business.  And our crops will rot in the fields with no one to pick them.  Oh well.  I’m sure there are plenty of white people willing to do the job.  I’ve hired a few.  Didn’t last a day or two.  And no, I am not a LIBTARD or any other label you put on me.  I just believe in fairness and treating people humanely, no matter what color.
Those of you counting the ways you will spend your $1,200 recession check, you should see where the majority of the billions of dollars in the bill are being spent.  Do your research.  Read up on it.  And don’t count on a second check.  McConnell will block it.  Just as he has blocked all the bills piled up on his desk.   He is an evil man.  I hope all the Republicans that did not vote to remove Trump from office after he WAS impeached, really think about what has happened to this country.
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
P.S.  If you don’t like what I say, move on.  Unfriend me, block me, never speak to me again.  I don’t care.  I am entitled to my own opinion, and I will not sit back and let this happen to our country without standing up for what I think is right and decent.   If you did read this far, thank you for your time and attention.  God Bless, and stay safe.  We still do have a Pandemic going on, even if certain groups are trying to divert our attention from it.


The Menendez Brothers

I recently watched the Law & Order Menendez Brothers treatment on TV.  This is a case that has fascinated me for years.  Two well-to-do brothers kill their parents in cold blood. I’m really conflicted about it.

Are they murderers?  Were they abused?  Did they really fear for their lives?  A picture perfect family.  Right?

Unfortunately, there is no good answer.  I think, like OJ, there has been too much publicity about all this.  Too many movies made, too much conjecture.

Unlike OJ, they did confess.  I almost wonder at what in the world they were thinking, after the murders, the way they acted and spent money on lavish lifestyles.  Did they think they were above the law?  Or smarter than the law?  Or did they just not think?

Everyone always looks to Erik as the weak one, the one that broke, that one that confessed.  I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for him.  Lyle seemed to be made of sterner stuff.  But regardless, however much you hate your parents, can you picture yourself waltzing into the den with shotguns and murdering your parents?  It seems maybe there SHOULD have been another answer.  Someone that could have helped them, protected them.

As a frame of reference, I think back to OJ, I personally never doubted his guilt.  Never gave him an ounce of sympathy.  He was violent, he was abuser.  He murdered out of jealousy and rage.  I’m just glad he did end up going to jail eventually, albeit not for murder.

The Menendez brothers?  I think it was a rash decision, that went very wrong.  They were still fairly young, perhaps not mature enough to understand the full ramifications of their actions.

So.  The brothers go to jail for life.  OJ is a free man today.  The brothers killed out of fear.  OJ killed out of rage.  Maybe.


rear window

Sometimes I feel like Jimmy Stewart in “Rear Window”.  I don’t have a broken leg, just an annoying back and hip.  And I haven’t witnessed a murder….yet.  Anything is possible.

More to the point is the fact that I sit in my comfy chair in my office where I have a window, which on many days is my only outside view of the world.  While I work from home or watch TV I can see the kids go by on their bikes, golf carts, dirt bikes etc.  I see the dog walkers and the joggers, especially on the weekends when the neighborhood fills to the brim.  I see my family, walking to the boat to go for an enjoyable ride around the lakes.  I see LIFE, passing me by.

Sometimes I make up stories as the what the people are doing or where they are going.

The lazy unemployed son who lives across the street?  Drug dealer.  Sells anything you want.  Weed, edibles, vapes, pills.  Also arms dealer.  Has a display of guns in his living room.  Will sell to anyone, including his own son.  Except, well, the son is in jail now.  Drug and weapons charges.

The elderly couple who lives across the street.  Spends most of their days in their garden, which has a tall fence around around it.  They say it’s to keep out the varmints.  They NEVER invite anyone over.  I think they are growing the weed for the other neighbor.

The widower across the way.  I was friends with his wife.  When I walked my dogs late at night,  she would be out by the garage, sneaking a smoke.  She is dead now.  I saw her one day, and she was gone the next.  Never see the widower anymore, seems like he is hiding out in his house.

The Italian conclave that lives on the channel, takes up the whole one side of the turnaround street.  4 houses in a row.  I watch the cars start arriving on Thursday nights, and leaving on Sunday nights.  You don’t go down that street on the weekends.  It seems to have been taken over by the “younger” generation.  I haven’t seen the older folks in a couple of years.  They might be sleeping with the fishes.

The entertainment center of the neighborhood is on the corner, where the two streets split.  Many activities center on that property.  Dogs run, kids play and screech, adults drink beer, basketball is played, swimming is done by all on a hot summer day, all led by the neighborhood Pied Piper.  When evening falls, all signs of life disappear, tucked away in houses and garages, waiting to come back again, under the magical spell of the Pied Piper.  (Who resembles my brother but I’ll never tell!)

Then there are the mystery people, who visit my house when it rains.  I think the rain makes them grow.  They sneak in and out while I am sleeping, leaving only wet footprints behind.  I think I might know them, but I’m not sure.  Every now and then when I think I am dreaming, I hear a little girl’s voice, that sounds just like my niece.   I need to set up some cameras.

Hopefully my window on the world will expand soon.  I am feeling much better, and hope to be getting out and about a lot more!  I have a GREAT massage therapist and physical therapist, so I will be rocking!

P.S.  I almost wish I had a murder mystery to solve, I am great detective!  Jimmy Stewart goes a little overboard at times tho, lol.  Great film.  Everyone should see it.

G.I. Joe drama, new developments


Here’s G.I. Joe, with his angel wings.  After his death.  After his nationwide funeral.  After the many fundraisers for his grieving family.  After an entire community searched for days for your killers, in the stifling heat, that dropped dogs and officers alike, all intent upon finding those 3 mysterious men.

I did not personally know Joe or his family, but I was devastated, along with everyone else in the area.  People stood for hours and hours in the hot sun to salute his funeral procession.

To me, things just didn’t add up from the get go.  My best friend and I talked about it daily.  We both agreed something fishy was going on.  I remember VIVIDLY when Melanie, the wife, made her speech on TV the day after his death.  She made some remarks which didn’t make sense to me at the time, but now they do.  She made a POINT of telling everybody that after Joe’s day was over and all his good deeds were done, he came home  to HER.  Like she was telling somebody he was HER property.  As it turns out, he shared himself with another woman.  You all heard the stories.  But I digress.

I did some searches on Joe, saw pictures, videos.  I don’t know why, but I wasn’t buying into the whole savior persona that G.I. Joe was.  He looked mean and tough and military, with the high and tight haircut, the tattoos, the smoking, the workouts.  But not like hero military.  Like he was a mercenary.  Like he walked around like his shit didn’t stink.  Like he could do whatever he wanted.  And he did.  He must have had a lot of blackmail shit on his former boss, is all I can say.

But, I still thought it was a damn shame, that another police officer was killed.  My personal opinion didn’t matter.

As time went on, people became impatient.  As time went on, more and more insidious rumors were started.  As time went on, the worst scenario came to pass.

Joe was not a hero.  Joe was anything but.  Joe was a fraud, who used and abused his position and authority to the max.  Joe was a text book narcissist.  Joe was going to get caught.  Joe took the coward’s way out.  Joe took his own life.  Joe let his family down, and holding the proverbial bag.

Today, Melanie Glinewiecz was indicted on fraud charges.  She turned herself in, was out on bail shortly thereafter.  Bail money that probably came from a donation or fund raiser.  To my knowledge, Melanie never gave any of the money back.  If fact, when her funds were frozen, she went to court to get it back.  No remorse there.

And if anybody is thinking that Joe was innocent, well, his wife pretty much threw him under the bus today.  Her attorney put out the following statement “Melodie is a victim of her husband’s secret actions and looks forward to her day in Court to show the world her innocence”.

Not her fault.  All her husband’s fault.  No matter all the text messages that show her complicity, along with the military son, who buried his father while in full military uniform.  God that just rags on me.

Anyway.  I feel bad, I do.  I feel bad for the younger kids who most likely knew nothing, and now will forever be tainted with scandal from both their father, and now mother.  I also think the military son will be brought up on charges, either by the military or the police.  He was also in cahoots and borrowed money that wasn’t his.

After being in the spotlight, now Fox Lake just wants to get back to being a nice small town in the Midwest.



Look me in the eye


Wake up feeling depressed?  Grab your gun and go pick off a few students.

Wake up feeling hopeless?  Grab your gun and go pick off a few students.

Wake up feeling lonely?  Grab your gun and go pick off a few students.

Wake up feeling unloved?  Grab your gun and go pick off a few students.

You see where I’m going here, right?

Since when has it become the norm to take your feelings out on other people?

Since when has it become almost a weekly occurrence to have a shooting?

Since when has so many people gone undetected for mental illness?

Since when do people have such a disregard for other’s lives?

Lives matter.  All lives.  Even the disturbed ones.  Especially the disturbed ones.

I find it hard to believe that a good kid can go bad overnight and decide to go on a rampage and kill other people, and then usually himself.

I find it hard to believe that parents would have no clue.

I find it hard to believe that friends would have no clue.

I find it hard to believe that neighbors would have no clue.

I find it hard to believe that teachers would have no clue.

People have committed suicide since the beginning of time.

Now they committed homicide/suicide.

How did this happen?  How did it become a “group” event instead of solitary event?

Has life itself become so unbearable that this is the only option for these people?

People have debates about guns.  People pass bills for gun control.  People put guards up.  People have extra security.

Guns are just a tool.  We could be talking about knives or any other weapon that can harm a person.  Guns are just the most efficient killing machines to use in a crowd for one person to cause devastation while looking in the eyes of their victims.  Watching them die.  Bombs etc. are too impersonal.  People themselves are very impressive killing machines.  Top of the food chain.  Top of all chains.

People should start worrying about PEOPLE instead of guns.  People should start talking to people.  Not texting.  Not calling.  Talking.  Face to face.

Families should spend time together.  Parents should be connected to what their kids need. Kids need time and attention.  Money can’t buy love.  Kids need to learn HOW to become good people.  How to deal with their problems constructively.  If a kid doesn’t have any friends, why?  If a kid is doing bad in school, why?  If an adult is having personality problems, why?  If an adult is doing bad at work, why?  If someone is a loner, and spends their time writing manifestos or other diatribes, someone should know.  Especially a parent.  In this day and age of technology, it is too easy to hide behind a computer or phone.  Parents need to monitor what their kids are doing online and on social media.  High tech is not necessarily a good thing for the human race.

People need to start reconnected with people on a personal level.  All this mass killing is a cry for help.  A BIG cry.  We need to start listening.



How to get away with murder

oscarNo, I’m not talking about the new hit TV show on ABC.  I’m talking about Oscar Pistorius.

Oh Oscar.  How you amazed us all with your strength and courage as the Blade Runner.  Then how you amazed us all on how you murdered your girlfriend.

You may not agree with me on that.  That is your choice, and your opinion.  And the judge did not convict him of cold blooded murder, merely “manslaughter”.

Now, I don’t think Oscar woke up that morning intending to kill Reeva on that night.  But I do think that Oscar 1) had a bad temper 2) liked guns and 3) had a fight with his girlfriend.  I think Reeva ran into that bathroom and locked the door because she was afraid of Oscar that night.  I think Oscar got his gun and shot through that door, killing Reeva.  I think Oscar must have known he will kill her, if not wound her grievously.  He did both.  She was shot 3 times, with maximum damage bullets.  Read the court document on the gunshots and the damage they did to Reeva.  It’s not pretty.  The bathroom was just the toilet area, and very small.  Reeva didn’t stand a chance of hiding from Oscar’s gun.

Was Oscar sorry afterwards?  Yes, I think he was.  Desperately sorry.  I cannot imagine trying to live with yourself after committing an act like that, whether on purpose or in the heat of the moment.

The judge sentenced him today to 5 years in prison, could be out in 10 months.  I think he got away with murder.  He intended to kill her when he shot through that door with his lethal Black Talon bullets.  10 months is nothing compared to ending Reeva’s life in her prime.  But I don’t think it matters whether it is 10 months or 10 years.  Oscar will have to live with the aftermath of his actions forever.  I hope he never picks up a gun again.  I hope he gets anger management help.  I hope he atones for his sins.

Most of all, I hope Reeva’s family can get on with their lives now.  Whether or not they feel that justice has been fully served, it must be a relief to have it over.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

The love of a parent, the loss of a child

It is said that the love of a parent is an unfailing one, and the loss of a child the biggest heartbreak imaginable.  So what happens when the two collide?  You get a Susan Smith, an Andrea Yates, a Casey Anthony, and possibly a Deborah Bradley, mother of missing infant Lisa Irvin.

I am not a mother myself, but have been lucky enough to be close enough to my family to parent vicariously through them.  I cannot begin to fathom losing any of my nieces and nephews, let alone be responsible for their demise.

How does a seemingly devoted mother turn in an instant to kill their offspring?  You always hear afterwards “they seemed like such a normal family, the mother was always seemed so loving”.  There were no outward signs of discord in the family.  The spouse or other family members are equally shocked when the tragedy happens.  Is it genetic?  Is it depression, baby blues, an accident?  A baby screams all day, all night.  A young mother feels helpless, and just wants it to stop.  A woman finds love, but with a man who doesn’t want to include her children in that love.  A mother drinks or takes drugs, and a child dies on her watch.  Panic sets in, and the reality begins.

Personally I think some deaths are indeed accidents, and the parent tries to cover it up as a kidnapping or robbery.  Eventually the truth comes out in most cases, and then it looks even worse for the person responsible.

Being a parent is a HUGE committment.  One that lasts a lifetime.  Many people are not prepared, or not capable of doing this.  You can debate all day long abortion, adoption, etc., but the fact remains that giving birth does not automatically make you a good parent.  Children can bring a family closer to each other, or tear them apart. 

There are so many people in the world desperate to have a child, or who have lost a child, and would dearly love to have the chance to raise and protect them in this world.  It is hard to imagine the opposite.

Hold your children dear to your heart.  God has entrusted them to you.  Their fate should be in His hands, not yours.