So many, so very many people have come out lately to say #MeToo, about being sexually harassed or abused.  Seems like they are coming out of the woodwork.

And it’s not just women.  It’s men too.  And it’s not just Hollywood.  While this latest movement may have been sparked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, it has quickly spread to many areas of life, including the music industry, sciences, academia and of course, politics.  Let’s face it, this problem has existed forever.  It is only now, in this day and age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. that this kind of movement can go viral overnight.  It only took ONE BRAVE PERSON to bust this out of its shell, and grow into #MeToo.

To me, it boiled down to people in a position of power over me.  People that held your career in their hands, or your reputation, or simply your life.  I grew up in an era of respecting your elders and not questioning authority.  If someone straddled the line of impropriety, we figured that was the way it was.  If someone crossed the line, we were too scared to push them back.

Luckily for me, it was more a question of sexual harassment than of actual abuse.  I have been harassed by more than one superior.  Made to feel uncomfortable.  Made to feel I’d better toe the line.  Made to feel that my job was on the line.  In fact, I left a great job at a great company because of it, and regret it to this day.

Now, those of you that know me well know that I am not a shrinking violet and I will speak up, sometimes to my detriment, about most anything that bothers me.  But back in the day, fresh out of college, and onto the working world?  Not really.  I was afraid of authority.  I was intimidated by men of power.  There were very few women of power.  The glass ceiling was still very low.

Today, I would raze them a new asshole.  Today, I am a grumpy old lady with nothing left to lose.  But today, if I had a child, I would hope that I had instilled enough of moral compass in them that they would know when things where going south.  That they would speak up and protect themselves by any means necessary.  I applaud this new #MeToo movement, and hope that it exposes enough that people will think twice before abusing their next victim.  No more hiding behind “power”.

P.S.  I’ve just GOT to get on a soapbox about one thing.  Donald Trump, while on the campaign trail, was on tape BRAGGING about sexually harassing people, grabbing them by the pussy etc.  Billy Bush, the TV Reporter, who was just asking the questions, got fired and his career was ruined.  Donald Trump was elected President.  Trump has as many, if not more, allegations against him as Weinstein.  But he claims this is all fake news.  The POLITICIANS, Democrats and Republicans alike, need to keep throwing these allegations at him and hope they stick.  But I doubt that will ever happen.  Trump has too much power.  In his own words he could shoot someone and still be elected.  But I am heartened to see that more and more Republicans are leaving their elected offices like rats fleeing a sinking ship.  We can only hope.


Why you gotta be so rude?

Don’t ya know I’m human too?  More people need to listen to this song.

Cause let me tell you.  If another country treated their President as badly as we treat ours, we would be sending in our military and taking over their country for “their own good”.

I am embarrassed by our country’s actions.

We elected this president.  Twice.  We as a country had the choice, and now we have to live with it.  Is he the best president?  No.  Is he the worst president?  No.  But he is most disrespected president that I have ever seen.  And for that reason, I am embarrassed of our country.

When they show his speeches, and one whole side of the room sits on their hands the whole time, and sometimes even boo him or shout at him, that is blatant rudeness and disrespect.  We should be showing a united front, to our country and the world.  What makes us any better than any other country?  We can’t even agree to disagree.  So what gives us the RIGHT to sit in judgment on other countries politics, when we can’t control our own?

Obviously the people chose to vote mostly Republican this mid-term round of elections, which leaves us with a sitting Democratic President, and a Republican Congress.  That’ll show those damn Democrats!  And ought to help get things done around here.  Pfffft.  Of course, when Bush was the Republican President, everybody bad mouthed him.  So we elected Obama.  That’ll show those damn Republicans!  We seem to hate all our Presidents, no matter the party.  It’s like another civil war, with Democrats versus Republicans.  But with Obama, the dissenters have taken it to a whole new level.

I love how we look back and say what a great president so and so was.  Like Bill Clinton.  How quickly we forget the problems he had with keeping his zipper up.  Ahem.  (Makes us think the TV show Scandal is more than real.)But let Obama laugh and joke with a woman IN PUBLIC and people jump all over that.  Most of our previous president’s have had their own scandals.  The Bush’s are now pushing Jeb to the forefront for a run at the job.  And most people think Hillary Clinton will be making a run for POTUS.

Speaking of Scandal, or West Wing, or Madam Secretary, I think they do depict to some extent what indeed does go on behind the scenes in the political arena.  The President is usually not the most powerful person in the White House.

With all that said, I don’t care what your politics are.  It is a personal thing to many.  I do care how our country acts.  We act like a bunch of spoiled, entitled children compared to the rest of the world.  We need to unite, and make this country the best it can be.

All the Chicago Bears fans this week are saying fire EVERYONE because of their dismal performance and start from scratch.  Seriously, not a bad idea for our country.  I heard of some voters who purposely did not vote for one incumbent during the mid-term elections.  Get rid of lobbyists, war chests, pork, favors….you name it.  Do good.  Be good.  Make this a proud country again!

Pink Ribbon or Pink Slip?

Once again, protestors win the day.  The Susan G. Komen (SGK) organization had pulled its funding for Planned Parenthood (PP).  SGK officials had originally said they cut funding to PP because the group is the subject of a Republican-led federal investigation believed to be fostered by anti-abortion advocates.

Then the backlash began.  Even one of SGK top executives resigned in protest over the issue.  Donors started cutting up their pink ribbons.  Outrage prevailed.  SGK heard the cry and reversed their decision and apologized to the American public.

So.  Who won?  Susan G. Komen is all about finding a cure for breast cancer.  Planned Parenthood is all about smart choices for pregnancy and also for women’s health, INCLUDING breast cancer.  PP has provided for over 4 million breast exams, and received a large portion of that funding from SGK.

Once again the political arena has caused a division of loyalties among the populace.  SGK is now on the defensive, rallying to defuse the crisis that promoted such dissension.  I have a feeling this is going to hurt SGK in the pocket, which in turn is going to hurt women’s health.

Was SGK wrong in their decison to pink slip PP?  Is PP wrong in funding abortion?  Was this politically motivated?  Is SGK wrong in doing the proverbial political “flip-flop” to save their reputation?  Is it up to the public to decide where charitable funds are distributed?

I think both these organizations have their own special purpose.  It is not for me to judge who is right and who is wrong.  In this case I think both organizations are going to be under the microscope now because of the national news interest.  As a woman I can only hope that all of this fuss won’t affect breast cancer research or women’s health overall.

I wish the American public would rise up against the politicians like they have against SGK, and get some positive changes made.  We should have a say in where they spend OUR money, just like we do with SGK.  At leat SGK is disbursing funds to all positive outlets, and not throwing away money every day like the government.  I get sick thinking about the billions that have been wasted in wars and bailouts.  The government is NOT held responsible for their actions.  Apparently SGK IS being held responsible, and has chosen to listen to the American public, and made the painful decision to reverse their position.

I hope this was the right decision.  Abortion is a political powder keg issue.  It is a make or break statement to a lot of people.  Maybe people who previously donated to SGK did not know they funded PP, and now decide they won’t donate because they are against abortion.

Either way, I hope the spotlight now moves on to something else.  Preferably something positive!  I would love to see your comments here on Word Press.  Thanks for stopping by.

Herman Cain’s 15 minutes of fame

Hey Herman….how’s that 15 minutes of fame working out for you?  Not so good?  That’s what I thought.  Haven’t you learned ANYTHING from your predecessors in politics, or in the public eye for that matter?  If you aren’t SQUEAKY CLEAN, stay out of the pool!

His ad campaign commercial where his Chief of Staff blows smoke and then Cain gives that swarmy smirky smile at the end sums him up perfectly.

I wonder how many office pools are out there taking bets on how long it will be until the wife leaves and the truth comes out.  The truth will always come out.  You can’t pay off EVERYONE to keep their mouth shut. (Although what the sexual allure that Cain thinks he has bemuses me).  It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat, Republican, sports star, movie star.  And don’t you dare play the race card Herman!  You preyed on all colors of women!

I would have more respect for him if he had just fessed up and taken his lumps like a man.  The public will always forgive you if you tell the truth.  Hey, it only took Tiger a year after he told the truth.  Now he’s back on the top of his game.

IMHO, Cain is a swarmy sexual predator, and will get his just deserts.  Never liked him from the get-go.  Hopefully he will fade into oblivion where he belongs.  Karma’s a bitch Herman.  Shut your mouth and take it like a man.  I am not listening to you anymore and am glad I dont have to look at your face or hear your 9-9-9 tag line again!