Who do we believe in now?


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News headlines of late have focused on the Catholic sexual abuse scandal that erupted in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, this scandal has dodged the Church for a long time.

Back in 2015, the movie Spotlight, an award winning docudrama,  gives a detailed account of the Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into the widespread pedophilia scandals and subsequent cover-ups within the Catholic Church. As per Justin Chang’s review from Variety, Spotlight was “a superbly controlled and engrossingly detailed account of the Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into the widespread pedophilia scandals and subsequent cover-ups within the Catholic Church. This measured and meticulous ensemble drama sifts through a daunting pile of evidence to expose not just the Church’s horrific cycles of abuse and concealment, but also its uniquely privileged position in a society that failed its victims at myriad personal, spiritual and institutional levels.

Where the film proves extraordinarily perceptive is in its sense of how inextricably the Church has woven itself into the very fabric of Boston life, and how it concealed its corruption for so long by exerting pressure and influence on the city’s legal, political and journalistic institutions. Given the blurrier-than-usual separation of church and state, and the fact that the newspaper’s own readership includes a high percentage of Irish Catholics, it’s no surprise that it falls to an outsider like Baron — a Florida native and the first Jewish editor to take the helm at the Globe — to play hardball with the Archdiocese.”

But that was just one city’s problem with Catholic priests.  Recently, new revelations have come to light in Pennsylvania, which I fear is just the tip of the iceberg. Even the Pope is cracking down now in public, instead of sweeping it under the rug and moving predator priests around to different parishes like chess pieces.

And like the tip of the iceberg that took down the Titanic, even something that is considered bullet proof really isn’t.  In fact, that attitude makes it even more vulnerable when the cracks start to split open.  The major players start to scatter like rats from a sinking ship.  We have had many examples of this behavior throughout history, and not just with the church.  But I digress.

I think the Catholic church archaic rules of priests/nuns not marrying has landed themselves into attracting a certain kind of person who finds his pleasure elsewhere. Sometimes at the expense of innocent victims. Most other Christian religions allow marriage. Perhaps this would help.

As a Catholic, this issue of sexual abuse by priests has bothered me for a long long time, primarily because of all the payoffs and coverups. Now it seems to be coming to a head, with the revelations coming to light, at least monetarily.  For years now many Catholics have been financially boycotting the church. The Catholic church is the 3RD LARGEST LANDOWNER IN THE WORLD. Financially it is one the wealthiest organizations in the world, Number 1 for religious organizations with 200+BILLION, and on the world stage puts it on par with oil companies and Walmart.

To sum it up, this all is a sad commentary on the world’s largest religion, with nearly a third of the population of the world, with Islam coming in a very close second and poised to take over the number 1 spot in the foreseeable future.  And lets be honest,  Islam/Muslims scare many Americans, don’t they, since 911, which changed how we perceive Muslim-Americans.  The majority of Islam are very peace loving, but as with anything, a few radicals spoil the whole pot.

So what do we do to clean the Catholic house? Keeping in mind it is a VERY BIG HOUSE. It is as corrupt as any large corporation. Or government. In my honest opinion. What is yours?

Bless me Father, for I have sinned?


The Pope quit.  QUIT.  I’m sorry, but the Pope is not allowed to quit.  Maybe he is old and sick and senile…..whatever.  The other Popes never quit.  You stay Pope until you die.  It’s tradition.

But.  There’s always a BUT, right?  When people quit out of the blue, there is usually an underlying reason for it.  And it’s usually not good.

The Catholic church has been under fire lately, mostly for priests that can’t keep their pants on around boys.  The Catholic church has been “recycling” these priests for years, in an attempt to cover up their “sins”.  Dear Lord, we Catholics are going to confession for our little sins and asking a pedophile for forgiveness.

And now, CARDINALS are dropping out of the Pope race because of scandals.  Good Lord, where does it end?  Does it end at the POPE?  Did he quit because he was tired of covering up for others?  Or for himself?

There is a document about leaks of a supposed network of gay priests.  A document that only the Pope, and his successor, have access to.  No plans to share it, not even among the conclave.  Once again the Catholic church chooses secrecy over transparency.

Please don’t preach to me about how I shouldn’t think such thoughts about holy men.  I’m sorry, they are HUMAN, they are NOT perfect, they commit SINS, no matter how HOLY they are.  I grew up as a good Catholic girl thinking that priests and nuns etc. were special people who had a true calling to God and were above human temptations.  I no longer think that.

The whole thing just makes me sad.  I do think that Popes should be able to retire or quit if they want to.  At a certain age maybe they are no longer effective.  Perhaps we should elect younger Popes.  But again, age is not the issue right now, I don’t think.  The issue is the failings inside the church.  Like any big corporation, just keep promoting the trouble makers, right?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

P.S.  Personally I think it was his Twitter account that caused all this mess.  Ha.

Is Lucy the Chimp really my cousin????

I was born and raised Catholic.  Catholic school with nuns and priests.  Adam was created by God in the Garden of Eden, and Eve from Adam’s rib.  Thus, we have mankind, made in God’s likeness.  Creationism.  Voila!

Until I went to high school.  And now those same nuns and priests were teaching us about evolution.  How life on earth mutated and changed form etc. in order to adapt to this world.  We saw charts of how mankind evolved, from chimp to modern man.

It is said that we share 96% of our DNA with chimps.  Now new studies by archeologists provides evidence of a human-orangutan connection. Schwartz and Grehan stated that they scrutinized the hundreds of physical characteristics often cited as evidence of evolutionary relationships among humans and other great apes—chimps, gorillas, and orangutans—and selected 63 that could be verified as unique within this group (i.e., they do not appear in other primates). Of these features, the analysis found that humans shared 28 unique physical characteristics with orangutans, compared to only two features with chimpanzees, seven with gorillas, and seven with all three apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans). Gorillas and chimpanzees shared 11 unique characteristics.

So.  Religion versus Science.  The great debate rages on.  Don’t bring this topic up at the dinner table!  It breaks all the rules of socially accepted polite conversation.  But topics like these excite my mind.  I love this kind of mental stimulation!

I have my own version of the events.  It’s a marriage of the two that makes perfect sense to me.  It is said that God created man on the sixth day.  Perhaps God’s “day” is really thousands of years.  Maybe we don’t need to take it so literally.  What if God created everything, and over time we did indeed evolve from the great apes in the perfect image and likeness of God?  We were indeed his ultimate creation, refined after thousands of years of evolution.  Mankind took a divergent path from the rest of the apes. 

We are ALL still evolving.  We get taller, wider, stronger, smarter, whatever we need to survive on planet earth.  We mutate.  Just look at the pictures of your grandparents at your age now, and you will see quite a difference.  Actually, with all the technology and machines available now, I think we are de-evolving!

  So I’m sticking with my theory.  We were all created by God, and mankind evolved in his likeness.  We are the top of the pyramid.  Why?  We have opposable thumbs!