Mixed up Reality TV



I was watching The Biggest Loser (TBL) last night.  And Survivor (S) tonight.  And I thought, hmmm…..maybe we should switch things up.

The people on TBL have a problem with eating too much.  The people on S have a problem with not getting enough to eat.

TBL has people on a strict diet, but they can fall off the wagon.  The people on S are on a strict diet, but they have no choice.  There is limited food for everyone.

TBL winner typically loses a shit load of weight over a fairly long period of time (12-18 weeks, depending upon who you talk to.  And those people are not losing mostly fat, they are on a starvation diet and exercise 6 hours a day).  The people on S all lose weight, and most are skinny to start with.  Ribs start showing, girls just seem to disappear right before our eyes!  It’s a quicker weight loss, a little over a month, but not as drastic.  Most contestants lose 10-20 pounds, and when you see them at the finale months after the show ended they still look pretty good.

What show is better?  TBL offers a trainer and a lot of support, but unrealistic goals and diet restrictions.  Contestants intentionally dehydrate themselves for weigh-ins and put themselves in danger.  Also, the “weekly weigh-ins” are typically not over a week’s time, but usually 10-14 days.  Just because the show is weekly, doesn’t mean the weigh-ins are!  Many behind the scenes manipulations are going on.

S on the other hand is more of a mind game, even though there are physical challenges.  Most people break down because of their minds, not their bodies.  The weight loss makes them look lean and mean.  Because they are not intentionally trying to lose weight, it is done more naturally.  They usually come into the game in good shape.  Haven’t seen a 400 pound S contestant yet.  Might be interesting to see how they would fare.  But a lot of the challenges involve holding your weight up, so the lighter folks have the advantage there.

Also, I think there is more crying on TBL.  Emotions come into play every day.  Most people are overweight due to issues/emotions they must overcome.  The people on S seem more steely strong mentally.  Physically too.

It might be fun to switch the games up for a week or two, and see how the contestants fare.  I think the people from TBL would have a much harder time being survivors, than the people on S would have on TBL.

What do you think?

Honey Boo Boo BARF!

I wrote a post early this year about Honey Boo Boo child, before she got her own reality TV show (see  https://janheath1234.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/toddle-this-tiara-mama/ ).  Even back then I was totally sickened by this child and her mother and her life.  However, it appears that Hillbilly TV (not MY term, lol) has become very popular.  So much so that they have given Boo Boo a big raise.  After all, Boo Boo is getting bigger, so she deserves bigger money.  Bigger everything.  Right?

Now don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing really wrong with her family.  They are not evil, they are probably very nice folks.  I do think that Boo Boo needs to learn some manners, cause she is a brat on the talk show circuit, and seems to be VERY spoiled.  But I guess when you are bringing home the bacon, you can eat it all and not get chastised for it!

I just don’t think she is a good role model for young girls who want to get into the pageant circuit, or anything circuit for that matter!  She is out of control on many levels, and is proud of her big belly and her Go Go Juice and everything else.  She is rude and impolite to adults.  She thinks the world revolves around her.  And in her family and little home town, it does!

I just can’t imagine a grown up Honey Boo Boo Child.  I honestly don’t think her fame will last much longer.  As soon as people get tired of her antics and she is too old for the toddler tiara circuit, I think she will drop off the radar.

So Boo Boo, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.  I think you’re on minute 14 already.

72 days

Let me preface this by saying that I am NOT a Kardashian fan.  I watch sporadically, and you can’t help but see them all over the news.  BUT.  In the case of Kim’s wedding, that big bully would not have lasted 72 HOURS with me.

Kris Humphries is arrogant, cocky, and a huge bully that throws Kim around like a rag doll, which to me borderlines on assault.  Aside from her moneymaker ass-et, Kim is a very tiny girl.  Before they were married and they went on a vacation, he tossed her in the water like she was shark bait, and then when she was upset that her huge diamond earring was lost, he called her a drama queen.  Whatever Kris, then cough up the money for a replacement you ignorant ass.

I do think that this whole “fairytale wedding” thing was kind of a farce, but it’s too bad they didn’t pick a more likeable groom.  But maybe they picked him on purpose, so everybody could see what idiot he was.  It seems that Kim is taking the whole blame on this thing.  I’m just waiting for her to tell the tabloids the truth, on how much he physically abused her, and turn it back on him.  Maybe it will develop on the current New York show.  The opener showed him tossing her around again and physically restraining her, and she actually did complain for once, saying he was too strong for her.  He bent her toe nail in half, and called her a drama queen.  I just saw red at that point. 

He wouldn’t even move his luggage for the cleaning people.  He said he’s “not gonna do that right now”.  Seems to me that he’s a lazy ass too.  Wonder what he is doing now in Minnesota, waiting on his basketball season to be officially over.  I guaranty he will go after more of Kim’s money.  He disgusts me.  Classless.

Who wants to get in line behind me to give him a well deserved bitch slap??

Dancing with the Enemy?

Dancing with the Stars premiered last night amongst great controversy.  Certain groups of people are upset that a transgender person is dancing.  They say it will give the wrong message to children.

Oh, you mean the message that you can wear almost nothing on prime time TV is ok though, as long as you are dancing?  As long as you aren’t “different”?  Trust me, children would not even KNOW that Chaz is transgender unless YOU tell them, and even then they probably won’t care.  And ABC doesn’t mind stirring the pot as long as it translates into ratings.  DWTS has had gays, old ladies with overflowing bosoms and truck driver language, controversial athletes, and many D lister stars who wear the skimpiest of costumes, let alone the professional dancers.  Throw in an Osmond or a Kardasian and you have a great season! 

Children are exposed to all kinds of things from an early age on.  Do you remember how horrified everyone was about Jon Bennet Ramsey in her little pagent costumes?  Nowadays, Toddlers and Tiaras are stuffing fake boobs and butts into their little stars who are barely out of diapers!   All in the name of fame…..

Reality TV is everywhere, and most of it ain’t pretty.  Housewives cussing and swearing and bitch slapping each other, Bachelors and Bachelorettes back stabbing and hooking up right and left, partners abusing each other as they race around the world (and they win awards for this!)…..the list goes on and on.  Even the commercials ain’t your father’s Buick!

I myself am of the age where Happy Days couldn’t play in Peoria, where I grew up.  Boy, things have certainly changed!  Do you think it is for the better?  I am curious to know.