Herman Cain’s 15 minutes of fame

Hey Herman….how’s that 15 minutes of fame working out for you?  Not so good?  That’s what I thought.  Haven’t you learned ANYTHING from your predecessors in politics, or in the public eye for that matter?  If you aren’t SQUEAKY CLEAN, stay out of the pool!

His ad campaign commercial where his Chief of Staff blows smoke and then Cain gives that swarmy smirky smile at the end sums him up perfectly.

I wonder how many office pools are out there taking bets on how long it will be until the wife leaves and the truth comes out.  The truth will always come out.  You can’t pay off EVERYONE to keep their mouth shut. (Although what the sexual allure that Cain thinks he has bemuses me).  It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat, Republican, sports star, movie star.  And don’t you dare play the race card Herman!  You preyed on all colors of women!

I would have more respect for him if he had just fessed up and taken his lumps like a man.  The public will always forgive you if you tell the truth.  Hey, it only took Tiger a year after he told the truth.  Now he’s back on the top of his game.

IMHO, Cain is a swarmy sexual predator, and will get his just deserts.  Never liked him from the get-go.  Hopefully he will fade into oblivion where he belongs.  Karma’s a bitch Herman.  Shut your mouth and take it like a man.  I am not listening to you anymore and am glad I dont have to look at your face or hear your 9-9-9 tag line again!