Smitten with a Kitten

Simon the Siamese Scaredy Cat died late Friday night from a heart defect.  He was a young cat.  Once again my heart was broken, and I made a total fool of myself being emotional and crying buckets of tears.  Again.  I railed at God and wondered why all my animals had to die.  This year.  Three of them.  And if anybody EVER says to me again “it’s only an animal” I will drop them where they stand.  (FYI nobody ever said that to me about Simon.  It was about my dog.  And he was nobody I will ever see again.  He was NEVER a friend).

My sister wanted to run out and get me a new kitten, but I couldn’t imagine any other cat than Simon.  He was the perfect cat for me, and I loved him so much. But God had different plans for me.

As I was leaving my house Sunday afternoon, I saw my neighbors outside.  They had asked me a few weeks back if I wanted another cat, as the wife had taken one home that was found at her work.  At the time I said no.  But something yesterday made me swing into their driveway and inquire about the kitten.  They said their other animals were getting along with it a little better.  I went on my way, not sure if I was relieved or disappointed.

Later than evening, I got a phone call from them.  They said “Come get your new son!”  I went over in my PJ’s to meet the kitten.  What a handsome little guy!  He was bouncing all over the place and was full of piss and vinegar.  But my heart melted.  I took him home for a trial run.

He spent a good hour exploring my house, and sniffing around for that “other” cat smell.  Then he climbed up my legs into my lap with his little sharp kitten claws and then curled up in neck/shoulder and promptly started to purr, before he nodded off.

Later we went to bed.  He snuggled right up against me.  He was so tiny I was afraid of rolling over and crushing him, but we made it through the night without incident.  I did hear him thrashing around with kitty toys a few times during the night, but in the morning he was sound asleep in my neck.  (Note to self:  remove all kitty toys from bedroom)

I am totally smitten.  I named him Ozzie.  Isn’t that a cute name?