2 Fast 2 Furious 2 Dead?

Is it just me?  Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that Fast and Furious 7 is coming out soon, with Paul Walker, and not Paul Walker, in a starring role.  I mean, Paul Walker died in a Fast and Furious Fiery Crash, on a break from filming this movie.

Should it go on?  Should it have been halted?  Should we be promoting films that glamorize speed?

Everything looks so easy in a movie.  But these dangerous moves are carefully planned out and take days to film.  They have stuntmen.  But they are the kind of movies where everybody leaves the theatre and may drive a bit faster on the way home.  You know.  Revved up by the movie.  Still under its thrall.  It’s like when you drive a long way on an expressway, and when you finally get off the exit, driving normally seems so slow.

But things don’t go that way in real life.  In real life when you drive a Porsche at almost 100 mph in a 45 mph zone on a city street in California and hit a concrete lamppost, you are going to die.  I have seen a video that 2 guys sitting in a car across the street took, and it is NOT a good way to die.  Fast maybe.  But not a chance of survival.  The car burst into flames almost immediately.  The eerie thing is, it almost looks like Paul Walker stands up and tries to escape the flames.  I’m sure he didn’t, but many people saw the same thing.  Awful, just awful.

I think he was a very talented man, who died tragically way too young.  I don’t think I will watch Fast and Furious 7.  I’m sure many people will though, just to see his last movie.  But is it glamourizing a very dangerous, if not deadly, way of life?  What do you think?

Live by sword, die by the sword?




phobiaWhen I was younger, I didn’t understand “phobias”.  I wasn’t reckless, but I did many things without fear.

I skied the highest mountains, I rode up chairlifts 10,000 ft., I drove my Mustang GT fast, I rode snowmobiles, I drove on expressways.  I crossed high bridges

Not anymore.  Now, I am scared.  Frightened out of my mind.

It started slowly.  I remember being in Europe in my early 30’s, and was too scared to cross over the mountain pass on Mount Blanc, the highest peak in Europe.  Too much space around me, too narrow a path.  Certain death awaited me.

Next I was too scared to sit in the upper deck at baseball games. When walking to my row it felt like I would just pitch forward into the infield.  Gravity would not hold me at that angle.  I wanted to fall to my knees and crawl to my seat, and would have if it wasn’t concrete.

Then it was the driving.  Too scared to drive fast.  By this time I had traded the Mustage for an SUV.  I drove like an old lady.  I drove like my mother, always looking for a child or animal to dart into the street.  People make fun of me, but what’s the point of passing someone on a winding two lane road when there is a line of traffic.  You’re going to risk your life to get there 2 seconds sooner?  And I am a horrible passenger, I hate driving with people who tail gate and accelerate fast and brake hard.  Why not just glide, and save some gas while you are at it?

Next came high bridges.  This one almost cost me my life, and my date’s too.  We were driving to a PGA tourney in Kohler Wisconsin on the expressway, and before I knew it we were on this curving high bridge, way over the city.  My hands froze on the wheel, my heart started palpitating, sweat was running down my face, and I thought I was going to die.  My date was still chattering to me, and I could not even find my voice to tell him to STFU.  Well, obviously I made it across, but I told my date then that he would have to drive home because I was too scared.  He proceeded to get stinking drunk at the golf tourney, and I was forced to drive home too, the same way, because I didn’t know how else to get home.  This is how my date almost lost his life, because I would have gladly killed him.  In fact, when we got back to my house,  I none too gently shoved him into his car and told him to get lost.  I never spoke to him again.

Too scared to drive on expressways, because it seemed like truckers would try to prevent me from merging into traffic, or changing lanes.  Twice in a row, I was trying to merge onto the expressway after work, and a truck wouldn’t not let me merge in.  I’m on a ramp, with space running out before I hit the guardrail going over a hill, and if I sped he, he sped up, if I slowed down, he slowed down.  It basically became a game of chicken, because I couldn’t stop, there were cars behind me.  So I floored the old 8 cylinder and hoped I could make it in front of the truck, who very kindly blew his air horn at me, scaring the BEEJESUS out of me and almost causing me to fly over the overpass.  I was doing 90 when I cut in front of him, barely missing the guardrail, and that asshole was still speeding up.  I literally saw my life flash before my eyes.  I got off at the next exit, and just sat there, shaking.  I would say never again, but I have driven on the expressway to go O’Hare, but not using that on ramp.  Never again for that one.

Basically I think I have a fear of height, and speed.  Maybe it’s just old age, lol.

What are YOUR phobias?

P.S.  I won’t even mention spiders.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!