Top Ten Reasons to be Self-Employed

10. You don’t have set your alarm

9.  You can go to swim class 3 mornings a week

8.  You can work in your pajamas

7.  Your cat can be your assistant

6.  You don’t have to drive in snowstorms

5.  You can work when you have insomnia

4.  You don’t have to get involved in company politics/gossip

3.  You are your own best friend and advocate

2.  You don’t have to cry on your way home from work every day

And the NUMBER ONE reason to be self-employed:

1.  You don’t have to work for an egotistical, narcissistic boss who is a liar/cheater/scammer/thief

Counting my lucky stars today!  So blessed to be FREE!


Top Ten Things I Can’t Live Without


Or as I like to call it, Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs.  Let’s assume I already have the basics, and can move along to the good stuff.

The reason this all came up is because I lost my Kindle this afternoon for about 10 minutes, and the sense of panic I felt was overwhelming.  I am so used to “ebooks” now that a paper book just won’t do.  Plus I’ve read all my paper books.

I feel naked without all my electronics.  Those of you who know me well know I always keep my cell phone close to my heart in my bra.  My tablet with my Kindle loaded on it doesn’t fit in my purse, so I have a slip-on leather case WITH a soft touch keyboard for it, so I am always connected.  Because my laptop is too big to carry around.  I went for large screen as opposed to portability.

So I guess electronics would rate high on my list.  So here goes:

1.   My pets

2.   Cell phone

3.   Tablet

4.   Laptop

5.   TV/cable (Walking Dead, Games of Thrones….come on!)

6.   Bidet  (Because I’m high class that way)

7.   King Size Air Bed  (Because I’m spoiled that way.  Actually because of my bad hip)

8.   4 wheel drive SUV  (Because I live in the Midwest, duh!)

9.   4 wheel drive ATV  (Because I live on a LAKE in the Midwest, duh!)

10.  Toothbrush.  (Because I can’t stand dirty teeth!)

So.  What are YOUR top ten?  Tell me, inquiring minds want to know!


Top Ten Male Attractants

1.  A man in a watch.  Preferably a black band.  Not a metal band, or flex band.

2.  A fresh, clean, nautical scent.

3.  Pearly whites.  Especially if they have fangs. lol

4.  Funny and witty.

5.  Well spoken and well read.

6.  Dark hair and blue eyes, or blond hair and blue eyes.  NO BROWN EYES   ANYMORE!

7.  Clean and neat in appearance and lifestyle.

8.  Knows his way around a hammer.

9.  Treats his mom like a queen.

10. Is moral and ethical.

I could go on and on but I don’t want to sound too picky, haha.  Are the above qualities too much to ask for, all in ONE man?  I guess, because men like this are few and far between.

What attracts YOU to a man?  Any good qualities I missed?

Have a great weekend!

Top Ten Movies of 2012

I would say that I am quite the movie fan.  I am NOT a movie critic, just know what I like and don’t like.  I go at least once a week, sometimes more if they release a bunch of good ones over a holiday week.  I remember spending Christmas Day watching Avatar a few years back!

Sometimes it freaks me out when I go to my local theatre and realize I have seen every movie on the marquee (minus the obvious kiddie cartoon type).

I’ve seen a lot of good movies this year.  Slept through some.  Walked out on one.  Here are my Top Ten favs:

1.  The Hunger Games.  Read all the books, wasn’t sure how it would translate into a PG-13 movie without going into all the blood and guts realities.  After seeing the movie I was convinced that the books should not have been classified for “Young Adults”, and that they should have made an “R” rated movie.  But after I saw it the second time, I conceded to the brilliance of the movie.

2.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  Yeah, I know.  Weird choice.  But it moved me.  Had a great story line.  Made me cry.


3.  The Avengers.  Mainly because of my Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.  The dude rocks it, big time.  Plenty of eye candy in this movie.

4.  Bourne Legacy.  Jeremy Renner fan.  That is all it needed.

5.  Snow White & the Huntsman.  The Queen demanding “Bring me her heart!”  One of my fav scenes ever.

6.  Prometheus.  Again Charlize Theron was highlight of movie.  Programmed her own abortion, just in the nick of time.  Ridley Scott keeps the Alien suspense alive and kicking!


7.  Looper.  Slept through the whole middle the first time, so was very confused.  Saw the whole thing the second time and made more sense.  Great flick.

8.  Dark Knight Rises.  Still not a huge Christian Bale fan, his whisper/lisp bugs me.  Glad this trilogy is over.  Time for a fresh one.

9.  Dark Shadows.  Grew up watching Barnabas Collins.  Johnny Depp was superb.

10. Brave.  Fiery red-headed green-eyed girl.

There are a LOT of good new movies still due to come out this year, and I can’t wait.  However, I did go see Cloud Atlas yesterday, and walked out after about an hour.  I just didn’t get it.  But I’m really looking forward to:

Flight, Life of Pi, Skyfall, The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Red Dawn, Gravity, Jack Reacher, Jack the Giant Killer, Silver Lining, Hitchcock, Playing for Keeps, Hunter Killer, and of course the final Twilight, Break Dawn Part II.

I’m sure my Top Ten will change.  It might become my Top Twenty.  What is your favorite movie this year?  I would like to know!