Blow on this, you Quackers!

DDI think most of America is aware that the Duck Dynasty clan has been taking a bit of heat lately due to what their patriarch Phil Robertson has to say about gays and African Americans.  Oh, and now add to that a comment he made a few years back about marrying teenage girls before they get too old to pick your pocket.

Whew.  Quite the conundrum for the A&E Network.  Duck Dynasty has been a ratings buster for A&E, even beating out Breaking Bad season finale.  First they suspended Phil from the show, then they changed their minds once they saw the $$$ rolling out the door.  Now?  I’m sure more of these old comments are going to surface, made by Phil or one of the clan.  Can’t take down the dynasty?  Look what happened to Paula Dean.  Her huge empire was taken down in a flash.

A&E is going ahead with their backing of Duck Dynasty, in the face of boycotts and death threats by fanatics of the show.  I don’t really watch the show, so I don’t have an opinion either way on whether or not I would be heartbroken if the show didn’t go on.  Yes, I believe you have the right to say what you want (the 1st Amendment) but since even the US Supreme Court has struggled with exactly what constitutes free speech, I believe in free speech WITHIN REASON.  I’m not going to be the one yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre.  Likewise, I believe that public figures should temper their remarks in public, being mindful of their audience.

So Duck Dynasty will go on as planned, unless the sponsors (who bring in the $$$$) start to slowly and quietly slip away.  In that case, I see a cancelled show on the horizon.  But Duck Dynasty is an example of capitalism at its best.  Take a bunch of clean-cut college educated rich guys, and make them into “fake” rednecks with flowing beards, and more money starts rolling in.  I don’t think you would have seen the guys playing ping pong in the warehouse instead of doing inventory back when the company was started.  Luckily they are in a position now that they can play hard instead of work hard.  They are laughing all the way to the bank, stroking on their money-infused beards.

What is YOUR opinion on the clan, or the network’s decision?


Ten Years Later


Hard to believe, it’s been 10 years since we last invaded Iraq with “shock and awe”.  Ten long years.  So let’s see what has happened during those ten years:

4,500 U.S. Troops killed

32,000 wounded, many with brain/spinal injuries, and loss of limb/s

Iraqi citizens killed – hard to estimate, 100,000 to 600,000

$3 TRILLION spent

Returning vets – 9.4% unemployment, PTSD, 22 suicides a day

Now, after all of this sacrifice, I’m sure we left Iraq a better place, no?  No.  Ask the Iraqi population if their lives have changed for the better.  With a Shiite Prime Minister, there are Sunni gunmen and al Qaeda’s suicide bombers killing hundreds each week.

Now President Obama is assuring Israel that will stop Iran from making a nuke.  Really?  When does it stop?  Where does it stop?  Are we responsible for policing the entire world?  What about our own problems?  Our own national debt?  Our own starving and homeless and unemployed people?  We are self-imploding.  Ya think any other country is going to rush in and rescue us, to the tune of 3 TRILLION DOLLARS?

Well of course not, don’t be ridiculous!  That’s right.  Don’t. be. ridiculous.

You know what I think?  Que sera, sera.  Quit butting in to every other country’s business.  They will figure it out.  If they fail, they fail.  Sink or swim baby.  Third world countries have a revolution on an almost daily basis.  One day they will get it right.  For crikey sake, AMERICA has one of the most nonpartisan corrupt governments around!  We can’t even get a freakin’ budget passed!  So maybe we should just mind our own stinkin’ business, cause we sure do screw up our own country pretty well.

Ahem, ok, so, Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Iraq!



The British Invasion


Superman, Spiderman, Vampires, Zombies and Harry Potter for crikey sake!  All British actors.  Gerard, Clive, Colin, Craig, Sean, Henry…..the list goes on for miles.  They do great American accents, for the most part.  They are everywhere!  And unless you happen to see them on a talk show or doing an interview, you would have no idea they are British.  And let’s not forget all the Aussies we have taken to our hearts…Mel, Russel, Nicole, the brothers Helmsworth to name just a few.  But it’s the Brits for discussion today.

Which leads me to the next logical questions…..why choose British actors over American actors for American films?  Are they better?  Are American actors getting British film roles?

Not so much.  It seems that Hollywood has been outsourcing their actors since the early days of film.  Gone With the Wind, Wuthering Heights, North by Northwest, From Here to Eternity, A Star is Born, Frankenstein are just a few of the many classics produced in Hollywood containing prominent roles for British actors.  We have not been as generous on the other side of the coin.  Not many American actors fare well across the pond.

For producers doing the hiring, they’re simply looking for the strongest talent
and expect the American accent to follow.  They feel the American actors just don’t seem as well-trained or as deep and complex.

Sounds like the American actors need to step their game up a bit to compete with the dearth of actors overseas that are more than happy to snap up any and all roles!


Take a ride on the Wall Street rollercoast – REDUX

Again, another blog I wrote awhile back.  Seems apropos again, which is sad.  When will we/they learn?

First of all, I HATE rollercoasters, I have vertigo and don’t like that feeling of losing my stomach and the fear of hurling off into space.  And that is exactly how Wall Street is making me feel lately, and I don’t like it.  So here’s what I want to know….

Where’s MY bailout??????  Remember back in 2008 when the Treasury’s TARP bill gave $500 BILLION to the banks to bail them out?  Well, that doesn’t count all the money the FED gave to banks and big companies in “loans”.  Do a little digging and you will find that it all added up to $1.2 TRILLION.  Yes, TRILLION.   The total amount lent to the private banking sector by the federal government was  about the same as the current amount of 6.5 million delinquent or foreclosed mortgages.  However, those borrowers haven’t gotten any meaningful government help.  The banks were covered, and then turned around and screwed their customers and forced them out of their homes.

I remember thinking way back in 2008, why don’t they just give all U.S. taxpayers $1 million each, and we could all pay back our own loans and perhaps have a little something left for retirement.  The bank would get paid, the auto companies would get paid, the charge cards would get paid…..everybody would be a winner.  But no.  Too easy, I guess.  The government would never trust the American people to bail themselves out, just like they don’t trust us to save for our own retirement.  Yeah, that social security is really gonna help us.

Retirees have lost a huge portion of their nest egg, and nobody is helping them, it’s all THEIR fault.  The middle class gets nothing except a shrinking paycheck or unemployment.  The rich are protected by the Republicans.  And the Democrats are lame ducks.  Which means they are sitting ducks, with Republicans taking pot shots at them in a barrel.  I have lost ALL faith and ALL respect for our government.  We the people, blah blah blah.  Nobody is a winner here, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican.  Let’s all blame one or the other.  That will do us a lot of good.

Ok, I’m stepping down from my soapbox now.

Where is my debt ceiling? REDUX

Another oldie but goodie for you folks.  This one is from last summer.  Funny how things circle around again.  This was written when the “fiscal cliff” was imminent and we put it off again.  And here we go again!

Well at the last minute possible we averted financial disaster.  Whew!  That was a close call.  Kept our triple A rating tho, and that’s the bottom line, right?  No?  You mean there’s more to it than that?  Far reaching repercussions of a lame duck congress?  Well, at least Obama was able to make it to Chicago to celebrate his birthday on time.  Oh, and a fund raiser.  A very expensive fun raiser.  And I’m sure the congress members scattered like leaves in the wind as soon as the vote was over.  After all, they have worked HARD this summer!  So they left a few issues on the table that will end up costing the government millions/billions.  Whatever.  They will get to it all in due time.  I mean, come on, they were forced to work over a holiday this year!  What sacrifices they make for us.  Us people with no jobs, no insurance, no government pension, no light at the end of OUR tunnels!  Where’s OUR bailout?  How high does OUR debt ceiling go before we self implode?

Maybe our government should be more concerned with taking care of the AMERICAN people before they care of every other stinking person on this planet.  Maybe our fingers are in too many pies, or trying to hold too many dikes back.  We are always the first ones to come to the rescue, and stick our noses in other countries business.  When will WE come first?  There are sick and starving and homeless people in THIS fine country of ours.  There are home grown terrorists here.  There are natural catastrophes here.  There is civil unrest here.  When will we solve our OWN problems, and quit trying to solve the problems of the world first?

It’s just too easy to point the finger and blame somebody else.  It’s the President’s fault.  It’s the Republican’s fault.  It’s the Tea Party’s fault.  It’s the Union’s fault.  It’s never MY fault, or OUR fault.

Maybe we all need to get back to a simpler life, where we are responsible for our own actions, our own debt, our own country.  Live and let live.  Help out when you can.  Share what you can.  Make the world a better place, by starting at home.

Michael Jackson – A Tragedy of Black of White – REDUX

Michael Jackson

I originally posted this a couple of years ago when I started blogging.  I have fallen off the pace as of late due to family crisis, but thought I would share some of my old musings for my newer followers.  I will get back on the horse in the new year.  Meanwhile, enjoy some of my previous posts!

I must preface this by stating that I am conflicted by the whole MJ thing.

On the one hand he was an amazing talent with huge entertainment value. I spent a whole weekend rewatching all his videos and listening to his songs. I had forgotten how revolutionary he was. His dance steps were a world into themselves. He moved with seemingly effortless grace, the result of perfecting his moves in front of mirrors. He had an instinctually knowledge of how to move his body to the best visual effect. There is no doubt in my mind that he was indeed the King of Pop. The Thriller video still excites me to this day. The Guinness World Records dubbed the video the “Most Successful Music Video” of all time. Also, it’s interesting that both of his ex-wives speak very fondly of him. Lisa Marie blogged that their marriage was not a sham, and that she failed him. He knew he would die a similar death to her father’s. Debbie Rowe has not said anything derogatory about him that I have seen so far (of course the money gag helps). They both said they were very happy being married to him.

On the other hand, however, I look at the metamorphasis that is MJ, especially physically. Pictures don’t lie, and scanning the photos of him from child to death is like looking at a tragic plastic surgery story gone wrong. I read where every time he looked in the mirror, he saw his father’s face, and so he kept trying to erase that face. MJ was very successful at eradicating every vestige of African American features he had. His skin was pure white. His nose was thin and small, too much so. His lips were thin and dainty. His children were of white biological parents. Yet ironically the black community still holds him up as an icon of their race.

Brooke Shields described him as being asexual, and I think that is the perfect description of him. Most of his dancing was very sexually explicit (I believe he started the crotch-grabbing phase), yet in real life he was child like in his behavior and demeanor. I think he genuinely loved children as he could relate to them the best. Was he a pediphile? Did he touch children inappropriately? A jury says no. Multi-million dollar “settlements” are suspect tho. Doesn’t prove he is guilty, doesn’t prove he is innocent. I don’t think we will ever know, as he only answers to God now.

He was very generous, and gave millions to charity. However, Bill O’Reilly criticized Jackson for “incredible selfishness — spending hundreds of million dollars on himself while singing ‘We Are the World,'” and said that it “should make any clear-thinking American nauseous.” I tend to agree with part of that statement. I remember watching a TV special on MJ some years back, and he would walk into stores and point at things and they would be bought and delivered to his house. Millions of dollars of things he probably never looked at again.

Finally, he wasn’t called Wacko Jacko for nothing. Think Neverland, Bubbles the chimp, surgical masks, baby over balcony, oxygen chambers, the Elephant Man. I could go on and on but you get my drift. One thing you can say about Michael was there was never a dull moment. I think he was a tortured soul. The drugs found in his house would attest to that. I think his upcoming tour would have put him back in the limelight in a GOOD way. I am sorry we won’t be able to share that moment with him.

He went from King of Pop to Wacko Jacko. A true tragedy of Black and White.

“I Am Tired Of This Devil I Am Tired Of This Stuff I Am Tired Of This Business

It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White”

Death surrounds us

It was not the best of days today.  Yesterday my BIL died of a heart attack.  In the midst of trying to make death arrangements, our country once again was placed in the hands of a madman who decided to murder children.

I am mad.  I am angry.  I am frightened.

It is bad enough that we have to witness the death of our loved ones from “natural causes” like heart disease.  It is yet a whole different ballgame when we have to watch our children be slaughtered by some sick asshole with a gun.

When will it stop?  How do we stop it?  Why does it happen?  Where do they get the guns?  Should they have guns?  Do we need to ban guns?

So many questions, that will never be answered.  The answer died with a mentally ill gunman who had an obvious distaste for his mother.  Just wish he had kept his family dysfunction at home, and not taken it to the public sector.  Another infamous gunman.  Such a waste.

Instead of being able to concentrate on my family and make arrangements to lay a good man to rest, I gotta listen to death and destruction laid upon poor innocent people’s doorstep.

Everyone is shocked and appalled.  Even our President, apparently.  I can’t believe all the bashing I am seeing of him because he spoke as a parent to other parents and shed a few tears.  Jeez people, take your misguided anger and frustration out on the fuckers shooting up America.  You want the gun laws changed?  Overnight?  Good luck with that.  Doesn’t matter who is President.  The debate will be/has been argued on both sides for decades.

An awful thing.  My BIL died.  And so did so many more people.  They will all be mourned.