2013 is on!


This is it.  Now or never.  New goals are written.  Plans are in place.  January is booking up.

Went to the doctor last week, with a difference.  I have health insurance now, first time in 4 years.  Many things have been neglected, now is the time to catch up.  Blood work was drawn.  Medications tweaked.  Many are gone now.  I spent most of last year weaning myself off what I thought was unecessary.  Did find out my thyroid is totally wacked out, and needed a huge dose adjustment for that.  Done.  Mammogram appointment needed.  Done.  Diet overhaul needed.  Done.  Joined Weight Watchers 360.  Crohn’s doctor appointment scheduled.  Will schedule colonoscopy.  Will look into new injectable biological meds to help both Crohn’s and Crohn’s related arthritis, which is crippling my body right now.  Join YMCA for swimming classes.  Done.  Still need to schedule skin cancer screening with oncologist, have missed 3 annual appointments, not good for someone with a history of malignant melanoma.  Naughty girl am I.  Still need to fix my damn back/leg.  Appointment calls are in.

Next up, grow my home business.  Tax season is upon us, that will help.  Design new business cards.  Check.

Most of all, write.  And write more.  And more.  Grow the book.  And keep reading the good books from the good book list.

It feels good to have a plan.  Gonna catch that tiger by the tail and shake it!