The songs of my life!

songsI love songs.  I love the lyrics.  I love the love, the heartache, the angst.  It seems there is song for everything.  Every situation in life.  Situations you didn’t even know existed, until they happened to you.
“My songs know what you did in the dark”…..See, they know EVERYTHING!  I’m one of those people that thinks in song lyrics.  People say something to me, and I want to respond in song, because I know a lyric that will fit.

Sometimes I do sing it out.  I love to sing, and see nothing wrong with responding in song.  I’m not a good singer, but I’m not a bad singer.  I’m just someone that enjoys singing along to the radio or CD or just me.

My roommate in college came from a very musical family, and she taught me how to sing.  Every night in the dorm, we would hang upside from our tiny little beds that met in the middle of the room, and sang.  She taught me how to carry a tune, and a few nuances.  We then joined the choir at Illinois State, and I learned how much I loved to sing.

When I was working at Rust-Oleum, they had a Christmas Choir call The Rusty Voices that went all over singing at hospitals and nursing homes etc.  We were quite good, I must say, and I loved the camaraderie and fun of it all!

Sometimes at the local watering hole we start playing some oldies but goodies and shout, I mean sing, our favorite songs all night.  Bye Bye Miss American Pie can take up half the night, lol.  Paradise by the Dashboard Lights is always a favorite.  Oh then we always throw in some vintage Frank and Dean.  Delightful!

At the local Y where I go swimming, I’m always singing and dancing in the pool during class.  It entertains the seniors, and I have fun too.

Other than that, I typically sing to myself.  When my doggies were alive, I took them out walking every night.  We would start out with Maddie’s favorite song, the Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and then finish up with a rousing rendition of Mollie’s favorite, Bohemian Rhapsody.  My brother down the street would be in his garage and hear me singing going around the block, and ask people who the crazy lady was, lol.  My neighbor across the street would be outside smoking, and loved to hear me sing, and always came out when she saw me walking the girls.  I miss my girls so much.  I haven’t sang their songs since they died.

But I sing plenty of other songs!  Who else out there sings?  Come on, ‘fess up!



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