Some follow up thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn1A little while back I wrote a blog when Caitlyn first appeared on Vanity Fair.  I was amazed at how stunning she looked.  Transitioning from a man to a woman is not an easy thing to pull off.  So I started to wonder about some things…..

Did all those years with the Kardashians help train Caitlyn to become the newest fashion maven?  Her picture is everywhere now, wearing this or that.  Apparently she has very good taste in clothes, although to me it’s hard to find a 6’2″ large boned person very graceful, especially in high heels. Her hands still look very manly, to me.  But, she does have all kinds of advice from her children about her clothing choices, so I am sure she will be dressed to the nines at all time.  No more running out for coffee in track suits like the old “Bruce with Boobs” days.


I also couldn’t help but wonder how Caitlyn looks when there isn’t a whole staff of hair and people making her beautiful.  I mean, I can see it for the photo shoot, but what do you do on a Monday morning?  When most people roll out of bed after a long weekend of partying or dressing up, they might look a little disheveled.  Oh wait, maybe like this:

Caitlyn nomakeupSo, she is human after all!  Good to see.

I think, overall, that Bruce Jenner bided his time until exactly the right moment to reveal his transition.  We are more accepting about most things hetro/homo/trans.  Bruce built up the anticipation beautifully, especially with the Diane Sawyer interview.  Now people wait with bated breath to see where she is going, with who, and, most importantly, what she is wearing.

Good job, Caitlyn.

P.S.  I’m still waiting to see who she will date.  She has been linked with another transgender, but it could just be a friend.

Dear Good People of America,


Are we actually “entertaining” the thought of making this man President?  Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States, DONALD TRUMP!

He was center of controversy last night again, in the first Republican debate.  He came out with all guns blazing.  His latest enemy is now Megan Kelly, the Fox News Moderator who asked him the tough questions and called him on some remarks he has made.  Which he has conveniently forgotten, and is going to look them up, btw.  He calls his running mates “contestants”. like the Presidential race is a reality game show.  He was up until 4 a.m. this morning with his twitter wars.


Is this the man we want to represent us to other countries?  Can you imagine him at a State dinner, berating the staff and offending visiting dignitaries?  “Hey your wife is a fat pig, reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell, I don’t think we want to do business with your country”.  Or “Is your wife so ugly she has to wear a veil and a sack at all times to keep from scaring people?”

While I think he DOES have a few valid points about how to change this country for the better, he is a narcissist, a bully, and a boor.  He needs to show compassion, level-headedness, and intelligence, all of which I’m afraid he is seriously lacking.  He is like a bull in a china shop in places where tip toeing through the tulips may be better.  And sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor.

Not with Donald though.  He says it like it is.  Fine and dandy for a reality TV show that makes money by entertaining the audience, but not necessarily an admirable trait in politics.

I won’t go into all the details on what the Golden Child said.  I will leave that for your own viewing pleasure, if you haven’t watched the debate yet.  You are in for a great time at The Donald Trump Show!





Bruce Jenner has now officially transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner.  A simply breath taking Vanity Fair cover and photos are out, and boy are they stunning!  Shockingly stunning.  Shocking when you think of how he looked most of his life.

bruce2Bruce was a very handsome man, and now she is a very stunning woman.

BUT.  (Isn’t there always a but?)  I saw the Diane Sawyer interview.  I saw Bruce up close in that interview.  He was dressed as a man then.  I tried really hard to imagine him dressed as a woman.  I could never have imagine this photo.

Because.  The BUT.  Up close, Bruce has wrinkles.  He has a lot of facial imperfections.  He has the loosey goosey neck old people get.  Crepey skin.  Skimpy pony tail.

You see NONE of that in the photos.  She is air brushed and lighted to the max.  And if that is all her hair, I need the number of her hairdresser.  Wait.  It’s Kim’s.  Never mind.  If you look REALLY CLOSE in some pictures, you can see a bit of age, cause, come on.  I don’t care WHO you are.  You can take off years, but not decades!

Bravo for Bruce/Caitlyn, but as a woman, I don’t think she is going to look like that on a regular basis.  Do you?  Does anyone?  Ok maybe a Kardashian.  But she is distancing himself from the show etc.  She is going her own way.  She broke twitter, for cry aye!

But when she wakes up in the morning as a 65 year old woman, she might look a little scary, just like the rest of us.  Hopefully, she will have enough time to be in hair and makeup for a few hours before she goes out for coffee.  But no matter, I think she is brave, and beautiful.

P.S.  But after seeing these pictures, I am even MORE confused when she calls herself a woman, but that she still wants to make love as a man.  She still wants to make love to women.  And she says she is not a lesbian.  Transgenders can be anything, apparently.  But it just doesn’t make sense to me.  How about you????????


Kardashians missed the boat on this one!


Yep.  They sure did.  Kris Jenner pushed Bruce out the door and continued on with her lucrative lifestyle of the Kardashians.  Taking full advantage of being single.  All the while, Bruce was mostly behind closed doors, gathering up steam for his big reveal.

And boy, reveal he did!  The interview with Diane Sawyer was a huge success, and brought Bruce to the forefront of the spotlight, along with his first two families.  Where were the Kardashians?  A little late to the party.

Obviously Queen Kris did not think that America would take Bruce into their hearts like they did.  She tried to distance herself from him as much as possible, afraid he would “embarrass” her.  It was all about her image, not his.

Now, Bruce did credit Kanye and Kim with coming around.  I think Kanye can smell success from a mile away!  And Kim went along with him, eventually encouraging Bruce.  Bruce’s biological kids, Kendall and Kylie tweets were shown on the show.  That was it as far as Kris’s family was seen on the show.  His first two wives were shown as being very supportive, but Kris?  Simply, “No comment”.  She claims she was never contacted.  Really?  Biggest upcoming show on TV and she let it slide by?  Not buying it.  Of course, after all the hoopla settled, she did tweet a very encouraging statement.  Hmmph.  Too little too late, in my opinion.

I have seen no pictures of Bruce with Kendall and Kylie lately, but maybe they weren’t out in public.  I have seen pictures of him with his first two families, and I am glad they are standing behind him.  If anybody has right to be pissed, it is those children.  Bruce basically became a “Kardashian” and his other children were pushed aside.  I remember how hurt Brandon and Brody were.  In fact, it was even shown on the KUWTK show.  I sure hope Bruce can mend some fences, in more ways than just his gender crisis.

Now, I must admit, I was skeptical when I first noticed Bruce transitioning.  I thought maybe he was doing it to spite Kris, or for the money.  Bruce was my hero back in his Olympic days.  And boy, he was HOT!  I mean HOT HOT HOT!!!  All women were madly in love with him.

But.  Apparently this the direction he wants his life to take.  I say live and let live.  I have no problem with whatever people want to be.  My only confusion is over his sexual and gender identities.  He says the two are completely unrelated.  He says he is a woman.  He says he is a heterosexual.  He says (quite emphatically) that he is NOT gay.  I say this does not compute.  If you are a woman, and want to have sex with only women, does that not mean you are a lesbian?  I don’t know all the transgender language etc., but if Bruce does have the surgery, and fully completes his body transition…..well, I don’t know.  In researching transgender, my head spins with all the different types that are recognized.  Apparently you can go from to man to woman, still prefer women, and still be considered heterosexual.  It is based on your gender at birth, not at transitioning.

There is a whole world out there that most people are not aware of.  People are not just black and white anymore.  There are many, many ways to feel, and live.

I am not going to judge.  I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake it off.



I am hooked on Outlander.  On Jamie Fraser in particular.  Ok, on Sam Heughan (the Scottish actor who portrays Jamie)  if I’m being honest.

I will say that I am SO glad that I started watching the show before I started reading the books.  I LIKE the books just fine, but I think if I didn’t have the Jamie/Claire visual in my mind, I would not like them much.  I tried reading Outlander once before, but found it tiresome.  But since I can picture the characters so clearly in my mind, and they are the perfect actors for the roles, I read the books as though they were a movie, and can see them speaking etc. in my mind’s eye.  I even can read the Scottish words with their accents, lol.

Outlander starts back up, on Starz, this coming Saturday, April 4th.  I can’t wait.  Game of Thrones used to be favorite series, but Outlander has drawn me in.  I love them both, not sure which one I love best, but as far as male leads go, Outlander wins hands down.  Perhaps because there are SO MANY character in Game of Thrones, lol.  Game of Thrones starts back up April 12, so it will be a good spring!

I remember I watched Game of Thrones last season on my 17″ laptop in the nursing home with HBO GO.  All the nurses/aides would come in to watch with me, lol.  I was very popular on Sunday nights!  But I am glad I get to watch this year on my big screen TV at home in my own bed.

I have read all of the Game of Thrones books (5 BIG ones), and am on Book 7 out of 8 for Outlander (also BIG books).  I read Game of Thrones much quicker than Outlander, not sure why.  Maybe because I am reading with an accent, lol.

Who else can’t wait??????


2 Fast 2 Furious 2 Dead?

Is it just me?  Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that Fast and Furious 7 is coming out soon, with Paul Walker, and not Paul Walker, in a starring role.  I mean, Paul Walker died in a Fast and Furious Fiery Crash, on a break from filming this movie.

Should it go on?  Should it have been halted?  Should we be promoting films that glamorize speed?

Everything looks so easy in a movie.  But these dangerous moves are carefully planned out and take days to film.  They have stuntmen.  But they are the kind of movies where everybody leaves the theatre and may drive a bit faster on the way home.  You know.  Revved up by the movie.  Still under its thrall.  It’s like when you drive a long way on an expressway, and when you finally get off the exit, driving normally seems so slow.

But things don’t go that way in real life.  In real life when you drive a Porsche at almost 100 mph in a 45 mph zone on a city street in California and hit a concrete lamppost, you are going to die.  I have seen a video that 2 guys sitting in a car across the street took, and it is NOT a good way to die.  Fast maybe.  But not a chance of survival.  The car burst into flames almost immediately.  The eerie thing is, it almost looks like Paul Walker stands up and tries to escape the flames.  I’m sure he didn’t, but many people saw the same thing.  Awful, just awful.

I think he was a very talented man, who died tragically way too young.  I don’t think I will watch Fast and Furious 7.  I’m sure many people will though, just to see his last movie.  But is it glamourizing a very dangerous, if not deadly, way of life?  What do you think?

Live by sword, die by the sword?


Still me?


I saw Still Alice last night.  It was a very powerful, realistic story of a woman with early onset of Alzheimer’s, at age 50.  And not just any woman.  A woman who was extremely intelligent, and was a professor at Columbia.  Her whole persona was painted by her linguist skills, of which she was very proud.  Now, it would be taken away from her.

Obviously you can’t track the insidious path that Alzheimer’s takes in only two hours.  However, I thought the film did a great job of showing just enough snippets of how her life changed as the disease progressed.  Ironically, the disease progresses faster the more intelligent its victim.

Alice tries to plan for her future, but seems to be thwarted at every turn due to her increasing loss of memory.  Her family, while supportive, each has their own lives to live.  While I initially thought her husband was very supportive, upon further reflection I have decided he was very selfish.  He did still love her, but he was very ambitious, as she had been, and he continued on his career path at the expense of spending time with his wife, going so far as to move away from her for a new job.

The children were an eclectic mix.  There was a very self-centered over-achiever older daughter, a busy doctor son, and a starving actress youngest daughter living across the country.

The ending will surprise you, in several ways.  One in the way in which the actual movie ends, and secondly in what happens to Alice.  I do not want to spoil it for any future movie watchers, so we will leave it at that.

I was initially conflicted about seeing this movie.  My own mother died from Alzheimer’s at the age of 75.  Her sister currently has it.  Looking back, I can see her decline over about 10 years.  To me, she seemed to change the most after knee replacement surgery.  When she woke up from anesthesia, she was VERY disoriented and confused.  She really had no idea what was going on for several months.  She did get better, but she was never the same.  I firmly blame the anesthesia, for uncovering or bringing on her Alzheimer’s.  Many scientific/medical journals have debated this question for years.  Anesthesia has been linked to cognitive problems, and also postoperative delirium, that can last from days to years.

I can say this, because I am living proof.  My mother had multiple medical problems and had many surgeries in her life.  I am her clone, and unfortunately have followed her same path in many ways.  I too have had many surgeries in my life.  Recently, the past two years, I have had 9 surgical procedures in regards to my hip.  Which each one, I felt my brain getting fuzzier and fuzzier.  I grasp at words sometimes.  I forget names.  I just don’t feel like I am as “smart” as I used to be.

Could it be coincidence?  Sure.  I am getting older, every year.  But I do think it has affected me to some degree.  I am so sure of it that I refused to have general anesthesia, and opted for a local for my last hip aspiration.  Did it hurt?  Yes.  Am I glad it hurt?  Yes.  At least I knew my brain was still functioning.

Do I worry about Alzheimer’s?  Yes.  Every day.  The stats are staggering.  I have a lot of factors against me.  I wish they would SOMETHING to help with this disease.  The Baby Boomers are a huge segment of population that tends to gets things done.  Elderly care has become a main issue because of their demands.  Many are of the Alzheimer’s age now.  I pray that the sheer number will spur more research and development of better drugs, or find a cure.

I still have guilt about my mom.  I should have been there for her more.  I tried.  I really did.  I worked full time, and there were many times I had to jump in my car and drive to her senior living apartment because she didn’t answer the phone.  Most times it was because she didn’t hang up right.  Then I found her on the floor.  Twice.  That was enough.  Her doctor recommended a nursing home, as she required 24/7 monitoring.  I knew she would hate it.  I remember checking her in, and in a moment of clarity, she looked right at me with her cloudy blue eyes and said, is this what my life has come to?  I cried all the way home, and for many days after that.  She did acclimate, and at least had more social interaction there than alone in her apartment, but I still felt guilt every time I went to visit her.  As the disease progressed, she didn’t know there was anything wrong with her, and I actually felt grateful for that.  I would like to think she died peacefully.  She did remember my name every time I saw her, and was always happy to see me.  She thought my dad, who had died more than 20 years previously, was there in the room with her, as a Scottie dog sitting in the corner.  I always said hi to him too.  I may have petted him on the way out.  It gave me comfort to think that my dad was watching over her.

Anyway, Still Alice is a GREAT movie, Julianna Moore gave an absolutely wonderful performance, and I am glad I saw it, despite my earlier conflict about it.  5 stars all the way.

Do you have any experience with Alzheimer’s?  Have you seen the movie?  I would love to hear your comments.

Second best?


Prince Farming is engaged.  Chris Soules picked Whitney as his bride-to-be.  I have know this since before the show aired, due to spoilers.  However, I think it adds to the drama to see how they edit the women on the show, and if she is a front runner, or comes from behind.  I don’t want every episode, especially if it gets annoying.  But I love the endings, lol.

Whitney definitely came from behind.  The front-runner was always Britt until she self-imploded in Iowa.  Then, the front runner was Becca, after she came clean about being a virgin in the Fantasy Suite.  The forbidden fruit, anyone?

Now I’m not saying that Chris Soules is a man-whore, at least not anymore than some of the other Bachelors.  He definitely was the make-out King tho, and has a certain reputation back in Iowa for being a ladies man.  Put 25 gorgeous women in front of a man, and he is not going to be posing for holy pictures any time soon.  But I do think that Chris was one of the most sincere bachelors, in quite a while, which was refreshing.  I loved it when he was uncomfortable and his eyes would start twitching and he would have to excuse himself.  He was NOT a bull-shitter.

While I think that Chris knew that Whitney was the LOGICAL choice, I think his heart was telling him differently.  I think his heart was really pining hopes on Becca.  I give props to Becca though, for holding her ground.  She wasn’t sure.  Heck, most of the Bachelor engagements don’t last, and she knew that.  So why declare your love and then break up a few months later.  There was no way Becca was ever going to move to Iowa.  So good on you, girl.

And boy, the look on Chris’s face when he saw Becca last night……now I’m no love expert, but he had puppy dog eyes all over her.  He hugged and kissed her multiple times.  He was wearing his heart on his sleeve.  And his lips.  And his hands.  Gotta wonder if Whitney was watching from back stage.  Chris said several times that he was “moving forward”.  Probably because looking back was too painful.

Whitney was the smart player, all season.  No drama, always said the right thing, gushed over Iowa and Chris’s family.  Is she madly in love with Chris?  Probably.  Is she going to move to Iowa any time soon?  Well, she did quit her job as a fertility nurse, and got a new job.  In Chicago.  Hmmm.  Sounds like she wants to take it slow.  Hmmm.  Kinda like Becca said, only SHE said it before the finale.

Whitney apparently decided she was NOT going to watch the show, except for her dates with Chris.  I think she KNEW that she would be VERY jealous of his relationship with other women.  I mean, come on, Chris was doing everything he could to get Becca to say she loved him, so he could pick her.  Obviously people/social media was all over that and like Whitney said last night, she couldn’t avoid hearing about it.  In fact, Chris Harrison ASKED her on live TV how she felt about it, after she said she didn’t want to know!  And then Chris Harrison was actually asking them if they were fitting in lots of time to make love!  Harrison is such a douche.

Don’t get me started with Jimmy Kimmel.  Jimmy always makes his predictions before the season starts.  He picks the top 4 girls.  He ALWAYS gets it right.  How?  He reads the same spoiler that I do, and millions of other fans.  Not that he gives any credit to Steve.  He pretends that he is a good guesser.  Come on.  And the cow named Juan Pablo?  It did give me a laugh.  But talk about cross overs….ABC has got the Bachelor everywhere.  But that’s cool.  It’s all about the money.  Gotta strike while the iron is hot.  Wonder how long Chris will last on Dancing with the Stars.  A few weeks at least, I would think.  We’ll see if Farm Boy’s got rhythm.

So.  Do YOU think Chris got it right?  Who was YOUR favorite?

P.S.  And how bout them two Bachelorettes?  Not a totally new thing.  They did it on the Bachelor with Byron.  Remember?


Johnny versus Jimmy









Johnny Carson.                                                           Jimmy Fallon.

The Tonight Show.  The longest running talk show in television history.  It has been hosted by some pretty impressive people.  I want to talk about the two best, in my opinion.

Johnny Carson was a legendary icon in entertainment.  He was a very talented man, and loved to play characters and do magic tricks.  He revolutionized late night television, and entertained insomniacs and late night people for decades.  I remember my mother and father watching him every night before bed, even though they had to get up early for work.  Their day just couldn’t end without Johnny.  There were no DVR’s back then, you had to watch in real time, and all the commercials too, lol.

Many people do not know that Johnny was very shy and retiring in his personal life.  He did not like to socialize, and stayed out of the public eye.  Being in millions of people’s living rooms every night was more than enough for him.

Now onto Jimmy.  What can I say?  I think that Jimmy is one of the most talented people on the planet.  He can sing, he can dance, he is handsome, he is funny, he is mostly Irish, he has a beautiful wife, 2 adorable kiddies, he has a GOLDEN RETRIEVER…..he is my kind of guy!  And everybody else’s too, based on his ratings.

I loved him on SNL, he could NEVER keep a straight face, lol.  I loved him in Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore, I love him with Justin Timberlake doing their history of rap, and HashTags, I love him doing his spot-on imitations of Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and other hit artists.  I love his skits.  I love his hosting (MTV, Emmys etc.)  I love everything about him.  Well, except for Ewwww.  Jimmy dressed as a teenage girl with braces is kinda scary.

I think the man has more talent in his little fingers than most people do in their entire careers.  He is the ultimate all-around entertainer.  (JT is another one like Jimmy).

Both Johnny and Jimmy were/are incredible on Late Night.  They were/are the best of their generation.  I have to give the nod to Jimmy though, in terms of overall talent.

Who is YOUR favorite?  Why?  I’d like to hear it!




Guns….to have or have not


No guns allowed.  That’s right.  No. guns. allowed.

These signs are posted everywhere now, it seems, especially since the passing of the concealed carry law here in Illinois.  Every gun crazy person is now sporting a gun hidden in a pocket of their new expensive “conceal” clothing.  A whole new market has opened up.








There are whole clothing lines, from lingerie to outerwear, just for gun toting.



The whole subject of guns is a hotbed of controversy.  I myself would prefer that guns were not hidden.  You got a gun, show it, so we know you are a big shot and “armed and dangerous”.  Don’t stick it in your underwear and accidently shoot your frank and beans off.

Speaking of which, there are a significant number of gun fanatics I know that suffer from small penis syndrome.  You know the type.  Mucho macho hard talking show off gun toters.  They can’t WAIT to be a vigilante and save people from a possible criminal.  They’ll shoot at the first sign of trouble.

But guess what?  You can’t bring your gun anywhere anymore.  The signs are up.  No guns allowed, in church, school, bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, grocery stores, retail stores… hey Mr. Macho, where ya gonna carry that gun?  Most likely you’ll have to leave it in the car.

Which leads me to an interesting story.  I was seeing a guy who had a huge case of small penis syndrome.  The first time he came to visit me I did not know he was a gun fanatic.  The next morning I looked outside and saw that he had left his car door open overnight.  He ran out like a flash, and was relieved to find that his GUN was still in the backseat.  I was livid.  My brother’s kids live yards away from my house, and what if they found the gun?  That’s what happens.  Kids find guns, and then kids die.  Anyway, I told him I did not want to be around guns but he continued to bring them (yes, multiple ones) and carry them into places even if they had a sign.  He was totally belligerent about the whole thing, and was one of the final nails in his coffin when I broke up with him.

And the whole Bambi thing.  Hunting.  How can you look a wild, free, beautiful animal in the eye and then shoot and kill it?  I just don’t get it.  My ex-boss shot a deer across the street in the woods, and then proceeded to hack it up in front of the office windows.  All. day. long.  I hope one day a deer will attack him, like in those crazy videos.  He deserves it.  And much worse.  So, let’s move along.

I am not TOTALLY against guns.  They have their place.  I myself have a FOID card, and like to go to the shooting range.  If I ever NEED to shoot, I want to know how.  When the Zombie virus hits, I want to use a gun, not a knife or sword and get their blood and guts all over me.  Unless I can be badass, like Michonne.

In the meantime though, I am not going to carry around my gun, looking for trouble. (George Zimmerman anyone?)  Most people I ask about why they carry guns say they would rather have it if they need it, then not have it and be sorry or dead.  And that if you pass a law and take away all the guns, the only guys that will have one will be the criminals.  Probably true somewhat.  But the stats show that most gun ownership results in higher gun-related accidents, homicide and suicide rates in the home.  I’m sure the NRA would dispute these stats.  But anyway.

It is a Catch-22 indeed.  What are your thoughts on gun?