Bruce Jenner has now officially transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner.  A simply breath taking Vanity Fair cover and photos are out, and boy are they stunning!  Shockingly stunning.  Shocking when you think of how he looked most of his life.

bruce2Bruce was a very handsome man, and now she is a very stunning woman.

BUT.  (Isn’t there always a but?)  I saw the Diane Sawyer interview.  I saw Bruce up close in that interview.  He was dressed as a man then.  I tried really hard to imagine him dressed as a woman.  I could never have imagine this photo.

Because.  The BUT.  Up close, Bruce has wrinkles.  He has a lot of facial imperfections.  He has the loosey goosey neck old people get.  Crepey skin.  Skimpy pony tail.

You see NONE of that in the photos.  She is air brushed and lighted to the max.  And if that is all her hair, I need the number of her hairdresser.  Wait.  It’s Kim’s.  Never mind.  If you look REALLY CLOSE in some pictures, you can see a bit of age, cause, come on.  I don’t care WHO you are.  You can take off years, but not decades!

Bravo for Bruce/Caitlyn, but as a woman, I don’t think she is going to look like that on a regular basis.  Do you?  Does anyone?  Ok maybe a Kardashian.  But she is distancing himself from the show etc.  She is going her own way.  She broke twitter, for cry aye!

But when she wakes up in the morning as a 65 year old woman, she might look a little scary, just like the rest of us.  Hopefully, she will have enough time to be in hair and makeup for a few hours before she goes out for coffee.  But no matter, I think she is brave, and beautiful.

P.S.  But after seeing these pictures, I am even MORE confused when she calls herself a woman, but that she still wants to make love as a man.  She still wants to make love to women.  And she says she is not a lesbian.  Transgenders can be anything, apparently.  But it just doesn’t make sense to me.  How about you????????