Bless me Father, for I have sinned?


The Pope quit.  QUIT.  I’m sorry, but the Pope is not allowed to quit.  Maybe he is old and sick and senile…..whatever.  The other Popes never quit.  You stay Pope until you die.  It’s tradition.

But.  There’s always a BUT, right?  When people quit out of the blue, there is usually an underlying reason for it.  And it’s usually not good.

The Catholic church has been under fire lately, mostly for priests that can’t keep their pants on around boys.  The Catholic church has been “recycling” these priests for years, in an attempt to cover up their “sins”.  Dear Lord, we Catholics are going to confession for our little sins and asking a pedophile for forgiveness.

And now, CARDINALS are dropping out of the Pope race because of scandals.  Good Lord, where does it end?  Does it end at the POPE?  Did he quit because he was tired of covering up for others?  Or for himself?

There is a document about leaks of a supposed network of gay priests.  A document that only the Pope, and his successor, have access to.  No plans to share it, not even among the conclave.  Once again the Catholic church chooses secrecy over transparency.

Please don’t preach to me about how I shouldn’t think such thoughts about holy men.  I’m sorry, they are HUMAN, they are NOT perfect, they commit SINS, no matter how HOLY they are.  I grew up as a good Catholic girl thinking that priests and nuns etc. were special people who had a true calling to God and were above human temptations.  I no longer think that.

The whole thing just makes me sad.  I do think that Popes should be able to retire or quit if they want to.  At a certain age maybe they are no longer effective.  Perhaps we should elect younger Popes.  But again, age is not the issue right now, I don’t think.  The issue is the failings inside the church.  Like any big corporation, just keep promoting the trouble makers, right?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

P.S.  Personally I think it was his Twitter account that caused all this mess.  Ha.

DWTS – rumors vs. reality

Boy were my predictions off on who might be dancing this season!  Just goes to show you that the gossip rags are way off target!  Although I think my picks might have been a bit more spicy than the actual ones appearing!

I got the boxer guy right.  Oh, and Sean, The Bachelor.  Yes, I know he did NOT appear on GMA this morning with the rest of the cast.  He will be a surprise addition, with Peta as his pro partner.  They will probably announce him at The Bachelor, After the Final Rose show.  They can’t announce him now, he is still on the show, right? 😉  Trust me on this one.  I follow, and his spoilers about the Bachelor are always right on.  So DON’T go there if you don’t want to know who wins, lol.  It’s usually all spelled out before the season even starts.  He’s got good intel.  So good that ABC has been trying to shut him down for years with frivolous lawsuits.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a new season of Prime Time Porn on DWTS!  It’s loaded up with the usual football/gymnast/boxing/soap opera/disney/singer stars!

More Prime Time Porn coming your way

dwtsGet ready for a brand new season!  Cast announcements coming up soon!  And boy oh boy, do we have some good ones for you!  Here is a sneak peek at some of the rumored contestants…..


Dina Lohan – yes, Lindsay’s “mother-of-the-year”.  Finally she’ll get her 15 minutes of fame!

mama june

Another mother-of-the-year – Mama June!  Honey Boo Boo was all booked up so Mama June is stepping in, ready to twirl her way to a banging body!


Katie Holmes – maybe she is the REAL mother-of-the-year.  She is a true fan of dancing (so is Siri) so I would have high hopes for Joey!


One more mother – we need another Kardashian, right?  Maybe Kourtney this time….


The Virgin Bachelor Sean Lowe – YES PLEASE!  Someone else to compete with Max’s shirtless bod! (His popularity pushed Emily Maynard to end of the line).


Deena Cortese – we all need some more Jersey Shore action!

jerry kidjerryJerry Supiran – a washed-up child actor from the eighties.   Supposedly flat broke and homeless – he blames a stripper.  Might be interesting…..


Victor Ortiz – always gotta throw an athlete in there.  This one’s a boxer.

Interesting line-up, eh?  NOT.  We’ll see what happens come Feb 26th on GMA.



When did I become a little bit Country? I thought I was a little bit Rock and Roll! REDUX


Last night was the Grammy’s.  You could have mistaken it for the Country Music Awards.  It did have a variety of music performances, but it seemed liked Country ruled the night.  Taylor, Blake & Miranda, Dirks, Carrie, Zac Brown, Mumford, and the adorable Hunter Hayes.  Let’s face it, Country music is now Mainstream.  Love it!


They’re everywhere it seems.  Country singers.  Hot country singers.  With cool songs.  Crossover songs.  Songs on the radio.  And not just on the country channel.

I blame it on American Idol and Carrie Underwood and Kelly Pickler.  The Voice and Blake Shelton.  Dancing with the Stars and Julianna Hough.  Nashville TV show and Connie Britton and Hayden Pantiere (who knew?).  Even my main man Gavin DeGraw has a bit of a twang and some of his songs could qualify for country.  It’s everywhere.

Country music has gone mainstream.  It’s not all about pickup trucks with gun racks and I lost my wife and dog but I still got this here bottle of Jack Daniels.  This is not your father’s music.  Love is still a central theme, but it is with all genre of music.  And the twang has been toned down.  It’s still there.  It’s still recognizable.  But it is definitely not a Patsy Cline or Johnny Cash kind of country anymore.  It’s a Taylor Swift world!

Seems like there are a LOT of fresh young beautiful female country singers.  I think this is one occupation where women rule!  My first “country” CD was Shania Twain, and I am glad she is back on the radar after some tough personal issues.  But I do love the country men tho.  Some of them are hot hot hot. Luke Bryan, Chuck Wicks, Keith Urban.  You get my drift.  But NOT Scotty McCreepy.  He reminds me of a scary clown mashup of  Howdy Doody and Alfred E. Neuman.  You be the judge, lol.

The CMA’s are this week, and will draw millions of viewers.  There will be spectacular performances by great singers.  Country singers.  Beautiful singers.  They might not even be wearing a cowboy hat and boots.  But it’s ok with me if they do.  Ain’t it cool?

Who is YOUR favorite country singer?

Love Story Woven into Songs – REDUX

Since I wrote this blog years ago, I have been lucky enough to see Gavin DeGraw in concert, up close and personal, at Ravinia.  We follow each other on Twitter, and I had sent him this FICTIONAL story, and he responded “Sometimes dreams come true!”  I wish, lol.

I wrote this story using many of the lyrics from his songs.  He thought that was really cool!  Those of you who are not familiar with his songs?  You should be.


Lately the main search topics for my blog have to do with Gavin DeGraw.  I wrote this post last year after he came on my radar during DWTS.  I still crush on him, and hope to see him live in concert sometime.  Check him out my friends, he is the total package!

gavin pointing


She went to concert by herself.  She was too embarrassed to ask any of her girlfriends to go with her.  They would think she was crazy ier.  She couldn’t explain her obsession, even to herself.  She was too old.  Wasn’t his type.  She told herself every excuse in the book.  But every night she dreamt about him.  Every day she watched his face, as she listened to his voice online.  All 17″ of him.  She wasn’t prepared, however, for the physical impact of seeing him in person….  She had saved up for a good seat and felt like she was staring right up at him.  Goose bumps ran up and down her spine, and she felt light-headed, like she would faint.  Her heart froze up and she forgot to breathe….and then he seemed to smile right down at her as he sang “I get you through it nice and slow, when the world’s spinning out of control”…. Pretty soon she couldn’t tell the reality from the dream.  Things started to get a bit hazy after the concert….

She found herself standing backstage, along with the usual groupies.  Someone asked her something, and she stuttered, “I’m with the band”.  They smiled knowingly, and walked on by. The band was winding down, having a few drinks.  Billy, his buddy and guitarist, handed her a glass.  She took a sip, and grimaced.  Then she heard the voice.  His voice.

“I’m drinking the brown liquor tonight, my friend”, he said.  “If that doesn’t suit you, I’m sure I could find some white lightning”, as he grinned, showing his boyish cockeyed toothy smile that melted hearts.  She looked up, and then around, wondering.  Is he talking to HER?  He clinked his glass to hers.  She could not move.  She was mesmerized.  His brown eyes crinkled at her, as he leaned his long, lanky frame on the doorway.  He put his free hand up on the other side, trapping her in between.

“What’s your story, sunshine, haven’t seen you around here before”, he said.  She lost her words, and downed the contents of her glass, hoping for some liquid courage.  She came up almost choking on the taste, but managed to hold it down.  As it burned fire in her belly, she could finally speak.  She leaned forward, and put her hand on his vest.  “I came here for you”, she said.

“Couple more of these”, he said as he tipped his glass full of brown liquor to her, “and you might just get your wish little lady”.

He whispered in her ear, “You’re like an angel, got me feeling like a devil, and I wanna give you something, if you promise that you won’t tell“.  He pulled a piece of black licorice out of his pocket, and dangled it in front of her.  “My favorite vice”, he said “besides coffee.”   “Goes good with the whiskey”, he breathed in my face.  She leaned forward and they took a bite together.  He smelled deliciously of well-earned sweat, whiskey, licorice and a faint lingering scent of cologne.  She inhaled deeply, to imprint his pheromones in her senses forever.

He pushed his hat back a bit with the glass in his hand.  She raised her eyes and said teasingly “Always with the hat?”  Leaning back against the door frame he said “That’s an excellent question, darlin’, an excellent question.  I’ve always worn a hat, since Little League, and now, I guess I think it adds to the mystery.  Does he or doesn’t he have hair, now that is the real question.”  “I know you have hair”, she said, “I’ve seen pictures without”.   “Now see you’ve gone and spoiled my mystique.  That’s all I’ve got going on”, he grinned.  “Oh, you’ve got a lot more than a hat going on”, she said.

“Maybe we should explore that”, he said, while pouring some more of the brown liquor.  “You’ll be my vacation away from this place. You know what I want.  Holding that cup, It’s pouring over the sides.  Make me wanna spread my arms and fly.

She reached for his hand.  He wrapped his fingers around hers, and looking back said “Billy, I’m leaving you for tonight, take care of the tour bus.” “Soon enough I’m taking my shot”.  He cocked his fingers like a gun. “Bang”.

They walked to the parking lot towards her car, away from the horde of fans waiting for him at the tour bus.  She said “You shouldn’t leave your fans disappointed”.  “Not to worry” he said.  “Most of them are happy enough with Pretty Boy Billy”.  As they drove towards her house, she glanced over at him.  “Well I would imagine you have all kinds of girlfriends everywhere”, trying to sound nonchalant about the images playing in her head.  He stared at her a moment.  “Well”, he said, “Let me be perfectly honest”.  “So before this goes too far, let me tell you what you are.  You’re amazing, I’m attracted, but I’m terribly distracted.  And I’m trying to be verbal, and I’m back into this circle because I just found someone special.  And that’s really something special if you knew me.  Nice to meet you, nice to meet you, nice to meet you anyway.  And even if you want me to stay here, I’m telling you right now I should leave before I get to changing my mind, dear. I hope you understand what I mean.”

She stopped the car in her driveway, and froze with her hands on the wheel.  She should turn around and take him back to his bus.  She wasn’t going to make herself a one-night stand, a moment of weakness, a mistake, just another cheap groupie looking for someone to brag about.   But he was honest with her, and she appreciated him all the more for it.  He placed his hand on hers.  She turned her head, looked deep into his eyes.  Satisfied, she took the keys out of the ignition, and opened her car door, walking up to the house without looking back…..

He followed her to the front door.  Put his hands on her shoulders, and turned her around.  He touched his forehead to hers.  “Darlin’, I think you understand me.  That I don’t want to be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately.  All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind.  I’m tired of looking ’round rooms wondering what I’ve got to do or who I’m supposed to be.  I don’t want to be anything other than me.”  “You are all I want, all I dream about”, she said.  The door closed silently behind them.

She awoke slowly, not wanting her dream to end.  She kept her eyes shut, trying to prolong it.  She knew it was just a dream, but it all felt so real….she sighed as she rolled over to the other side of the bed.  And felt the warmth of a recently departed body.  Her eyes flew open, as she frantically searched her brain and the room for any clues.  Surely it was all a dream.  The best dream.   She blinked as she saw a t-shirt laid across her nightstand.  She grabbed it and held it close to her breast and inhaled of it deeply.   A note fluttered to the floor:

“I’m in love with a girl who knows me better.  Fell for the woman just when I met her. Took my sweet time when I was bitter.  Someone understands.  And she knows how to treat a fella right.  Give me that feeling every night.  Wants to make love when I wanna fight.  Now someone understand me.  I’m in love with a girl, I’m in love with a girl, in love with a girl.  And her name is YOU.”

She rolled back on her back.  How could this be happening to her?  Surely she would never see him again.  Then her phone chirped.  Incoming voice mail, from a number she didn’t recognize.  With her heart pounding, she pressed the button, and heard his voice again…

“Oh, this is the start of something  good, don’t  you agree?  I haven’t felt like this in so many moons, you  know what I mean?  And we can build through this destruction as we are standing on our feet.  So since you want to be with me, you’ll have to follow through with every word you say.  And I, all I really want is you, you to stick around.  I’ll see you everyday.  But you have  to follow through.  You have to  follow through”.

She clutched the phone to her and wept with joy.  Oh yes.  Hell yes.  She would follow through.  She would follow him to the ends of the earth.  Then, startled out of her revelry, she looked at her ringing phone.  It was the same number, calling.  She smiled as she hit the green button….

There are advantages…… REDUX

Wow, it sure is funny how things can change in almost a year.  The Jenni I am referring to in this post is now pregnant and has a Superman boyfriend.  My Ozzzy is all grown up and has a baby kitty sister Izzy, who he loves so much.  Life goes on…..



My blogger friend Jenni got me thinking on this subject.  Another douche bag man…she’s thinking of getting a kitten instead.

Worked for me. I don’t need no stinkin’ man I got me a baby kitty…..Ozzy.  Let’s see, what are the advantages?  Snuggles on my neck every night, doesn’t go out “catting” around, always happy to see me, and never leaves the toilet seat up for starters.  Clean as a whistle, doesn’t leave dirty clothes hanging everywhere, doesn’t take up much room in the bed.   Doesn’t have any bad habits, like smoking, drinking, or doing drugs.  Likes reality TV shows and Animal Planet.  Gives you hugs and kisses whenever you want.

Any disadvantages?  Sure, as in any relationship, you have to take the bad with the good.  Ozzy expects food and water in his bowl at regular intervals, and expects me to clean his waste every day.  Also uses me as a springboard for his nightly gymnastics.  Chews up all my strings that dangle.  Occasionally has bad breath.  Gets a little carried away with smurf bites.  Tongues a little raspy on the face.  Likes to try and trip me.  And, yes, he is an animal, not a real man, who does have an occasional use.  There are obviously a few men out there who could trump my cat, but they are just delusions illusions of reality for me, lol.

But overall?  For unconditional love?  Please, no contest.  A cuddly kitten or puppy will win every time.


The British Invasion


Superman, Spiderman, Vampires, Zombies and Harry Potter for crikey sake!  All British actors.  Gerard, Clive, Colin, Craig, Sean, Henry…..the list goes on for miles.  They do great American accents, for the most part.  They are everywhere!  And unless you happen to see them on a talk show or doing an interview, you would have no idea they are British.  And let’s not forget all the Aussies we have taken to our hearts…Mel, Russel, Nicole, the brothers Helmsworth to name just a few.  But it’s the Brits for discussion today.

Which leads me to the next logical questions…..why choose British actors over American actors for American films?  Are they better?  Are American actors getting British film roles?

Not so much.  It seems that Hollywood has been outsourcing their actors since the early days of film.  Gone With the Wind, Wuthering Heights, North by Northwest, From Here to Eternity, A Star is Born, Frankenstein are just a few of the many classics produced in Hollywood containing prominent roles for British actors.  We have not been as generous on the other side of the coin.  Not many American actors fare well across the pond.

For producers doing the hiring, they’re simply looking for the strongest talent
and expect the American accent to follow.  They feel the American actors just don’t seem as well-trained or as deep and complex.

Sounds like the American actors need to step their game up a bit to compete with the dearth of actors overseas that are more than happy to snap up any and all roles!


My legacy


This earthly life is not forever.  That is saved for our heavenly souls.  I truly believe this, because I have to think there is more to “life” than this.

But regardless of religious beliefs, I think about what impact MY life may have had on my family and friends.  When I am dead and gone, will my legacy live on?  What the heck IS my legacy?

I think my legacy is words. I have always been a lover of words.  The written word, the spoken word….it all matters to me.  I believe I am well-read and have a lot of life experience, and like to share it with people.  Nothing stimulates me more than a good rational discussion on taboo topics between friends!

My family thinks I’m a mean person.  I have the tendency to speak of things they don’t want to hear or think about.  I am also a little miss know-it-all, and that irritates people too. But I am the one in my family that gets things done.  The hard things that nobody else wants to deal with.  Give it to Janet.  She’ll get ‘r done.  I’m too smart for my own good sometimes.  My life would be a lot easier if I just played dumb.  I am my own worst enemy.

A lady friend of mine who I admire greatly is a writer and has read my blog.  She tells me I am irreverent.  I tell it like it is.  I wonder, is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I think it can be both.  My words have turned around to bite me in the ass more than once, but they also have given out a lot of good advice over the years.

I hope that when I no longer travel this world, that the words I have left behind will mean something to people, and perhaps they will have benefited from them.  I know that most of my family currently does not read my blog, and does not want to.  They are not interested in my writings.  Maybe they will be when I am gone.  Not that I have anything earth shattering to say, but perhaps they will understand me better then, and think more kindly of me.    I have bared my heart and soul on more than one occasion.  Maybe they will read a blog post or two for my eulogy.